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  • Hey mate, your inbox is full.

    Im on atm, but wont be on for long, sry I didn't get message sooner. Im available quite often, but a bit more heads up would be good :D.

    Congrats on the baby girl, GL with getting decent sleep when she comes home.
    Hey there RD!!! Leo bought a 25ped Beacon to share with us! He left me in charge of getting us all together, so please let me know when the best time/days is for you asap!!
    :yay: RD!!!!!!!! Nice to see you're back here posting again... Looks like you have lots of posting to do in order to reclaim your Title as the "Official Forum Whore".... Kimmi is gonna give you a run for your money... :hug:
    RD!!!!!!!!! The soc is going on a Beacon Mission for our 2
    year anniversary!! We are trying to get everyone together for this weekend July 5-6... We'd love to see you there!!
    RD!!!!!! How the hell are you?!? I see you still pop in here on occassion and even heard you logged ingame the other day :yay: Sorry I wasn't on and missed you. I hope all is well with you :wave:
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