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  • nice way to scam your society members and steal a mothership that you barely invested in!
    If I ask you friendly both you and your husband plus society, could you try to spawn less vehicles on PA?
    Not speaking of not spawning any of them all, but just to reduce lag?
    Best regards BB
    I am nothing more then a voice in this wonderful community resurrected to speak the truth about what is right and wrong in this community.
    By request through pms by multiple individuals to give them a link to my now deleted topic/proof that caly is a asshole I have recreated the topic here:

    The chat logs that you will see is the only reason he now trashes me on his radio and these forums. To the ones that keep giving me negative rep for my attitude towards him, keep in mind its easy for you to let it go, you are not the target of his harassment.
    Im find You disgusting. I wouldnt asssociate with you in real life and certrainly dont want you to think you are respected. You are a nsty woman and keep your pictures as even if i did like strippers i wouldnt pay u 25 cents to dance for my Dog.Go Crawl Back into yopur hole and go get a tip for a dnace or something.
    YOU ARE BannEd from all contest !!! Now..DONT SEND ME UNWANTED Pictures OF YOur sex club again..
    ...actually, Sinofmen started that now-deleted post with an introduction that included the nature of her and her husbands employment. I find it sadly humorous that someone has elected to try and make an issue of her gainful employment rather than address the actual issues.
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