I made it!


May 8, 2006
Finland, Denmark & Sweden
Antipodean Army
50K sweat. Had 52.5K in my bags last night. All gone now tho ;)

I calculate that I have done a bit over 60K so far in my short life in Entropia. I will not count what I did before tho as I did not track it.

But was a great feeling sunday. Got 50K sweat, reached 1K in Sweat Gathered. I got it done, ppl told me I would depo in a week etc. Proved them wrong :)

Just wanted to say thanks to some ppl who helped / talked to / friends along the way.

Dalas: A good kid and we have a nice trust going. Good advice and a big knowledge base he has. I actually got Dalas on my FL since 2008, and started talking to him when I got back ingame in January. He did not remember me until he saw my avatar here on the forums. And now this guy dedicates his time to ETA to help others out, a lot of praise and rep he does deserve and all I can do is point nubs his way and be there if he ever needs my humble help.

Fishface: Ran into Fishy and some other AA people on the EF chat when the servers were patching. Not ever did I think that it would lead to me joining into AA, why would such a highly skilled, established and well known Soc take me in? I must said something right it seems. But quickly I found Fishy to be a guy I get on with very well. A lot of similar thoughts, I can instanly understand what he is talking about (except ingame depth knowledge etc) and value his input and backup highly. Just wish I will be able to repay him for his patience with me and my gazillion questions.

Alice: Learned most what I know almost from Alice's guide. She is always helpful and I hope they add some extra HoF % to her avatar. She deserves it. One more of those that give so much to the community, make sure to let these people know that their effort is very much appriciated.

Serica: My allmighty Soc leader! :bowdown: Serica gave me the OK to get invited for some strange reason. Also a caring person who looks out for you, she helps out when she knows I am looking for something and pokes other members who might posses the info I need etc. Good leader, hope they put piloting back ingame soon so she gets to use her hangar.

There are more people, but not gonna mention them all here. But do know that I value your help and it won't be forgotten.

Now I got a few things to do, setup phase 2 of my plan so I get it structured.


100K sweat! HERE I COME!


Apr 29, 2005
Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK
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Oracle Kev FountofWisdom
Gratz and good luck! :)