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  • I did that and they need to gather information from the design team... they will update the support case when they get the information.
    how do I know what? that it will be a 50 implant, if thats the question it's how I see that statement or how do you see it?
    Happy Holidays to you and Mrs. RobVee ! :)

    Well honestly im LOLing at the matter but i did see everything that happend. Its not me that you initially were an ass to. Friends :)
    If level 2 will do a dance when I tell it to - that'd work.
    If not .. I will have to keep looking. :cry:
    Thanks either way :D :hug:
    Sure, np... but haven't got any at level 3 atm, do have some level 2 though...
    Hi Rob :)
    I need a daikiba stalker pet that someone will trust me with for 10 minutes to make a bit for a movie. :D
    Know of anyone ?? wink wink :naughty:
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