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  • You my friend are the luckiest Entropian of ALL time :) You just scored yourself the most precious ATH ever.

    I bet you have a smile from ear to ear today - and I guess its deserved :)

    Thx =) ya well who knows, it might rehappen in a year just that now, any virtual asset over 100$ are safe and cant be loose by mistake! and that i find is really awesome.. BUT now they really gotta work on the auction issue again if people want to come up with thread about it if not done, do so .. we had again some case like that not long ago (also me once ofc i do them all), of people bidding their ped card on crap stuff. there will be the same thing at some point if no changes for sure, and there its human vs human, its more tough to handle than a tted rolls royce item which leaded to a rechange of rules.

    thx for the kind words and yr fun comments yrmom =)

    and thx for the other kind words ;P ( iam a thx machine these days so THX :D to all)
    Happy endings to a horrible situation :)
    Despite what some may think - this is a good thing. It had to happen in order to change MA's policies for tt'ing items.
    Best of luck in the future.
    And - storage that damn OA when you're at the tt from now on :D
    -Danielle- :hug:
    Squall, I'm really glad you made it, grats :) I hoped that end will be happy and it actually is. Your post below proves that it was good decision. And this case made something good for all community too. I hope too see you ingame soon at least on global chat ;) HOF big, Jeff, greetings
    thx guys for all the kind words, the pms i have gotten aswell as the comments in the reputation and for all those that are frustrated and want to eat for dinner a xXSqUaLLXx, i know it wasnt probably a good idea to post here in the first place.. but when such things happens u cant keep it for yourself, else u go crazy even more trying to figure out what to do in the wait of any answer..
    i dont know what will be the outcome of this, i know i made a enormous situation, and i do hope they find a way to make everyone happy including me not loosing my amp..maybe its indeed time to at least put a enormous fee or something to be able to reget items in case of unfortunate case like u could in the old days just that it was for free, i mean all it would take is some minut from an human and taking us peds from the account for exemple.
    A lock item tool would be nice too but still there would be some possibility for things like that to happen.
    Also the auction problem that we still have and still have some people getting to make wrong bid because no bo, and the habit to push the arrow up.
    The more the game evolves, the more people come in, and the law of odds tell us that "moronic move" because of no assurance or something to prevent that wil happen again, soon or late.
    there shouldnt be ways to loose such things too easy when we got a so great game and programmers there to care of people assets which used to be able with a small human intervention to give it back to u too.
    they could also make change of graphical on unike item to make them diferent apart from the L when broken for exemple but again : how long wil that last ?
    if we are to get million of people one day.
    Can it not hapen again ?
    i guess i hit the lottery in the bad way on that one.

    im not a rich boy, iam someone who had his big share of deposit, who played for fun,who then thought about the game, who played day after day because i have dreams, who got better and better, who yes started to make some withdraw and not much actually just enough to sustain myself a year (how many hours do u think i play hardcore ? and playing the "good way" for those that know, it is a choice to do that and when u do it good ofc it pays off ul amp or not i didnt started with oa105 ul, i play up to 20hour a day sometimes like a zombie again always thinking the good way ( because there is good way for sucess always in any profession if u didnt know it so stop being frustrated and wishing death to all and start to think out of the box)
    Its freak those people talking about me, not even knowing me, making wrong comments and saying shit after shit how i got there how i do this or that and just wishing me that i loose it or die or something, well u dont even deserve a negative rep i have stopped with u, all u , u know who u are but i know it was expected. (usually those with a redboxes train or close to reget negative rep and yes it touch me cause iam only an human)

    Now if i do deserve the amp back or not. i know for sure that if i dont get it back i just lost 380000 ped actualy coz thats what i paid for (and also still paying ) and trust me iam really in the shit...(as i guess people who lost their a105, or once a strikehammer i think), afaik i was renting the amp till june to bluefire paying taxes, and then he sold it to me.

    i will let u know the outcome.
    Dude I feel your pain - but never tell forum readers about such things - I mean now everyone knows.. whats MA to do? It sucks big time.. :(
    hi i met you yesterday in your shop i buy a lot of 104s. It mentions a small discount if bought in bulk. What sort of size of order would bulk be classed as as im defo interested in this


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