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    Question: Thoughts on auction scamming

    If there is one thing in EU that will make me reverse course is auction scamming and unethical behavior. It's part of the reason I took a very long break many years ago. Not a whole lot has changed in the auction so I just really pay attention to prices and items before clicking buy. Same goes...
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    Uber: Xerog's 15212 PED Feffox

    This was at an event spawn. I've not seen them spawn higher than stalker at Isslye but maybe they do on rare occasion.
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    Is 'botting' responsible for the rapid item price increase

    Well there were people using auto-clickers back in Project Entropia. A lot of highly skilled old time avatars used acid pools, trapped mobs, and other methods to boost skills. Back then items like imp and mod FAPs were highly desired and priced high as well. Now the price of those items wasn't...
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    Unable to play on new PC due to lag issue(?)

    I would look at your network and/or wifi card drivers and update them (Open "Device manager" -> expand Network adapters). Sometimes you have to disable and re-enable them as well. Seems like things are lagging out on you when you are doing network intensive tasks. On my home PC I disable my wifi...
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    LAN Party in Florida

    If there is someone else in New Mexico that plays EU I haven't met them yet :D I did introduce a few friends to this game about 10 years ago but I they only played for short time. They were more into creating accounts and selling them in a fantasy MMO so EU never really took off for them. I...
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    This is how mindark is taking all yours money on mayhem hunts.

    You need to determine what mobs are dropping what items no matter the level they are. Sometimes they drop quite frequently other times not so much. Paying attention to market swings and knowing where things are help make up loss. It's the same for mining in a lot of respects. That being said you...
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    This is how mindark is taking all yours money on mayhem hunts.

    There is no guarantee of success and in Mayhem there are very few mark up items in Mayhem loot which makes it difficult. That being said I look at the overall picture in every session I play, not just TT in and TT out. I think I did quite well this Easter Mayhem even with no major rewards (rare...
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    [dps : mob : loot : profit] correlation

    I guess it depends on the goals of the hunter. Some people play with higher risk for greater reward. This happens in all three main professions. If they can manage their bankroll hunting large HP mobs then I don't see an issue. Depending on the mob there might be a chance to get a nice loot so...
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    News: I've created an Instagram focusing on the development in Unreal Engine 5

    UE5 will offer them a broader pool of development talent they can hire from. It should allow them to make improvements much faster and fix issues as well. It might attract people who like to play a game that looks good and is engaging with a RCE. If "99% of the people in this game don't even...
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    Buying: Genesis Star Earth Excavator ME/05, SGA Edition

    Found one. Thread closed.
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    Help: Arkadia is dead. The developers just left?

    Is it the case where they can't stand up a proper development team (like some other planets) or is the team they have focusing their efforts on UE5? I got that impression from MA that certain game developments will be put on hold until the new game engine comes on line. It makes sense to do that...
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    Returns too avatar-based

    Within the 3 main professions there are always cycles of bad loot -> meh loot -> great loot -> awesome loot and back again, plus sometimes that awesome loot is on a very long timer. It's been like this since I started playing back in 2004. You kind of have to test the system to see where you are...
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    Question: Account Bound Items

    The buffed Storm coats are all account bound. I can't remember if the colonist jumpsuits are as well so it might be worth checking.
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    Is there a bug with equipped clothing?

    Yeah clothes are a bit buggy ever since they moved to Cryengine. Every time I sign on I have to unequip my cyborg suit since it makes the textures on my helmet black. You can submit a support case but I don't think there will be any fixes like that until UE5 is implemented and then there will...