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  • Why did u neg rep me. Why would you say a single word with out evidence of wrong doing. You are simply saying im guilty until proven innocent instead of innocent until proven guilty. You would never want some one to accuse you with out evidence. If you accuse me i would think you would have more evidence.If you think your being fair you are in a dream world. The same thing can happen to you and im sure it would not taste as nice as u think it does.The neg rep was just your way of being partial and unfair. It doesnt show you are fair
    Hey Igorl,
    I am looking to put a core group of Gamers together who have a good understanding of the RCE/MMO format. Initially the aim is to secure the SDK from MA via a platform proposal which is currently accesible through the Player Planet Group (EF). There are approx 12 members currently who have been posting on an independent forum site with ideas to enhance the concept. Initially it would only require an intellectual contribution, however when we have the SDK I propose to create a commercial entity from which we will raise capital (share issue) to finance software & hardware costs. - Priority will go to the core members as I anticipate a peak in interest once we have the SDK. I appreciate you have a sound understanding of the economic implications surrounding this genre and would like you to add your comments with regard to loot mechanics and anticipated IG demand. If you register with the group here in EF you will be given access to the independent forum and can have a look - all comments are welcome at this early stage.

    Spk Sn.
    Rgds, Skaff.

    What exacly do you mean by helping and with what exactly.


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