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  • oh hey man I'm back ingame again took forever to get my forum account back but I got it. hit me up sometime.
    Yo wassup bro. Just lettin ya know I haven't forgotten about u ^^ I'm coming back to game very soon and would love to keep in touch with ya. so I hope to see u then ^^. oh I have a new email address also, it's : PinoyPride1984@live.com

    your friend,

    Phantom Striker 3000

    Richard Jeffrey Isom <-- my real name ^^
    Many happy wishes to you and your family, this holiday season !
    Hey Dude! Long time no speak or see! :D How's things man? You still watch Utd? lol Owen is gonna be awsome :D Speak to ya soon RF!
    Judging from your last activity I doubt you'll be seeing this message, which is sad, checking out on you hope you're fine!!!!
    hey m8, have u taken the summer off? so have i ;).. hope everything is ok with ya. miss ya..
    see ya in game some day..

    ROCK ON M8!!!
    My b-day coming saturday 19th of july.
    You are invited.

    Love pink

    20.30 MA time VIP room CND
    Lawl 2major scholar years coming next... I'd rather not start playing again, even if I can ;[
    Glad to see you're in good shape pal, EU seems to have gotten, so much more complicated. Remember our Osseoculum trip? Hehehe good times...

    Heyyeyeyeyyeyyyyy Razzz! It's me Denis Erasing Fox! :D Remember? How r u! Glad to see you're still roaming around.
    Hey dude PC broke a couple of days ago and i'm using an old one with no EU and Xfire on so I'll be back on both in a few weeks...I don't think there's any point on installing it on this :)
    :D Hey RF! Good to hear you might be back more later this week, it's about time ;). I'm doing great. I'm skilling still everyday :S, goes to slow now these days lol. Also I started up my WoW account again to play with some guys from work, figure I'll play some WoW when I'm hunting in EU and the loot dries up for a few hours :). So how are you and your gran doing?
    RF I'm thinking that at least the post office will give you the $30 for the 3 broken figurines, since they broke due to the postman's stupidity.
    hey RF, I was busy saying thanks for heal and saying Hi then tp'd away only to realise that I was in Team Chat. Sorry mate, I feel awful for being rude. So, thanks for the heals and hi :wave:
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