EntropiaGold's: GoldGrinder - The Ultimate Grinder Event

Neconu Hair that changed everything :)
Grind it, grind it real good 🤠
Don't miss out on this amazing event!!
Great time to grind. 🎉
It's Friday!! Enjoy the weekend!!

I'll be meeting with MrBabul this weekend for his payout, after hes paid I'll update this thread with the screenshot and also Bael's story and screenshot... Some awesome winnings happened this month of September, GZ! It's always fun to pay out five digit prizes 😁😊
Two fun stories where players won 5 DIGIT PRIZES hunting in the GoldGrinder Event! Both of these amazing prize payouts happened recently just in September! GZ to both hunters! Let me share:

Crystral MJ Diamond was hunting on OLA#50 That Freaking Cold Place and was about to call it a night when their weapon broke. MJ realized they had a Kinetic Nanochip in their inventory and pulled it out to finish up their ammo and hunt maybe another 10 minutes. That's when MJ was blessed by Lootius and landed a very nice 646 PED global on a Neconu, taking down a 5 digit EntropiaGold Jackpot worth 12k PED!!! It's always nice to see a global worth less than 1k PED pay out a 5 digit prize in an event, that's what makes GoldGrinder such a special event!


Good thing MJ kept going those extra 10 minutes! Huge GZ!

Baelrahyn Bael Riverwind has an awesome story as well. Bael was grinding out on OLA#02 Atrox Paradise when he popped an Atrox HOF worth 8.6k PED! This HOF won Bael the Atrox Jackpot worth 9.1k PED as a sweet bonus! But, it gets better! Bael kept grinding Atrox the next day and hit another 7.6k HOF on an Atrox Mature in less than 24 hours from his 1st uber HOF! Big GZ to Bael! This guy grinds Atrox like there's no tomorrow, so these uber HOFs were well earned




If you're interested in joining this incredible event, take a quick look at the fully interactive website: https://www.entropiagold.com/grinder

Everything in the event is automated! Solo grinders don't have to register, only teams do. Teams MUST register here before hunting. People really enjoy being able to see their account balances update instantly, compete in weekly top 10 events, grind out personal daily bonuses, and even go after 5 different jackpots, all while hunting on 4 different Land Areas!


tl:dr We had two different players in September win a BOAT LOAD of PED, both of them cashed out five digit prizes!! Want to learn more about this event? Here's a 3 minute video on YouTube that explains everything.
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It's NEVER too late to start the grind. Good luck out there!! 😁
Get all the GOLD!! 🪙🪙🪙
Grind on my friends.
I hope your Sunday is calm and relaxed 😎 grind on, friends 🙂
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Get it! Don't wait for it to come to you. Stay on the grind and good things will happen. ✌️
Grind it out! Get out there and find some loot 😊
Shoot em up! Loot em up 😁
Stay on the grind. Have a great weekend ☺️👍😀
Stay on the grind, my friends. 😊
Make sure to hit up all your dailies on any of the 4 Land Areas participating in the GoldGrinder. Hunt Atrox, Scipulor, Neconu, Bibos and Berys!!
A fully automated event. Daily bonuses. Weekly bonuses. Monthly bonuses. Level progression and a chance to win HUGE jackpots no matter what LA I hunt in the event??? Is this real life?

This is GoldGrinder.

The Ultimate event that has everything you ever wanted in an event. Its finally here, a dream that became a reality. Its never too late to join this event because its never going away. Chip away at your codex and run your daily missions on these mobs in the #1 player run event in the universe:

Bercyled Stalkers
Combibo Stalkers

Rediscover Entropia

Watch this short 3 minute video on YouTube explaining everything you need to know about the pure awesomeness that is GoldGrinder.

Find yourself in the grind 😉
Have an awesome Friday 😄 hopefully you're enjoying the new content with this latest release!

If you get a daily on an Atrox Scip, Neconu, Bibo or Bery, you know where to go!!
Saturday grind time.
Achieve your goals!
Get the things done that you need to get done. But most importantly, have fun out there.
Did someone say Neconu? 🤔

Those that know. Know 😉😜
Neconu be gettin' real juicy! 😂