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  • hi :) some ppl from soc asked if we do a soc hunt on CP :)
    this year will be only friday the 18th by my side. are you interested?
    would say start time will be 19-19.30 ma time. if you come later it will be also no problem:)
    some ppl also asked if we do another dasp hunt. will set no date so far. will ask all ppl if they are interested first :) i think we need min 10 ppl for that. we can also ask ex members and friends for that.are you also interested in another dasp hunt?
    greetings michi
    hi there :) some ppl will have thet dasp hunt soon lol. so we try 2 realise saturday the 28th of november at 19.30 ma time. (next saturday) perfect would be 19.30 ma time ready on cnd. with ammo and done repairs :) plz tell me if that time is ok for you.
    greetings michi
    hi wazza :) if you read this. i try 2 organize a coop soc hunt the prophecy & ut on dasp :) if you are interested :)
    i try 2 contact more soc members and hope all get that message :) hf and keep care :) cya
    Michi, Try changing the connection speed by clicking on the options button that is to the left of the launch button, just a suggestion. If you are still having problems that log into the EU web site and send a support case. Good luck
    doesnt seem that we see us :-((( but why can´t i log in and you have no problems? have you changed your firewall settings or opened other ports? a friend of mine also made an account and tryed. he also is not able 2 log in. and he has a real fast internet connection. so that seems not 2 be the problem. could it be that germany has the connection problem? :-(
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