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May 13, 2006
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Ian Goose Macdonald
Well, I love Longu`s, sounds daft in a allo thread but here it goes.....

Me and a few more have been having terrible luck recently (and i doubt this makes it better overall), but longu`s always treat me well, i can always get close to my ammo back, and loose on decay, which i can live with, i dont like it, but i accept it.
However i set off on a 300ped ammo run on longu`s south of Rei`s and after about 200ped of ammo gone, i had looted just 70ped, that wasnt gonna even cover gun decay, let alone amp, ammo and armor. So i thought as so many do, shall i stick at em or move on, i went for the move on and a lesser TP jump to goldtops allo land, and 3 kills in i got this........

[br]Click to enlarge[/br]

I shot the rest of my ammo on that land and got a few more large loots, making it a good run in the end :)

Thanks MA
:cheer: Go :cheer: Goose :cheer: Go :cheer:

Hunt with (L) weapons so you'll easily break even..

Grats :)

PS I like that Goldtop's land too :) Had 73 tt esi on it recently ;0
Well done, Goose! :wtg:
Gratz Goose, nice little load of peds there:D
gratz mate a nice hunt you had there :D:D