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    17 years ingame , 0 withdrawal last 10years

    Congratulations on 17 years!
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    Missed my birthday: 15 years in-game

    Congratulations! Now that I think of it my start date rolled past recently as well. :scratch:
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    Selling: Adjusted Nemesis for Sale - sold

    Armor sold. Good luck to the new owner
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    Selling: Adjusted Nemesis for Sale - sold

    Yeah I really liked it while I was using it and with 6A plates it worked well with low-mid troopers, legionnaires, and vanguards (even higher level bots on occasion). I accelerated my plans on an armor upgrade recently otherwise I would have continued to use this set. I lowered the BO price and...
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    Selling: Adjusted Nemesis for Sale - sold

    Sunday Funday Bump :)
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    Selling: Adjusted Nemesis for Sale - sold

    Saturday :bump:
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    Selling: Adjusted Nemesis for Sale - sold

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    Selling: Adjusted Nemesis for Sale - sold

    Hello everyone, I am putting up my Adjusted Nemesis Set for sale. Please contact me via PM here or in game (avatar name: Sirhc Xerogs Drakcah). I am mostly active in game Friday-Sunday but check the forum daily. Looking for PEDS at the moment but would consider a CLD in some type of trade as...
  9. Adjusted Nemesis for Sale

    Adjusted Nemesis for Sale

    Adjusted Nemesis Set Sales thread image
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    OLA#44 [200,603] deATH ahead - New Naming & Rewards!!

    Can you please register Sirhc Xerogs Drakcah Thank you :)
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    Question: Space and Planet Partners

    I know that Planet Partners were expected to market and build their player based for each planet and space always seemed like it was implemented to silo each planet in some way so that could happen. Is Mindark rethinking that siloed approach to space and the planet partners so Entropia Universe...
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    Info: I think this must be some sort of a Scam.

    I recently got a request as well and just declined it. I don't think its a scam aside from someone either looking for some freebies from the mentor or personal information in some way. It's sort of like vetting friend requests on social media some are trying to sell you something others just...
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    how big does a hof need to be for you to consider withdrawing it?

    While I did scale back many years ago for a variety of reasons. If I happened upon a windfall loot today I would put that towards equipment upgrades and current investment goals in EU. There are things I've always wanted as well as new items that are within reach these days. I have no intention...
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    Dune Official Trailer

    I am a bummed but totally understand why the decision was made. I know theaters in my city aren't open and more than likely will remain closed for quite some time.
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    How would you feel ?

    What is done is done so chalk this up to a learning experience and move on, in my opinion. Moving forward just report bugs and exploits when you encounter them. I think they have a valid point to ask why you sat on the information for a month. I've had a very terse apathetic response from MA...