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Roz Farstar

Dec 4, 2013
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Roslyn Kaz Farstar
Port Atlantis Mall Shop 5, Floor 1


Lots of great clothes and furniture to choose from!


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Chain Mail Wazir Pleat :cool: now in shop!

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BTW if you like any clothes the shopkeepers are wearing in my shop, just sent me a pm. They are for sale also.
Shop is restocked! Also, all items should be priced now. Seems i missed a bunch the other week :ahh:
wouw Caz...I am amzed :yay:

Love your shop at Ark too :)
Ok so i guess transferring a shop deed wipes out all the prices on your items *sigh*

Anyways, prices are back on all items now!
Wedding clothes in stock! Option to rent is available.

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In the previous post the preview doesn't really show the texture on the dress very well so here's a better picture. And you don't have to wear it just for weddings ;)

If you're looking for an outfit that gets lots of compliments this is the one for you! now in stock

NEW super cool dress in stock!

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Guardian Nurse Dress

This is the last Guardian Nurse dress I have for sale! You can find it in my PA Mall shop, Floor 1 Shop #5

what, no surgical face mask to go with it?
what, no surgical face mask to go with it?

Well there's boots out there to match and soon there should be gloves and a cap to go with it, but looks like no surgical face mask or stethoscope for this nurse :nurse:
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Dark Travelers Hood now in Shop!

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