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  • "No more entries needed than that XD"

    thx for rep, post something in that thread, and then i could rep you too =) And clear your mailbox, i cant send you any messages cuz your mailbox is full xD
    Tigerland is actually reconstructing its website (due I don't have very much time atm, it won't be finished till jule).

    For overview reasons the site will be split up into three big sections (Entropia Pictures, Entropia Tutorials, Tigerland Enterprises).

    Entropia Pictures will create virtual movies starting with the implementation of CE 2 graphics. Actors were already casted, however, if you want a role, send me a pm please.

    Entropia Tutorials will set up a huge tutorial network with written and video tutorials, newcomers portal and also will start with CE 2 (because new graphics and city design will need new videos anyway...). A group pf mentors will work on this project.

    Tigerland Enterprises will also be implemented with CE 2. In Tigerland Enterprises you will be able to reserve items from the Tigerland Renting & Retail and also will have more and better overview of actual availability and prices.

    Look forward to the new Tigerland website in Jule !
    So so sorry about taking your event name :/ when planning the event i never even saw yours, and hadn't heard about it either. Sorry :( we won't be having another atrox event for some time, but when we do expect a name change.
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