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    Uber: Summer Ring 2020

    Congratulations! I was trying to loot one of those as well to pair with my Christmas 2016. It will work out well for you. :)
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    The " New" mining since last VU

    I've gone on a few mining runs mostly on TI and it seems like the resources are more spread out. It's basically a new area so there are some of the old resources and some new. I still found maganite here and there on the island but it wasn't concentrated to a specific zone like it was in the...
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    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    Well...I guess this will save me some money this week :D Gratz MA. I guess I underestimated the amount of liquid PEDs in game. I can see why such big chunks of deeds were bought. There will be a wave of activity on TI for a while and those with big stacks will get some nice initial returns and...
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    Market manipulation, how ?

    Maybe the system throttled back the resource in some way and it lead to someone buying it out and others holding on to what they have until after the VU. I know some resources in fields cycle through being very prevalent to hardly any at all especially when its something that is on the rare...
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    What do you do to break-up monotony?

    I go play another game in alpha or go watch my oil painting dry both of which are more entertaining than watching my PED card drain on crap loot. In game I will rearrange my house, check auctions, debate on selling gear to upgrade or replenish my real life savings, map mining fields, and if...
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    Suggestion: Empty Skill Implant

    I don't think your an idiot and I know where you are coming from in your suggestion. The only way ESIs would work is if they are incorporated into the other professions in some way like implementing salvaging in mining or crafting them with rare BPs. Is this something on MA's radar? I doubt it...
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    Suggestion: Empty Skill Implant

    From a business perspective I don't see MA doing anything like this. There are certain loots and resources associated with each profession and there is some grade within those professions on the likelihood of getting larger and better loots. More skills and better equipment give you opportunity...
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    Question: Will Treasure island deeds be worth it.

    TI used to be very popular even when it was taxed. There are some interesting mobs and resources so if its managed correctly I think it could gain back a lot of that activity. The only thing I would change about the deeds is rolling them out in grades (tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, etc) so they can...
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    Uber: 5604 Lyst Tower

    Congratulations! :)
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    Suggestion: new mining system

    IMHO I think MA just looks at the numbers and if any particular system generates more income for them they will keep it. Wave mining must be something that is positive from their perspective even if it makes for shitty game play. Same could be said for explosive projectile crafting but it...
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    Entropia Universe 17.11.0 Release Notes

    Thank you for this fix. I am curious about the other content and fixes but that will have to wait until Friday :)
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    Question: What drives you to go on with EU ?

    PE/EU has always been a challenge and outside of the grind it can be fun. The grind does opens doors to great loot and other personal goals so its a bit of a trade off. Goals can be what you make of them so in that sense you can tailor the game to meet your needs. There are some things that are...
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    I live in Arizona, just wondering if anyone else does ?

    I used to live in Tempe many years ago but now I am in New Mexico so I am your neighbor. I would hazard a guess there are people in Arizona who play EU but might not be on this forum. I have family and friends in Arizona so we do go visit from time to time. I really do miss that place :)
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    Help: Belkar Stone on Caly

    There are some spots that aren't on the 50 off/10 on wave system but Belkar in those areas is sparse from what I can tell. If you want to get a feel of how the wave system works then spend some time on some of the Shinook LAs and keep an eye out for the bots. See when they spawn where they...
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    What was the meaning or reason for your AV name?

    Wow. Well "Xerogs" goes way way back to the days of AOL. Back when I finally got dial up internet access I was setting up my account and couldn't think of a good name. I had a package of Xerographic paper sitting next to my computer that I used for sketching so I just shortened it to Xerogs...