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  • Hey Jeremy !
    I wanted to stop by and say that I hope you have a wondeful Holiday. Don't work too hard, and make sure to spread lots of cheer :D
    Much love from our family to yours ! :hug:

    but but but, im all doin studying for finals etc :p I should be around soon, I wanna depo but i know i shouldnt lol

    Hope all is well dude
    haha - I would send you a card .. but probably not money. LoL
    Well .. if I knew where you lived. :D
    I think I'ma get all the pyrates addresses and send out christmas cards and goodies ... :ahh:
    have fun on your trip - should make for a fun christmas payday :D
    ttys - I'm in game ...
    Yea, for the first time in a while ... I have been assigned 'turkey duty.' LoL
    Gary works during the day, so I hafta pretend like I'm domestic and make some stuff. :ahh:
    It should be ok, though .. I don't think I can mess it up too bad.
    Famous last words! :laugh:
    lol i dunno what circle you speak of ! :laugh:
    I'm probably out of it, too.
    Ivo is right - those commercials are awesome.
    Big plans for turkey day ? :D
    heya m8. just checked your commercials thread.

    u know i play and sing a bit 2. u got to teach me on that fingerpicking contry style :D


    oh and sry bout last night. i mislead u. it was solfais not segna. still waiting on that duru
    lol now i'm wondering why the hell you're reading my birthday thread!! :laugh:
    You're a good friend ! :hug:
    I love those threads :ahh:

    I dunno - we're home and all that good stuff, now - so just chillin' - glad to be home, watching retarded seinfeld and eating anything other than take out, cold cuts, and pizza. LoL :tongue2:
    OMG!! did you really? whats it? lol jk ill wait. My mom said her bday is monday and she's expectin somethin i cantwait for the mail man haha
    meh - thought you were all pissy - since you didn't talk to me for a day and a half .. :silly:

    no big deal, it's all good - have fun in AW - peace out.
    Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for my new pastime :laugh: Finding fun stuff to spam with takes my mind off my loses in PE :ahh:
    So Thank you :hug:
    Dude .. I really did break it. :cry:
    It was 4 years old though - so that's like 20 in computer years. I'm surprised it hadn't spontaneously combusted, already. :scared:
    We have Gary's computer .. but I sense another 'break' coming on . :laugh: Lootius was a total dick to me lately, anyway - so what do I have to lose ?
    Ttys ! :hug:
    indeed ! glad the week's over for you :)
    The best part is that it was started when she was trying to lecutre him on how to talk to people .. fucking ironic. :laugh:
    Mining sucks .... you're not missing much :D
    lol it made me snicker.
    be prepared for the shit storm of insults you may recieve from that comment, though. :eyecrazy:

    Truth hurts, sometimes.

    I'm going back to drop some bombs .. where the hell have you been ? :scratch2:
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