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  • Congratulations on the Presidency!

    Best of luck with the term, hope all goes well :). Exciting times ahead I'm sure.
    I did a 99% interest loan at Bank NeverDie on Sept 27, 2010. It expired on me. Did your loan times change from 30 days to 15? Sent you a PM would really appreciate a response.
    Hello, I'm interested in some of Domes 16-20. I know you do not sell them now. My question - is it possible to know about the date of selling before the event? Say 2-3 extra week. Gathering large money needs some time. Thank you in advance.
    hi there

    maybe you don t know me but i did the maps for amethera and eudoria for the v 10

    if you want me to do them for you i will charge you just the round trip to the planet plus 100 peds for decay. what do you think?
    Jacob Ty 4 adding me.. BTW how can i grabb youingame .. any chance for it ???

    TY in adv. Nadine
    hello ... i m added you on my friend list .. ofc its an invitation sent to you in case you accept it. I tried several times tocontact you ingame but seems its quiet difficult to do. I would like to have along me ingame also here seeing tha fact you are one of the ''oldeis'' I feel pritty sorry to you back time RL story.PLS accept my condoleances. I know it's a bit late but probably it's better late than NEVR.. TY 4 your Time . Nadine
    long time no speak mr. NeverDie. I am glad to see all of ur successes and accomplishments thus far. I hope to be able to keep in touch with u Pink Pussycat Panther and my best friend Force Majeure. Oh, I have a new email address aswell so please tell pink and force my email please. PinoyPride1984@Live.Com

    Your friend,

    Phantom Striker 3000

    Richard Jeffrey Isom < -- my real life name
    How are you? I see that today you were trying to Tame those Dragon's of yours. (^_^)
    I wish you the best of luck (^_^)
    Hope it is a good one!

    Happy New Year to you :yay:
    Please help us find some fare justice - click this link New Oxford Shops - Please comment on the thread and support us.
    Hey there,
    Im just dropping by and leaving this message to wish you the best in this time of the year :)
    I wish you a Merry Christmas, to you and all of your family,
    Have a wonderfull Christmas time, full of joy and with the ones you love the most.
    Hello :)

    I was wondering what happened to the Bank Teller in Bank Neverdie? I was going to get my items from loan but Bank Teller and everything inside is gone.

    I am a finance student who is doing research on socs in EU for my master thesis, and i was wondering if you or a member of your soc would help me by answering some questions

    best regards
    Miss Master Thesis
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