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    BatSim mouse shooting bug

    yes, here too, from last week patch seems like MA want to make Batsim more interesting ... first they disabled auto-repeat on mouse ... now they disabled mouse shooting at all :rolleyes: but keyboard works, its just harder for left hand :cool:
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    Consolidated release notes for VU 16.1, 2019/03/14

    seems like NI swords are AMPABLE :yay::yay::yay:
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    VU 15.17.0 Kill Credit Problems

    so the one who spend more gets the loot? that seems like the new shared/team loot rules was applied generally to all mobs (loot events) :scratch2: if so, then to get loot from a wounded mob, you now need to spend more than the other avatar - and it doesn't matter if you let the mob regenerate...
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    Well, from the 6 PED entry fee: if you finish, you get exactly 2.1 PED as reward 1.8 PED goes to Bonus prizepool 1.2 PED goes to Top-Leaderboard prizepool 0.9 PED is left - so goes to MA/PP pockets not sure where your 2.1 PED goes if u fail and do not finish
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    Thats dependant on how much unique players run the BatSim. If its between 25 and 50 then its Top 5. Over 50 will be Top 10. Not sure if there are any thresholds at 75, 100, ...
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    EntropiaFund Progressive Jackpot event

    register me, please Mike Robo Robotik thanks
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    EntropiaFund Bonus Events

    register me, please Mike Robo Robotik thanks
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    Question: Kreltin Loot

    small kreltins, dome 2, items looted last week: ESI 19 ped corrosive attack nanochip IV (L) corrosive attack nanochip X (L) in January I also got: DOA Boneshatter (L) EWE LC-500 Fury (L)
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    Ebn: The cdf needs you to help crack the code

    Just my guess, from several combinations these makes most sense (as RX were already spotted in northern Eudoria): ENCRYPTED SPATIAL UNIT ALPHA & BETA 1 1 0.2857 1 0.8571, 1 1.8 1 1 2.25 from aia 1 1 (2/7) 1 (6/7), 1 (9/5) 1 1 (9/4) taking the known numbers (CTR. COORD: 784MISSINGNO...
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    Ebn: Rx spotted in northern eudoria

    wait ... where is Unit Omega ? :scratch2:
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    67 PED bery stalker 51 PED bery OA 80+67+51 makes my average 66 ...only :( :cry: (but I got another 2 SGA items :yay:)
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    SGA item collection

    Name: Mike Robo Robotik Society: Cool Best profession level: 40 Laser Pistoleer SGA item: Sollomate Opalo SGA looted from which mob: Berycled Stalker Date:11.27.09
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    80 PED bery stalker with my 1st SGA item !!! :yay::yay::yay: :wtg: