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  • Hey bud,

    Hope all goes well with the end of Jan venture :)

    I find myself in a very tight position to do anything now, huge tax bill killed that for me.

    And I need to get down my line of credit, its maxed :(

    But other than that life is good and I am healthy so no harm done!

    GL, looking forward to how you progress over the coming weeks!
    Hey Mercury,

    Posting a message to say hi from the fiery depths that Lavawalker used to live in ;)

    I now live in the open bushlands as a reptilian lifeform, muhahahaha :D

    See you round one day, may death on arrival be a success ;)

    Viperstrike / ex-Lavawalker
    How much would you charge to upgrade a freon delta to tier 1 using your mats ?
    Thanks Zaxor

    You might remember me as 3Dling from the old days =)

    Ive recently started playing again under the name eddah edling richbitch
    and i quite fast started realizing how hard it is to loot a decent mark up

    So i started theorycrafting and i came up with a conclusion wich simply has to be the truth.
    I cant post this theory in the public forums cos if im right its gonna be hard to take advantage from if to many ppl know about it.

    I also need some feedback from an experinced player and i cant think of anyone better then you.
    Woud you like hear what i have to say ?

    Regards eddah
    Hi Star
    i have a starkhov 147 ME that i would like tiered to 1. I have found a replica on fourm and he is willing to let me borrow it. He is a little worried about losing it how much is it going to cost me and how and what happens if you lose his replica


    i heard a few months ago that Wof Team amereca was considering doing a newbie run to the rig.

    I was wondering if you would be intrested in helping Entropia tour Agency pull off a oil rig run. We plan on using wormhole chips to send the new players to the rig, and im now looking for protection.

    Are you intrested?

    Hi Mercury,

    5k sounds fair enough,
    I have relisted it on the auction for 5k for you :)

    BTW ... Your mailbox is full :D
    Hey, cant find that post about the MM weapon lending scam - just saw one for sale by Modified Akoz Power / by shopkeeper / at Nea's. (May 23) In case it's relevant...
    hey there star :) i remember you with your old ava ;). its RAVEN i used to be in CT ;). but now im in Pyrates of Calypso. but anyways hows things been going for ya man? hope all is going well for ya. have a good one.
    hi man, sry to disturb again. but you can remove the soc status for me at the wof again....
    Here's the generic recruitment message for people who haven't posted on the WoF forum last year...

    I'm down to the letter "M" so far
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