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  • hi man, thanks for worrying, things are soooo freaking crazy here. It's safe as long as we stay indoors... I hope this madness ends fast.
    Thank you, glad you liked it. I see from your albums that you are an arty sort yourself!!!
    If you see me in game pls come and say hello :)

    Just a reminder that WoF is around the corner, and we need as many people as possible to help Team USA claim the title. Hunters of all skill levels, budget, and available time for the events are all welcome, and appreciated. It's a lot of fun, and a great way to meet people who you otherwise wouldn't have gotten a chance to know.

    You can join the WoF USA usergroup here . Thanks to some dedicated members there is some really useful WoF information in here :).

    We hope to see you there, and feel free to PM me with any questions.


    Thank you very much, appreciate it :)
    Happy Holidays to you too :)
    hey Puck
    Hola Pucky! How goes? Not playing eu much nowadays, work is hectic so dont really check messages on here that often! Hope lady Di is keeping ya in check! :)
    hi how are you?[IMG]

    im bored and missing EU all the time... but fine over all.

    i cant log to since VU10[IMG] i always get the "connection lost" message [IMG]

    [IMG] thx for droping a message... hope ill cya soon[IMG]
    noooooooooooooooooooooo, special K is a big enough handful now he is running and chatting to all and sundry!!! Taking him to the canary Islands next thursday for a week and paul is staying at home so i have the joy of a 5 hour flight with a 1 year old - F U N!!!! I want loadsa pics of the wedding!!!!!!!!!
    WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???? Missing ya - soooo need to get hunting soon! How goes the plans for the big day?
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