News: Flight of the Scarabs

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Jul 26, 2006
Mayday! The Calypso Defence Force (CDF) has received a distress call from a transport ship heading out from Setesh Moon, and the situation has escalated dramatically. Losing contact with the transport ship it veered off course at high speed into Calypso’s atmosphere breaking apart and crashing onto mainland Eudoria. As of now, we have confirmed two crash sites. Both sites have been overrun by invasive and hostile creatures that emerged from the wreckage.

The first crash site is located near the East Scylla Mountains. It’s reported that the threat level is moderate but lower than that of the second site. For more information speak with the CDF Scout at the East Scylla Mountain base.

The second crash took place in proximity to the oil rig north of Ashi base. Extreme caution is advised, as it is a high-danger zone. We recommend that only veteran colonists assist us in addressing this crisis. Further details can be obtained from the CDF Scout at the forward base north of the oil rig.

Gear up and join now to help secure the East Scylla Mountains and oil rig crash sites!

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What about us sweaters? Nothing for us?
You just need to go to Next Island instead Messi,
"The wet circle sweat bottles have been busy and expanded the family to include Baby Bottle."
Whilst it is nice to see missions for sweat, you have to hand the sweat in and get back a poorly silver ticket from the medium bottle, with the baby not even wanting sweat at all. It wants broken elytech chips at a rate that seems .... yes I'll use the word pathetic.
Only the big bottle for 1k sweat gathered a day pays a reasonable one gold ticket in return.

The novelty of the Setesh creatures appears to be deflecting damage types, although this has been around in places. Maybe the loot is attractive?
anything cool drop yet from these new mobs?
Nova and Blazaar as daily rewards. No daily tokens, no unusual loot, what's the point. I did 5 days and then just thought I was better off doing something else (like not logging on )
So faar i was not able to find anything worth doing the Mission/ mobs

What i dislike the most is that they got defence for diferent types of damage.

From one side its cool because you are forced to buy diferent limited weapons for them, but idk from the other side the loottable sucks, atleast i Was not able to find anything good yet
What i dislike the most is that they got defence for diferent types of damage.

Agree with you on that. If they do this to all mobs on all planets (which they seem to be planning to do) it's going to limit what mobs you can hunt.

Sure some will buy other weapons suitable for different mobs. Some like myself won't.