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  • Merry Xmas Jam :D

    Well if i can ever get these updates to download and work i will be in game to check out the new event system. Im sure you are aware ive taken a huge break from Entropia, so i am well out of touch with whats going on these days.

    I will be making a post in a few days to see what people want from CL 2010. Would be good put into practice some of the idea's already put forward and any others too with the changes (not sure what changes there are atm).

    Vi :)
    Merry Christmas Vi........when are we getting Champs League back? Me n crossy are getting itchy trigger fingers y'know! :)
    hey hon

    Life is good, although the British summer is living up to it reputation of raining a lot lol. Can we borrow some Miami sun?

    Ive not logged into Entropia for some time now and dont intend to until CE2 is ready, so not really kept in touch with the NotA peeps. Still im sure they will be there when i get back.

    Hope you and Force are having a good summer?
    Vi :)
    hey Vi,

    Hows life?
    Here its going pretty well....
    Give NotA my greetings and i hope to talk to you soon,

    hey Xzion sorry for the slow ass relpy :D

    Ive stopped flying for a while due to closing the shop down. Some plans are in the pipeline for re opening and aof course champs league will be back on soon, so will no doubt be jumping in the ring to kill time while waiting for a flight!
    no problem!

    I really like what you have done with the latest video. I think it has a good chance of winning.
    ty violet for top whit creatures , i think it was a bit late, if i wrote this lol
    Happy New Year to anyone silly enough to read this page :D

    oh and belated merry chritmas Misty ;)
    Thanks Misty, trouble is i now to decide whether i can get myself to put my clothing that doesnt go with my new look up for sale lol.
    nice new hair Vi, but like you said not all outfits look good with it. I had the same style but in green and could only wear one or two tops :(
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