Entropia Universe Guide - 2018 Edition


May 10, 2012
Good 'ol Blighty, deep in the Shires!
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Richard Dirk Tomlin
Yet Another Entropia Universe Guide - 2018 Edition

This is a minor VU update.

As usual I'm grateful to all the players who have contributed their time and knowledge. Any comments on the structure or content would be gratefully received, via PM or email, address below. If you're feeling creative, I'd love to receive additional material to supplement the many gaps.

The Guide Ver 4.3

E: richard.dirk.tomlin (at) gmail (dot) com
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nice work Dirk :)

/mod note/ moved thread to Tutorials & Guides section, and made title clearer.
Great work! all thumbs up :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
Wow, 110 pages, some effort there, well done!
Nice work there! Thank you a lot will use this!
Very nice guide.

What I'm doing at my blog pales in comparison to what you and your friends have done.

Kudos to you guys (and gals).


Nice guide, have a rep!

good job :)
Thank you and very cool. Looking forward to reading it!

This is nothing short of outstanding! I cant even imagine how much time that must have taken to create, you guys are total legends !:ahh:
Nice guide!
And ty for mentioning Calypso Rescue Team :)
Really nice guide! Keep up the good work + rep :yay:
great job guys!

I would like to +rep all the contributors
but that impossible, so I a +rep to op count for all :yup:

This is very important addition to our world and for new players experience.
Great !

I just added it to my in-game mentor links, along with the Alice guide :)
way to go team :)

That has some crazy detail to it :)

A lot of work went into this, Good Job guys! :yay:
Great work, i can only say WOW.:yay::yay::yay:
BUMP for V2 release :yay:

Many thanks to the contributors!
thnks been out of game for a bit so far it is a big help... + to rep many thnks again
You need someone fluent in English to edit/proof read this document.
You need someone fluent in English to edit/proof read this document.

You have nothing more to contribute than this flippant comment??
Bring Up My Post!

BUMP for Version 3.0 update, 20th December 2014

BUMPety BUMP for V4
Version 4.1 published, long overdue.
Wow great job! Lots of good info. More detailed than any encyclopedias out there ;)
A lift for 4.3 and re-named to 2018, ty Mods :)