FYI: Apocalyptic and Apocalyptic Uprising are recruiting!


Dec 8, 2005
Wisconsin, USA
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Max HardWrath Mayhem
We are a laid back group of people and we each do our own thing. There is no pressure to team hunt or do things differently then you do now. Really, most of us are freelancers at heart but we enjoy the chat channel and we have a good group of people. Spontaneous team things do happen once in awhile. Its pretty simple, most of us enjoy an environment where can play EU in our own way... EU really isn't much of a team oriented game anyway.

The thing we hate most is drama. We all log into EU to have fun and do what we do, not to get into drama.

Neither of our societies are for new players and we don't make exceptions to that. None of us have the time to show people how to play EU. Also none of us have the time for a soc leader that wants to "lead" us because EU isn't that kind of game. In Apoc, we are all adults.

We are a diverse group in every way... geographically, investment level, play style, activity amount, etc.

Due to the top-50 most skilled list, we are two different societies.

Apocalyptic is for people with over 250K skills.

Apocalyptic Uprising is for people with over 100K skills.

Skill level exceptions can be made in some cases... For Apocalyptic Uprising the lowest we will consider is 75K and for Apocalyptic it's 225K

If you don't have the skills for Apocalyptic yet, just join Apocalyptic Uprising. Its really not any different because both societies share the same private chat channel.

Before we bring in a new member, we like to post the name in our society forum for a few days and make sure that there isn't some kind of objection from an existing member. Any one of our members has the ability to block any new member and they don't have to give a reason or explanation. That is for the purpose of preventing drama and personality conflicts.

If you want to join, let us know, through PCF, in-game, or you can contact us through any of our members. If you don't know anyone in Apoc, then contact me or contact the General of Apocalyptic, Quell Que Star.

Apr 25, 2014
Oregon USA
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Quell Que Star
Bump :bump: A little investigating on EL will show that Apocalyptic is currently #3 Hunting Society and #1 in both Mining and Crafting :whip: