Entropia Universe 18.4.2 Release Notes

Can someone explain me why ppl are now buying RT deeds for 50-90ped each? 🤯

Probably those with a holding selling to each other to create a "market history".....

Anyone know how much these pay per wk..? Odd that if they are worth what being askd that someone not made a payout thread to promote their new hot buy.

Maybe they are worth 3* caly shares. :cautious:
people who are trying to get the intel on the payouts

personally my view is that most likely if there's a million shares there's no way it is getting more than 1 pec per week right now. probably has more total population than most deeded areas other than CLD, but that's a lot of shares outstanding
WOW it has finally happened........

I said this multiple times over the last few years in game and in the discord server.

I knew MA would take over RT. They had to really because of UE5 launch.

So this basically ties up that loose end slowing down or delaying RT migration onto UE5 which is a great thing. This has made me super happy now. I am of course sad that this had to happen but maybe MA will get new interest once UE5 launches and might sell it to a new potential Planet Partner?

Anyway I just saw this and had to give my 2 pennies worth. Still not playing again until UE5 launches, I just login once every 2 months when I get the inactivity emails :p