Concerns for the Future of Planet Rocktropia


Sep 26, 2015
Odysseus Unbound
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Count Sinner Gism
I remember you saying a few years back how CLDs was a bad idea, having players just log in to collect payouts. Just because a player owns a deed don't mean they go out of their way to hunt/mine on those lands. With so many deeds out there it would be hard to choose where to spend your peds, to get pecs back in payouts.

The loot problem is more down to MA and not so much lack of activity of players.

NO 3. Really sounds like scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with 3rd reason. lol

You know what would increase revenue, increase activity, and get people talking about RT? Events. Mayhem, migration, gold rush, etc. When ND hosted Champions league you had many come over. Hellathon with in-game prizes, sorry ND people don't want music memorabilia, I do have my slash photo in the frame though. :)

I would have prefered ND gave out a share for an already existing land area and not tax another one. Camp crunk would have been perfect. As it was already taxed, great for zombie mission and ai mission. With doc's old zombie weekend events and my shop, i am sure shares would earn a few pec.
LOL your right 3 was totaly scraping the bottom :) And your also right im not a fan of deeds/shares either as it promotes offline income when we need more online activity but... they are here and growing universe wide and offer competitive advantages between planets and I personally would like to see that activity on RT as opposed to anywhere else so im changing sides!!! im all for rt shares now! rofl


Jan 16, 2016
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Corwin The Prince
Why do think this?
mere speculation dude, rocktopia suits well the profile. So far rocktopia is the last planet player know about, and its painted like a vacation area inside the universe, because the big money interest are into other areas. only a very little bunch of people were able to stay in rocktopia and fit within its very selective community.

rocktopia has been a moneymaker planet for many of us, being a tourist location makes people go there and spend more money than they usually do, or being less careful about the returns due to the different and alternative loot composition.

wat do i mean is this, if i hunt in calypso or arkadia, i track well the returns while hunting and i stop when i see loot is bad and wait for waves, if i go on "holiday" in rocktopia, i get a lot of strange items in my loot with insane mu, i dont really have a clue wat those items are for and if i try to sell them on auction for mu they will go unsold, so i just tell myself, its once in a while, and just enjoy the gameplay without caring about returns, i start joining shared hunt on kongs because i read in chat a call, and i actually end up enjoying a lot my time in rocktopia, where i do discover a really different playstile. The fact that people likes it no matter theyre returns on activities means that it is really well developed. Investing in rocktopia is like buying a house near the sea in a turist location, u will never be able to rent it for the full year, but once rented for one week with that money u will cover a year of rent.
It is the only place where a noob can find easy free oil and 3-4ped a day that involves hunting ai but sweating, it is very easy to solo sweat huge amount of sweat on solo mob with a low evade required level. Its full of cosmetic uncommon items cheap to obtain that attracts buyers in all the other planets.
It has hunt the thing wich is one of the most story developed quest in the game, that also gives a full suit of clothes a car and a elicopter and a flametrower. Its full of secrets that community is not happy to share but allows players to drastically increase theyre returns.

I love rocktopia its my home and my prefered planet, and if it wasnt for the disappointment i got i would have never left it. Im also still waiting to come back but that doesnt depend on me at this point.

There are a lot of stuff to fix, like the 2 main amazing quests like the hunt the thing for noobs and the prison chain in mainland that leads u to the antidote and eventually the dhampire could really use a way better and more complex story, maybe including some cutscene, after all neverdie studios is a holliwood movie director i dont think it will be hard to him to create amazing involvement on at least the main chains. Loot need to be fixed and balanced, and still many resources that have no use anymore needs to be linked to some blueprints.

So afterall, rocktopia is a crazy bitch ready to kill u while sleeping, but also ready to give u the most amazing sex u ever had.

So yea i think that many players will jump in the train like they did with cp shares, who more who less they will all try speculate a bit over it. I still dont think mindark will allow any rocktopia shares in the near future tho.