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  • I wonder where you hang out in-game. I've never seen you and no one I've asked has either. :(
    Stalking you? No, just -repping you every time you inflict your self-righteous bile on this forum. No wonder you came from a cop. We both like EU, you just don't know how to deal with people, at all. Oh, and I actually play.
    Should have kept it private :( Us 'old timers' care more about this than you'd ever seem to understand and we want it to work for all, new and old players. We WANT EU to succeed.
    sometimes some posts just make angry...probably has something related to my general mood or just the fact I know some people beter...anyway i'll equalize things soon when I see something I like...don't worry about it
    You're right. I didn't leave it go and maybe that was wrong.

    I have come to 2 possible conclusions about you:

    1. You act the way you do on EF because you like the attention and shock factor for the readers of your posts.

    2. You are actually honest about what you say, and despite resistance to your opinions you keep going.

    I hope it's the latter. And if it is, it's commendable that you don't back down.

    You are very intelligent, Brooklyn. It's not hard to see from your posts. It's too bad that people think of you as a troll, but perhaps that's what you want. I hope not, because if it's true, your intelligence is being wasted when you could help spur on this community.

    I don't have any negative feelings towards you. You remain an enigma to me, but I respect you for being Brooklyn.

    At the very least, you do spice up these forums. :)
    I was going to leave that post go, but it really annoyed me. Just take a chill pill, Brooklyn. I think you're a bit too tense.

    Relax and just... go with the flow.
    I wish we could have been friends, Brooklyn. You are too negative, though. Maybe you have RL problems, and if so I'm sorry. But you do seem to like to contradict people at random.

    I hope you learn to play well with others someday. Once you learn how, it's not so bad. People can be really great when they respect you.

    Cheers, and good luck.
    Please. Keep the voice of reason coming. ;) Maybe someday, it will hit home with someone.
    thx for the rep :D
    Nothings wrong, I just think you lack the addiction for the globals :D I like my addictions, just don't like it, when they disturb me like my spider solitaire addiction, which only gets out of hand when in EU is not running the way it makes fun for me (which is getting globals and thus stimulating my pleasure centre :D )

    I am my own dog and my name is not even Pavlov:D
    ha - so long as you know you're the devil ;) lol
    ok - enough, though - let's leave our profiles for our 'friends' :)
    have a good one
    well, that's how people are - they are ready to pay but they want fun for it aswell =)

    I dont know where he said "he is entitled to something and a better chance at getting one than the rest of us"

    I think his post was about how unbalanced the whole system is. And I dont think he was "whining" I think he was complaining about it.
    At times i respect your views, your resolve is almost admirable in some cases, but... in time and with age and experience of life you will learn to be more understanding that people sometimes need to express themselves based on a wealth of their own personal experience and do not feel the need (nor should they) to back up every thought and feeling with evidence.
    I plus repped you for your openion/ even though sarcastic, but thats what i like to see in my thread, when i say things like " sarcastic remarks welcomed lol"

    Sometimes people think your a troll but they fail to notice when you give a good point.
    Firstly, could you use spell-check at least? Or are you spelling words in a challenging way?
    Secondly, I mentioned the IQ test to illustrate a point about actually not being that clever in another thread. If it meant anything I would be a CEO. I am well aware of the irrelevance of such tests in the path one follows. So why you are trying to get a rise out of me there I don't know, I was just trying to get you to quote me correctly. As you're evidently someone with the english skills of a nine year-old I can't take your reading recommendations seriously.
    Hope you find the game you need (one tailor-made just for you with you as the universally-adored benefactor of a sterile and rule-bound world) because this one isn't for you.
    You brought it up:) Popularity I mean. How do you measure it then? Number of friends? Number of gratz's? Amount of people that talk to you cordially in-game? Three green bars after over 1500 posts. Yup, I'd be proud of that too. By the way, these "little friends" of mine you constantly refer to; I don't know most of them. They kinda just represent "the general public" and its reaction to your trolling. You see, anyone can suggest controversial ideas. If they're any good, then you get rep. If they're not, and you keep posting them in your sanctimonious "I know better than everyone else" manner, you get what you have got; token rep from a few other deluded fools, and the scorn of the community at large.
    Oh, and if you're going to quote me, it was "top 1% of the country", i.e. eligible to join Mensa. Not top 1% of Mensa, that would be an outrageous claim. Get your facts right... or just make some more stuff up.
    Silly Troll.
    I see, the more I post the more popular you become. That'd explain the fact you got 3 green bars now instead of 4:) My rep for calling a troll a troll, on the other hand, just keeps rising:)
    Look forward to your next post.
    A little heat might be ok, but personal attacks are making the envirement like a war ground, and does not help vertalize progression in the right direction.
    It damages persons personally and might infect others to do so. Also some people might get afraid or turned down and will not mix at all while they might have precious info or insights that if they would share it will be for the better for all.
    And I do know allot about pestering :)
    Get out of your face? Just when I'm getting somewhere?:)
    I'm sorry if you read your own meaning into what I wrote, but I was telling a story about detaining someone who robbed me, which the police fully understood. I ask you again, if your way of dealing with people would have been less "violent", how come half the forum wish you would walk in front of a bus? I'll tell you; no-one likes a smart-ass, misinformed, preachy, attention- seeking ...oh, you know the rest:)
    Ever wonder why so many people on this forum hate every word that drips out of your deluded mouth? It's not obsessing to want rid of a troll. Being a troll, despite so much opposition.... now that's obsessing. Are you repeatedly mentioning the french thief I apprehended (with necessary, and very satisfying force) in order to annoy me? No need, you can do that simply by posting your inane toss. See you on your next successful troll poll.
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