Reno, Nevada USA
Avatar Name
Drake Slade Corbett
Entropia Address
Isle of Troy Heights #1

Mission changes - if a mission is removed from the game it should be removed from the journal’s completed tab.

Make all achievements possible. Or remove them.

Re-add "Never" "Not yet" "Yes" and "Not anymore" to the SIB section of items.

Allow Unlimited Items a way to upgrade to Tier Rates of 200/200.

Unlock Stamina so we can earn it from participating (not only missions).

Add a new space creature that will reverse the Karma on your spaceship. So you can change the Karma on your ship without killing other players.

Remove weight from Deeds - like ammo.

Add Storage, Trade Terminal, Blueprint Technician, Auctioneer and Repair Terminal buttons to Manufacturing Terminal Interface.

Use as a payment and withdrawal method.

Let us sit on the ground again.

Let us drop items on the ground again.

Make vehicle third-person camera view controls re-center view on middle-mouse-click when on planet.

Fix "The Enigma Keys (Stage 3)" so that you can either solve the platform puzzle, or turn in items to finish the mission and get "Karona's Velocity Jumpsuit" - and the other rewards.

Remove Shopkeeper Pad decay.

Ability to put items up for private sale via Shopkeeper Pad.

Ability to lock the interface unless in "Edit Mode".

When multi-selecting items in inventory, storage or boxes - show total PED value in mouse-tip.

Let us remotely view remote (other planets) Personal Storage items in-game via a drop-down selection the storage terminal.

Remove empty PED Flow Center Account Tabs - don’t show "Loading" on empty Tabs.

Perfected Viceroy should offer +5% Dodge, +2 on every protection stat (including stats currently at 0) and Critical Damage bonus.

Remove “Max carried weight” restrictions on any vehicles that have it.

Remove “Account Bound” restrictions on any items that have it.

Allow all Land Plots to support: 2x Gardening, 1x Building, 1x Factory and 1x Utility as they level up.

Offline messaging - option to push messages to Entropia Pocket - ability to read/reply/compose offline messages from Entropia Pocket - notify of new messages - also indication if a message was read by recipient.

Ability to know if a message you sent was read by the recipient.

Show item decay in-game on tool tip.

Don't let screen saver come on in full-screen mode.

Let us PROTECT everything - pets, vehicles, blueprints, decorations, etc...

Allow us to export all skills and attributes and profession levels via CSV through the game client and the Entropia Universe website - instead of using Skill Scanner.

Add CSV export of "My Items" from Entropia Universe Website.

Allow us the option to show much more detailed skills, attributes and professions to others via scanning tools - unless hidden by scanned player.

Teleport-to-Home to any Estate Deed you have in your inventory (Land Plots currently broken).

UI option to auto-archive or overwrite chat logs at a certain size (10 MBs default).

One button to hide/show entire UI in Action Library. Button toggles UI. UI also comes back after re-log or pressing Escape.

Show Party Members on map.

Unlimited Trade Value when person to person trading.

List the texture/intensity on (C) items the way color/intensity is listed.

Allow self-use of hair styling, body and face sculpting tools.