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    A Tirade or just Sheer Boredom ... ?

    I have to admit that I am both surprised and yet pleasantly pleased that I have not been seriously flamed for my OP. I did admit in the OP that without Pirates I feel my customer Base would be somewhat diminished. Thank you I am glad you see the EFA Advertisiments for what they are meant to...
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    A Tirade or just Sheer Boredom ... ?

    Surprising and funny h9ow much positive there has been so far. I thank you all for your response ... there is still a heart beat of some kind even in Space. I find it very doubtful that MindArk will ever initiate Teleporters from Planet to Planet. If they did it would not be "Free". More...
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    A Tirade or just Sheer Boredom ... ?

    A little of both I guess. Even these Space Threads have gotten a little dull and dry so let's see if I can spice it up a little. Firstly on "Space Services" Don't get me wrong as I am probably just as guilty of this as anyone else may be. Every day that I do the "EFA Scheduled Flight" and I am...
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    Stuck at Zeus space station

    Hey there sorry to hear that. Contact me ingame and I will see what I can sort out for you. Avatar: Milela Sakuba Wilnfe Chat Room: #efa-services or #space_travel Either of these two rooms should get you some help of some sprt. Also #space_flight is quite a popular channel...
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    Someone is using this account from diferent device

    Strange..... The messages I always get are: Connection Lost... A Timeout occurred ... Your Avatar is already online .... Unidentified User ...... Don't ever remember ever seeing any other messages. At least that is what they have all started with.
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    Info: The History of Spacecrafts

    Just a quick Update John: StarFinder XV: Owned by Sakuba Managed by AdriAnna Groosk Ultimate Spirit Chaser Shirow has recently purchased the StarFinder III and I would like to thank him for his continued dedication to EFA and for the great job he did with the StarFinder XV whilst it was under...
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    Entropia Fleet Alliance (EFA) -- Affordable, Fast and Secure Space Travel

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    Entropia Fleet Alliance: Have to have a few days off.

    Hey all, Just a quick heads up. Looks like EFA may be going through some changes again. I will be taking a few days off and our regular "Scheduled Flights" may come to a stand still. Hopefully RavneJade will be able to cover these flights for the next few days. If not I do apologise for the...
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    Buying: Generic Fuses and Basic Propulsion Systems

    Have no real need for a great deal of fuses at this stage, but obviously I will still buy at the lower price on now stated Opening Post. It could quite possibly be that I will initiate my original Program of purchasing with "ScreenShots" if current prices keep up for any great length of time...
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    Space - State of the Universe - an overview and outlook of past and future

    Thanks for the "Heads Up" on this thread John. I don't spend as much time as I probably should reading forums as I used to. Maybe I should pay them a little more attention from time to time. Sadly it does seem that "Space Developement" has gone very much the way of the "Re-introduction of...
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    Help: Keep Crashing In Space

    I have had a similar problem in the past. I would retain connection for about five minutes and then be DCed. After placing a support case MindArk informed me that they would "Re-Seed" my Avatar. Whatever this actually involved rectified the problem. Not sure if this is what you need, but a...
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    Help: Looking for MS Ride from RT to Caly

    In addition to these two Services you also have others" Entropia Fleet Alliance: Kaywinnit Kaylee Frye also runs quite a good VIP Service ToS and EFA run a "Scheduled Flight" around 18:00 to 20:00 MA every day. K.I.S.S. also runs one around four hours later. (Not sure of the exact...
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    Info: The History of Spacecrafts

    Bump ! Cause I like this thread. Also looks like there has now been 24 of the Equus sold. Only one more to go if that is the case. At least that is what I have been lead to believe. I have no idea who bought it however. But Gratz to everyone who has bought one thus far.
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    Are some blue/grey quad wings faster than others in space?

    I think there is more to the speed Quads travel at then meets the eye. Whatever the causeis it is way beyond me. When I was trading out of Rocktropia I used to have Omega Dan Prime and Bullet tooth Tony escort me back to Caly on a regular basis. One time in particular I had over 10 K of ores...
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    Buying: Generic Fuses and Basic Propulsion Systems

    I would like to thank all those who havee been very supportive of this system. Of late the Auction Prices have dropped from 1300 % + to just over 1000 % and even below from time to time. Sadly for those of you who are being very supportive I feel that I must follow suit and also drop my prices...