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  • Hey Hon ... Kate is spelled with a "K" as the nickname, but her real name is "Catherine Elizabeth" and Catherine is spelled with a "C" ... check this out. :)
    No, you evil bastard, I dont EVER kick a dog for no reason. I fucking hate you that you would!!! You Nasty Git!!
    Thank you ... I'm a little late with the thanks, but genuine just the same. Your comments are always appreciated my friend. :)
    Np bud, ya didn't miss much. I think maybe 1 modest globie and nothin special lootwise. It was fun havin ya around anyway! :)
    Happy New Year to you :yay:
    Please help us find some fare justice - click this link New Oxford Shops - Please comment on the thread and support us.

    ok..why is santa using your boat?:scratch2:..and what did you do with his sleigh? :eek:

    lily :grouphug:
    Hey Dan. Thanks again for what you did the other day. She really appreciated you bringing her out to dinner. Being a midget she didnt expect for you to go all the way with her. She's really happy. Thank you.
    WTH?! We weren´t friends already here?? Now that´s just :silly:
    Thx for the request mate! U´ve been added! :thumbup:
    thx for the bday message hun :hug:

    hurry up and get ur comp sorted and get back in game!!!!!!

    lily :grouphug:
    I definitely will do that m8! :)

    Will be fun i assure you ... and if not very soon .. the mighty UR125 (L) will be maxed soon in case you need it ;)
    ty for the bday wishes !! :hug:
    I hope life and EU are treating you as well as you deserve ! :D
    I'm gonna go have some fun on my day !
    Take care ! :beerchug:

    on another note .. Kiriku really brought down your profile ... :cussing:
    Vous connaissez celle du Belge qui a téléphoné à l'agence de voyages et a dit, "Je voudrais savoir combien de temps il faut pour voler d'ici à New-York," et la réceptionniste a répondu, "Juste un moment," et le Belge a dit, "Merci bien, au revoir" ?

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