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  • Didn't realize :p

    I will clean my inbox. I am available now for a few hours, let me know if it is possible.
    well then stop comment on my profile, this cost you one more bump for the thread... ;)
    congrats! you made it to my "ignore" list for attempting "trolling" and being unreasonable! you should have learned better before trying to be disrespectful to strangers!
    thanks lol, ye its funny :p I just facepalm at certain points not even to mention he who sent my that picture is named Osman and is from bosnia xD
    The way I see it, the more completely honest logs there are, the better. It helps show what long term results look like.
    As to the breers, keep in mind you're making something that wants to fill up the TT of itself before giving residue, so you're going to get less by default.
    Heya, mate, drop me a PM here on EF when you're online. Still trying to stockpile oils, but I'm having trouble getting a hold of you in-game, so I end up selling it all to auction orders.
    Ya NP Egg, Ill keep in touch. Got official post up gonna see if theres some interst. If not I rather not bug the pledged sponsors for their PED's.
    like i have previously stated i will be a site point for your event and if you need any created writing i can do that too!
    hey thanks for the concern
    if you had of just got to me a couple days eaarlier
    i have secured a couple buyers already
    but add me just in case :)
    I would recomend Editing a POST near the top... make it a Todays Rate thread.. then edit it every day instead of makeing a new post. I see you have two different rates in this thread and that could lead to confusion. Then you can just BUMP the Post.
    I would not mind being a buyer for you.. come see me in vent later tonight I have some ideas....
    lets get to gether and make friends ingame...i would like to join the union and I can bring a few with me i think... of course our continued support will depend on your rates.... contact me in ventrillo(see sig) or pm me when you will be in game.
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