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  • Thank you! Canada has been pretty welcoming for the most time spent here :) My last job back home was as an economist and sales manager, here i had to settle with security work for most of the year :/ worked at a luxury hotel laundry the last few months too, mostly kept at least two jobs at a time so my income was pretty good even with low hourly pay so i managed so save most of the money for my future affairs :) had a chance to go into a professional finance career but wasn't sure i want to stay here so just settled for what i have. I guess i could've done better but overall the year in Canada was ok :) If my future plan to go and work in Australia doesn't go well i might be back here and then i would probably go somewhere west where you have all the beautiful mountains and lakes :)
    Sorry for the 5 month long response Nor :) i've been mostly out of entropia and the forum since i've moved to Toronto, tried playing but it was just too boring having no one to talk to online :( i only met you and maybe one more person from the soc online during all year. But my time in Canada is comming to an end since my work permit just ended. I'm going to stay around and travel for a couple more months and then head back home. Probably will have more time online then :) How have you been lately?
    Crone has been playing a couple times this week and will probably over the weekend. Mailyn and Crone are actually spending their bits and pieces. They still need to sell that old place of theirs. So the two mortages are sucking up all the gaming money :)
    Yes, in my country of origin they is not being called same Memsahib. I an a bit large and have to wear 4 at a time now.
    Yes, in my country of origin they is not being called same Memsahib. I an a bit large and have to wear 4 at a time now.
    Yes, in my country of origin they is not being called same Memsahib. I an a bit large and have to wear 4 at a time now.
    Just a little FYI for you Sir Alien
    My Darkest Days is a Canadian rock band based in Toronto, consisting of lead singer Matt Walst, lead guitarist Sal Costa, Bassist Brendan McMillan, Drummer Doug Oliver, and keyboardist Reid Henry. They were discovered by Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, who signed them up for his production company, 604 Records.

    In June 2010, the band went on tour with Sick Puppies, Janus, and It's Alive, and shot a video in Las Vegas to support their first single, "Porn Star Dancing," released on June 21, 2010. Kroeger appears in the "Porn Star Dancing" video, as does American rapper Ludacris and Black Label Society frontman Zakk Wylde.
    :laugh: ... ya, I said the same thing and look what happened.

    And btw ... thanks, much appreciated! :)
    Hi Alien. if you are interested in a soc hunt on proteron i try 2 get some ppl for saturday at 19.30 ma time
    greetings michi
    hi :)
    then i keep my fingers crossed for you :)
    how i sayed i will try 2 organize every month a soc hunt :)
    will see if i can realize that.
    greetings michi
    hi :) some ppl from soc asked if we do a soc hunt on CP :)
    this year will be only friday the 18th by my side. are you interested?
    would say start time will be 19-19.30 ma time. if you come later it will be also no problem:)
    some ppl also asked if we do another dasp hunt. will set no date so far. will ask all ppl if they are interested first :) i think we need min 10 ppl for that. we can also ask ex members and friends for that.are you also interested in another dasp hunt?
    greetings michi
    fine :)
    cant wait till saturday :) think it will be a great hunt :) and hope loot will be also great :)
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