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  • FYI... binomial distribution is just a mathematical application, has nothing to do with Entropia, or loot theories. It shows how a random environment is possible, if not probable. That post is not a loot theory, but a fact about maths... what a moron. You just look stupid now.
    Thank for your -rep. LOL. I remeber that you are the mathematician. All thing is possible. Because numbers and papers can serve to produce every number. Yes. I accept that numbers are great. I am engineer. But I am realist (because like an engineer, i can not construct paper castles). I like to walking on floor not on sky. Really i think there is more uneducated and closed minded, that pretend to see the face of fool of the most; using theories like yours.
    Agreed, EU Hype is good as long as it is handled correctly and from the correct company source associated with the hype.

    ^^ ND avatar participation in this instance - Not development work nor Rocktopia as the primary source of the generated hype belonging to his participation in the service.

    In that it reflects positively and doesn't point out negatives such as the conflict of interest bind that ND is in with participating on, developing for, and partner with, MindArk and its service offered.

    It was not a question of promoting Entropia itself, all promotion is good promotion as long as the negatives in the overall context on all levels of the MindArk business are minimal.

    Including a flawed "Ethics Policy" where those working for or with MindArk can not participate knowing inside information.

    This is why Skam had to decomission her avatar and involvement with Entropia as a participant now that she works with MindArk, for FPC.
    Nothing to read into mate,
    Long time issue on Calypso about it.
    This is just an extension to that.
    It was unnecessary for him to stir it up with the community again.
    I am well aware of what a conflict of interest is involving real world companies with involvement in that which your developing with insider knowledge.

    I have been to a court case on behalf of Lucent Technologies before Alcatel merged with them and became Alcatel Lucent in relation to a conflict of interest very similar on a concept level to this involving several multinationals in a consortium arrangement with one party having conflicting interests at a later point in global rollout project that was underway at the time.

    It is not me you have to convince, nor the ND groupies;

    It is the millions of financial sector readers of Yahoo Finance,
    GL on that ;)

    It is probably best to let that thread die than to make an already bad point worse for both NeverDie and the division that has existed in the community for some time now.
    Thanks for the REP:) I know I won't convince them I always write for the others and it's cold snowy day in Sweden.
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