24 000 PED prize pool on Hardcore training program! HSL event on Takuta, Vermillion & Southshade

Andie be like:

Andova Andie the WiseFalxangius Stalker12 664 PEDVermilion Fields12:40

Grats Andie!
This had to happen. Uber Gz !!!
Well, there was a lot of activity in the zone. Probably more will happen. and also Andie has been very active and didnt HOF much lately so it piled up sort of. I agree, no huge surprise there.
But there's still plenty of time left for the top 3 to dramatically change.

Best of luck to all!
Just don't tell RickNinjaHunter about this place we don't want "shitmatter" striking again all top 10 places :ROFLMAO:
@GeorgeSkywalker wanted to keep you away from this... ask him :LOL:
Event prizes:
1st place - 5000 PED
2nd place - 3000 PED
3rd place - 2000 PED
4th place - 2000 PED
5th place - 2000 PED
6th place - 2000 PED
7th place - 2000 PED
8th place - 2000 PED
9th place - 2000 PED
10th place - 2000 PED

so its possible to win all 10? too bad no robots or dodge mobs otherwise i would be in it to win it
Time for the final push before mayhem starts!
Less than a week to go, big pile of PED on the table, TOP10 very accessible! Hurry up!
4 days left to secure places in top10!
Output is around 270% atm and all 3 LAs are dropping it!!!
3 days left and no big hofs for the past week, time to empty the jackpot?
Current standings withe less than 3 days to go:

12664 - Andova Andie the Wise,
9615 - Arnold Terminator Swarzzy,
7129 - pierre Venom miami,
5596 - Nanashana Nana Itsanai,
3060 - Maya Askary Stark,
2568 - Ronny Kovich,
2098 - Major Legggzzz Canuck,
2085 - George Ace Skywalker,
1553 - Don Chelms Helms,
1532 - Princess Nika Paun,

I think there's a 3.9k Falx missing however, luky avatar should get in contact with EL.com staff and see what's up.
Please let me know if there are others missing and check with EL.com. Mentioning this again, to get the results we are using the API provided by EntropiaLife and the way it works is that is showing all HOFs on the LA for the public avatar and nto for the hidden ones. To get those we need to manually go through EntropiaLife LA globalviewer payed extension for the selected LAs.

Thank you!
Good luck to all participants!
Benny Tempo finding his way to the top 10# with 2 days left of the event :cool:

benny Tempo turboAraneatrox Young2 354 PEDTue, 24 Oct 2023 01:21:09

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Takuta is HOT, it’s the final countdown folks! Soon on the last 24h to secure a prize. Still very doable to get a top10 position.
12hrs to go and Legolas gets a nice one placing in top 10. Congrats Legolas. Just as in previous editions, last hours of event HOFs are popping left and right

Johan Legolass EgonzonAraneatrox Young2 758 PEDThu, 26 Oct 2023 07:13:36
Event ends: October the 26th - 21:00 UTC (MA time)
Event is now over! CDF representatives seem satisfied with the program results in our evening debrief and they were even impressed by the dedication of a few determined hunters.

Hope you guys had fun!

Will double check results and post them tomorrow, hope to be done by noon, then I will start PMing winners to award the prizes.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Stay hardcore! 🤘
Final standings:

1st place - 5000 PED - 12664 - Andova Andie the Wise,
2nd place - 3000 PED - 9615 - Arnold Terminator Swarzzy,
3rd place - 2000 PED - 7129 - pierre Venom miami,
4th place - 2000 PED - 5596 - Nanashana Nana Itsanai,
5th place - 2000 PED - 3060 - Maya Askary Stark,
6th place - 2000 PED - 2758 - Johan Legolass Egonzon,
7th place - 2000 PED - 2568 - Ronny Kovich,
8th place - 2000 PED - 2354 - benny Tempo turbo,
9th place - 2000 PED - 2098 - Major Legggzzz Canuck,
10th place - 2000 PED - 2085 - George Ace Skywalker,

Congratulations to everyone that won a placement!
Let's get in touch for the prizes.

See you next time ;)