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Apr 21, 2007
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As of May 17, 2019, the person operating the Quote|MindArk forum account is no longer an employee of MindArk PE AB, and is no longer a moderator of
Guess it's time to hire another...


Apr 21, 2007
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Ok you want to skill up in this universe and you don't really like [L] weapons? You also don't want to fork out more than 1500 ped for a weapon when you are a midlevel hunter? Then this is your thread.
Note that some weapons can be amped with Trauma I, IV and VI amps which are also cheap to buy.


NameDamageDam./secondEcoPurchasing Price
S.I. Combat Knife53.92.86tt+10 pedlevel 0level 3
Castorian Survival EnBlade-A115.62.742tt+ 10 pedlevel 0level 5
Loughlin Scratcher One136.62.782tt+40 pedlevel0.9level 6.9
Bukin’s blade76.32.862missionlevel 3level 7
Loughlin Scratcher Two188.82.837tt+350 pedlevel 4level 8
Kesmek slo2513.6?tt+300 ped??
Ozpyn RSB S1X12311.72.854tt+180 pedlevel 9level 12
Bicak Kek3519.92.813tt+380 pedlevel 10level 14
MANTA K-3 Smuggler3622.52.875tt+? pedlevel11.4level15.4
Khorum Ice Dagger3121.22.872tt+350 pedlevel 13level 19
Leoi Shock Dagger3927.62.88tt+500 pedlevel 19level 25
Ozpyn RSB S1X25829.62.882tt+725 pedlevel 27level 31.5
Aakas Fire Dagger5036.52.886tt+550 pedlevel 34level 39
Songkra Corrosive Dagger5843.72.892tt+600 pedlevel 44level 49


NameDamageDam./secondEcoPurchasing Price
S.I. Psy-Sword822.896tt+10level 0level 2.48
Laconian Sword86.22.851tt+10level 2.3level 7.3
Falcata106.52.78tt+8level 2.4level 7.4
Falx127.12.856tt+10level 2.7level 7.7
Loughlin Cutter Two4913.62.823tt+150level 4.6level 9.2
Rutic Slo3913.62.851tt+500level 6level 10
Kilic Kek5520.42.82tt+330level 10level 14
Kulokhar Glacier Sword36202.87tt+280level 13level 19
Kilic Vass8030.62.819tt+350level 18level 22
Lokabhu Electrifier Sword44262.875tt+350level 18level 24
Philosopher’s Sword4428.52.915tt+100level 18level 21
Hero’s Sword4931.82.946tt+600level 22level 27
Archon’s Sword5332.52.989tt+1000level 24level 28
Dehera Immolation Sword5834.92.885tt+700level 33level 38
Shagadi Disintegration Sword6641.32.9tt+800level 42level 47

Before UL weapons get expensive:
shagadi and a trauma VI offer 58.80 dps at 2.964 eco (untiered)
songkra and a trauma VI offer 64.65 dps at 2.964 eco (untiered)
Think he missed a few like Embra C1 (maxes HA early on), Embra C1 Adjusted (what you change the Embra C1 to when you get high enough level), and the old Katsuichi Determination if you want high dps a little early on with a few misses due to not being maxed, etc.

Info on Deathifier
There isn't much information/news about him, but I do believe I remembered seeing something posted lately....hmmmm....let me see if I can find it.

Ah yes...May 20, 2019, there was one post left by him in entropia planets' forum.
Viceroy shop and materials -

Loot 2.0 Quotes, etc. - annual report
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Apr 21, 2007
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Level 13 Finder Amplifier shop:

Genesis Amethera Headquaters
Tower B
Floor 1 apt F
coords:[34280, 48150, 127]

Currently there are 5 shopkeepers filled with Level 13 Finder Amplifiers [=100 amps] at prices good for miners and redistributors.
Prices are set different to reward first visitor - first to come gets cheapest

Attractive feature of Level 13 Finder Amplifier is that each hit on mining with it is global (at least 50PED).
To use it you need to be at least level 20 Prospector, level 20 Surveyor or level 20 Treasure hunter! To mine appropriate resources with it.

Top Fun and Best Luck
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Apr 21, 2007
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Resource Depth (90 days)
Name (cnt) Min Avg Max
Aakas Alloy (317) 311 790 1262
Aarkan Pellets (722) 5 679 1369
Acid Root (651) 195 725 1451
Adomasite Stone (475) 487 814 1354
Alferix Stone (241) 340 771 1431
Alicenies Liquid (1263) 53 750 4157
Alkar Crystals (17) 576 860 1099
Alternative Rock (531) 190 567 4164
Angelic Grit (359) 204 698 1494
Arekite Stone (17) 544 911 1301
Ares Head (1864) 132 635 1451
Azur Pearls (532) 233 677 1405
Azzurdite Stone (265) 500 908 1444
Banite Stones (309) 97 818 1474
Belkar Stone (4863) 5 971 1585
Binary Fluid (262) 609 917 1401
Bismuth Fragment (120) 345 807 1228
Black Russian (89) 310 766 1140
Blausariam Stone (1279) 42 912 1503
Blood Moss (18) 585 982 1348
Blues Rock (35) 375 767 1218
Bodai Dust (149) 376 656 1306
Caldorite Stone (974) 120 887 1460
Cave Sap (837) 301 781 1396
ChemSet (477) 423 791 1312
Cobalt Stone (327) 273 876 1440
Copper Stone (424) 226 846 1500
Cordul Stone (53) 537 908 1298
Crude Oil (2078) 5 829 1588
Cumbriz Stone (1239) 97 856 1515
Devil's Tail (386) 365 685 1414
Diagen Firedrops (9) 428 792 1162
Dianthus Liquid (180) 446 892 1416
Dianum Ore (160) 293 790 1400
Dunkel Particle (1) 1092 1092 1092
Durulium Stone (1426) 320 958 1608
Edres Resin (264) 118 736 1417
Energized Crystal (555) 517 939 6751
Erdorium Stone (294) 232 858 1309
Erionite Stone (185) 393 811 1398
Ferrum Nuts (44) 660 883 1204
Fire Root (38) 582 958 1399
Florican Mist (266) 299 767 1384
Folk Rock (57) 373 731 1213
Force Nexus (790) 46 824 1484
Frakite Stone (65) 463 689 1185
Frigulite Stone (229) 90 787 1447
Ganganite Stone (329) 119 794 7051
Garcen Grease (1506) 85 926 1668
Gazzurdite Stone (1316) 180 761 1611
Glam Rock (1) 955 955 955
Gold Stone (325) 624 975 1402
Gorbek Emulsion (133) 503 870 1634
Growth Molecules (1083) 237 793 1416
Grunge Rock (5) 807 859 892
Hard Rock (7) 814 960 1166
Harvey Wallbanger (8) 615 869 1070
Hebredite Stones (555) 273 716 1635
Henren Stems (242) 483 757 1138
Hexra Gems (6) 568 715 878
Himi Rock (1) 896 896 896
Hurricane Cocktail (108) 389 790 1133
Hydrogen Steam (504) 224 651 1667
Ignisium Stone (453) 333 804 1355
Iolite Stone (147) 587 951 1437
Iron Stone (1212) 132 939 1511
Jazz Rock (7) 476 760 986
Kamikaze Cocktail (11) 792 922 1028
Kanerium Ore (152) 386 979 1332
Kaz Stones (472) 5 803 1571
Khorudoul Extrusion (395) 112 769 1299
Khorum Alloy (406) 275 764 1363
Kirtz Stone (2) 889 925 961
Langotz Ore (75) 575 927 1357
Lanorium Stone (89) 198 812 1212
Lidacon Stones (79) 266 716 1342
Long Island (92) 320 802 1138
Lotium Fluid (98) 447 786 1344
Lumis Leach (68) 421 863 1348
Lysterium Stone (1738) 5 807 4177
Lytairian Dust (1021) 151 856 1517
Maganite Ore (25) 633 928 1457
Magerian Mist (1620) 192 886 1585
Mai Tai (121) 339 769 1221
Maladrite Stone (24) 260 855 1084
Megan Stone (263) 213 859 1449
Melatinum Stone (50) 322 689 1231
Melchi Water (915) 5 835 1416
Mojito Cocktail (5) 701 973 1105
Morpheus Stone (2) 904 904 904
Narcanisum Stone (1201) 54 837 4911
Niksarium Stone (661) 222 812 1396
Nirvana Cocktail (2) 641 732 823
Ospra Stones (420) 5 791 1412
p.Brass Alloy (165) 283 779 1277
p.Bronze Alloy (240) 215 775 7151
p.Flint Arrow (115) 182 725 1264
p.Flint Axe (170) 148 664 1284
p.Fly Amber (105) 387 783 1209
p.Fossil Ammonite (206) 102 773 6751
p.Fossil Tooth (171) 5 345 1389
p.Mosquito Amber (89) 483 778 1399
Pel Crystals (128) 462 768 1382
Petonium Stone (4) 658 955 1230
Pina Colada (89) 316 756 1088
Pirrel Pallets (24) 219 784 1200
Platinum Stone (74) 650 982 1466
Praetonium (5) 5 114 184
Punk Rock (2) 929 957 985
Pyrite Stone (193) 548 988 1523
Quantium Stone (65) 296 756 1159
Quenta Flux (21) 347 786 1240
Quil Sap (152) 247 871 1436
Redulite Ore (456) 849 1085 9441
Reggea Rock (7) 780 887 1036
Regula Lode (29) 239 687 1100
Rugaritz Ore (6) 855 1133 1258
Solis Beans (317) 305 748 1391
Somin Tar (126) 68 850 1424
Songkra Alloy (419) 355 789 1227
Songtil Agent (460) 66 706 1486
Star Particles (412) 210 665 1481
Starrix Nodes (51) 221 762 1273
Sweetstuff (448) 76 776 1421
Techno Rock (9) 689 907 1118
Telfium Stones (192) 159 762 1466
Terrudite Stone (212) 616 941 1439
Tridenite Ore (7) 771 943 1154
Typonolic Steam (810) 117 855 1490
Valurite Stone (74) 761 990 1373
Veda Stones (201) 344 799 1382
Vedacore Fibre (627) 210 780 1332
Vegatation Spores (1) 676 676 676
Vesperdite Ore (70) 846 1062 1373
Vorn Pellets (211) 139 790 1498
Wenrex Stones (454) 187 700 1507
Whiskey Sour (112) 312 739 1170
Xelo Haze (116) 372 728 1327
Xeremite Ore (13) 754 996 1263
Yulerium Stones (187) 337 809 1376
Zanderium Ore (1) 927 927 927
Zinc Stone (1523) 214 719 7501
Zoldenite Dust (23) 408 861 1105
Zolphic Oil (229) 5 607 1377
Zulax Stones (84) 526 939 1578
generated on: 2019-08-14 22:30
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When Mindark decides to finally put ESIs in the trade terminal so that folks can chip in and chip out without spending a fortune, yes, they will be worth something.

Simple answer is that as it is now, many are long timers that don't actually participate... they are only around because chipping out would cost them too much... if it was easy to chip out negativity in community might go away if all the old time non-players weren't around any more. (Honestly I think with some recent changes Mindark is subtly trying to remove these non-participating folks in a more silent way, but that's just my humble opinion and the opinion of a few folks over on entropiaplanets forum)

As for the loot answer that everyone always talks about - put better alternatives in loot instead of ESI to replace it. There ARE better ways of doing this. A few upgrade paths to a few items exist currently. Imagine if instead of ESI you could loot 'upgrade tokens' or whatever you want to call them that would allow you to upgrade ANY item in game with new better buffs, sometimes temporary, sometimes permanent, etc. If Mindark chose this path they'd simply need to just read the wishlist here on the forum since tons of ideas about upgrade paths are already out there that the community has put forth.

Lots of other alternative to ESI loot could be introduced... Deep Space Instance Tokens, Better & Buffier Items, Tokens to get access to two new npc vendors - one that holds all of the assets Mindark has repossessed from dead accounts or banned avatar accounts, and another that holds all assets for all unreleased apartments, LAs, etc. for each planet's estate broker, etc. (make it a reverse auction npc type of thing for these new token types, etc.), Maybe a new vendor for shares of a new and upcoming planet... endless possibilities.
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Apr 21, 2007
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Maria Mesh
:) :eyecrazy: :ahh: :dunce: :yay:
can confirm terramaster 2 and gyro combat fap 14 and level 2 light
i think ill see how many i can verify before i run out of peds
ze jo has 7 confirmed
format name:tt cost, return on success(or near success when mentioned)

*Adapted Force Mace Basher (L) Blueprint (L)
*Adapted Montgomery Anabolic (L) Blueprint (L)
*Advanced Animal Brush (L) Blueprint (L)
*Advanced Cooling System Unit Blueprint (L)
*Advanced Fluid Energy Source Blueprint (L)
*Advanced Heavy Springs Blueprint (L)
*Advanced Spur Gears 6k Blueprint (L)
*Animal Brush (L) Blueprint (L)
Aquila Arm Guards (L) Blueprint (L)
Aquila Gloves (L) Blueprint (L)
Aquila Harness (L) Blueprint (L)
Aquila Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint (L)
Arc Blueprint (L)
̶B̶o̶d̶y̶G̶u̶a̶r̶d̶ ̶F̶o̶o̶t̶ ̶G̶u̶a̶r̶d̶s̶ ̶B̶l̶u̶e̶p̶r̶i̶n̶t̶ ̶(̶L̶)̶
Breer M1a (L) Blueprint (L)
Breer M2a (L) Blueprint (L)
Breer M3a (L) Blueprint (L)
Breer M4a (L) Blueprint (L)
Breer P1a (L) Blueprint (L)
Breer P2a (L) Blueprint (L)
Breer P3a (L) Blueprint (L)
Breer P4a (L) Blueprint (L)
Breer P5a (L) Blueprint (L)
Bullseye 2 Blueprint (L)
Bullseye 3 Blueprint (L)
Bullseye 4 Blueprint (L)
Bull Tac10 (L) Blueprint (L)
Bull Tac20 (L) Blueprint (L)
Bull Tac40 (L) Blueprint (L)
Canis Arm Guards (L) Blueprint (L)
Canis Foot Guards (L) Blueprint (L)
Canis Gloves (L) Blueprint (L)
Canis Harness (L) Blueprint (L)
Canis Shin Guards (L) Blueprint (L)
Canis Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint (L)
Cold Fabric Blueprint (L)
Corvus Arm Guards (L) Blueprint (L)
Dominax Original Mamba (L) Blueprint (L)
Dominax Original Viper (L) Blueprint (L)
*Finder F-210 (L) Blueprint (L)
*Finder F-211 (L) Blueprint (L)
*Finder F-212 (L) Blueprint (L)
*Finder F-213 (L) Blueprint (L)
Force Mace Assail (L) Blueprint (L)
Force Mace Basher (L) Blueprint (L)
Force Mace Clobber (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek AL15 Taurus (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek AL17 Auriga (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek AL21 Canis (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek AL22 Lupus (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek AL24 Scorpius (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek AL26 Serpentis (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek AL29 Felis (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek H21 Scrof (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek H23 Crista (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek H25 Mikus (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek H27 Vilitus (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek H33 Uti (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek H28 Hokipus (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek H40 Brody (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek H45 Ortso (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek H46 Menes (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek H49 Poros (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek H1051 Kisf (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek LP120 Niloticus (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek LP470 Manis (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek LP175 Sphyra (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek LP485 Apis (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek LP510 Huo (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek LP540 Tau (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek LP525 Geke (L) Blueprint (L)
GeoTrek LR47 Ursus (L) Blueprint
GYRO Combat FAP-2 (L) Blueprint (L)
*GYRO Combat FAP-10(L) Blueprint (L):[5.9 ped],[6.8 near success]
*GYRO Combat FAP-14 (L) Blueprint (L)
GYRO Combat FAP-18 (L) Blueprint (L)
GYRO Combat FAP-26 (L) Blueprint (L)
GYRO Combat FAP-40 (L) Blueprint (L)
GYRO Combat FAP-35 (L) Blueprint (L)
GYRO Combat FAP-65 (L) Blueprint (L)
*-GYRO FAP-6 (L) Blueprint (L):[7.9 average],[missing near success]
GYRO FAP-10 (L) Blueprint (L)
GYRO FAP-14 (L) Blueprint (L)
GYRO FAP-18 (L) Blueprint (L)
GYRO FAP-22 (L) Blueprint (L)
GYRO FAP-26 (L) Blueprint (L)
GYRO FAP-30 (L) Blueprint (L)
GYRO FAP-35 (L) Blueprint (L)
GYRO FAP-40 (L) Blueprint (L)
GYRO FAP-50 (L) Blueprint (L)
Headshot 2 Blueprint (L)
Headshot 3 Blueprint (L)
Hell Key I(L) Blueprint (L)
Hell Key II(L) Blueprint (L)
Hell Key III(L) Blueprint (L)
Hell Key IV(L) Blueprint (L)
Hell Key IX(L) Blueprint (L)
Hell Key V(L) Blueprint (L)
Hell Key VI(L) Blueprint (L)
Hell Key VII(L) Blueprint (L)
Hell Key VIII(L) Blueprint (L)
Hell Key X(L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ARK-5 Desert (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ARK-6 Arctic (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ARK-21 Desert (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ARK-23 Jungle (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ARK-34 Desert (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ARK-38 Jungle (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ARK-46 (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ARK-50 Arctic (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ARK-54 Desert (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ARK-65 (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ARK-75 Arctic (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ASI-7 Arctic (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ASI-7 Desert (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ASI-11 (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ASI-7 Jungle (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ASI-21 Arctic (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ASI-24 (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ASI-21 Desert (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ASI-32 Desert (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ASI-33 Arctic (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ASI-33 Jungle (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ASI-37 (L) Blueprint (L)
Herman ASI-42 Desert (L) Blueprint (L)

More herman I didnt list

Hero's Sword Blueprint (L)
Hotfoot 15 (L) Blueprint (L)
Hotfoot 20 (L) Blueprint (L)
Hoverpod Mk1 (C,L) Blueprint (L)
Hydra Arm Guards (L) Blueprint (L)
Hydra Gloves (L) Blueprint (L)
Kesmek Bett (L) Blueprint (L)
Kesmek Bik (L) Blueprint (L)
Kesmek Slo (L) Blueprint (L)
Kesmek Vass (L) Blueprint (L)
Kitane Chair Blueprint (L)
Kriegerum G.1 Gauss Rifle (L) Blueprint (L)
Kriegerum G.2 Gauss Rifle (L) Blueprint (L)
Large Plug Blueprint (L)
Level 1 Finder Amplifer (L) Blueprint (L)
Level 2 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)
* Level 2 Finder Amplifier Light (L) Blueprint (L)was mistaken this is a multiplier double checked
Level 3 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)
Level 3 Finder Amplifier Light (L) Blueprint (L)
Level 4 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)
Level 5 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)
Level 6 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)
*Level 7 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)
Level 8 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)
Level 9 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)
Level 10 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)
Level 11 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)
Level 12 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)
Level 13 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)
Level I Finder Amplifier 'Achilles' (L) Blueprint (L)
Lockpick Kit Series Blueprint (L)
Lodod Tanktop Blueprint (L)
Longreach 1 Blueprint (L)
Longreach 2 Blueprint (L)
Loughlin Cutter One (L) Blueprint (L)
Loughlin Cutter Three (L) Blueprint (L)
Loughlin Cutter Two (L) Blueprint (L)
Loughlin Masher One (L) Blueprint (L)
Loughlin Masher Two (L) Blueprint (L)
Loughlin Scratcher One (L) Blueprint (L)
Loughlin Scratcher Two (L) Blueprint (L)
Loughlin Smacker One (L) Blueprint (L)
Loughlin Smacker Three (L) Blueprint (L)
Loughlin Smacker Two (L) Blueprint (L)
Maddox IV Blueprint (L)
MAKO FAL-2 (L) Blueprint (L)
MAKO FAL-4 (L) Blueprint (L)
MAKO FAL-3 (L) Blueprint (L)
MAKO FAL-5 (L) Blueprint (L)
MANTA K-2 (L) Blueprint (L)
MANTA K-3 (L) Blueprint (L)
MANTA K-4 (L) Blueprint (L)
MANTA K-5 (L) Blueprint (L)
Metallic Bone Replacement Blueprint (L)
Montgomery Diabolic (L) Blueprint (L)
Montgomery Anabolic (L) Blueprint (L)
Nano Dai-Katana (L) Blueprint (L)
Omegaton Bur Ning (L) Blueprint (L)
Nano Katana (L) Blueprint (L)
Omegaton Chillwind (L) Blueprint (L)
Omegaton Flashfire (L) Blueprint (L)
Omegaton Frostbite (L) Blueprint (L)
Omegaton Full Spectrum Sword (L) Blueprint (L)
Omegaton Jupiter (L) Blueprint (L)
Omegaton Lightning Dagger (L) Blueprint (L)
OreMiner OM-201 (L) Blueprint (L)
Prosecutor M15 (L) Blueprint (L)
Prosecutor M35 (L) Blueprint (L)
Prosecutor M45 (L) Blueprint (L)
Pulsar Armour Plate 1 (L) Blueprint (L)
Pulsar Armour Plate 2 (L) Blueprint (L)
Pulsar Armour Plate 4 (L) Blueprint (L)
Pulsar Armour Plate 7 (L) Blueprint (L)
Pulsar Armour Plate 8 (L) Blueprint (L)
Rage 10 (L) Blueprint (L)
Rage 45 (L) Blueprint (L)
Rutic Bett (L) Blueprint (L)
Rutic Blix (L) Blueprint (L)
Rutic Kil (L) Blueprint (L)
Rutic Slo (L) Blueprint (L)
Small Plugs Blueprint (L)
Small Red Display Panel Blueprint (L)
Spear Mk. III (L) Blueprint (L)
Svempa S40 (L) blueprint (L)
Svempa S60 (L) Blueprint (L)
Svempa X1 (L) Blueprint (L)
Svempa T15 (L) blueprint (L)
Svempa XT (L) Blueprint (L)
T-Angle Blueprint (L)
Terra Amp 2 (L) Blueprint (L)
Terra Amp 3 (L) Blueprint (L)
Terra Amp 4 (L) Blueprint (L)
Entire series of Terra Amp
Terra Amp I 'Athena' (L) Blueprint (L)
Terra Amp IV 'Athena' (L) Blueprint (L)
Terra Amp VI 'Athena' (L) Blueprint (L)
*TerraMaster 2 (L) Blueprint (L)
TerraMaster 3-8 (L) Blueprint (L)
Vivo Oxy1500 (L) Blueprint (L)
Vivo Neo (L) Blueprint (L)
Vivo Oxy2000 (L) Blueprint (L)
Vivo Oxy2500 (L) Blueprint (L)
Vivo T5 (L) blueprint (L)
Vivo T10 (L) Blueprint (L)
Vivo T15 (L) blueprint (L)
Vivo T20 (L) Blueprint (L)
Vivo UR175 (L) Blueprint (L)
Vivo UR200 (L) Blueprint (L)
Vivo Zychion Pro (L) Blueprint (L)
Willard Heatray A (L) Blueprint (L)
Willard Heatray B (L) Blueprint (L)
Ziplex TK120 Seeker (L) Blueprint (L)
Ziplex TK220 Seeker (L) Blueprint (L)
Ziplex TK320 Seeker (L) Blueprint (L)
Ziplex VRX2000 Seeker (L) Blueprint (L)
Ziplex VRX3000 Seeker (L) Blueprint (L)
Ziplex Z5 Seeker (L) Blueprint (L)
Ziplex Z10 Seeker (L) Blueprint (L)
Ziplex Z15 Seeker (L) Blueprint (L)
Ziplex Z20 Seeker (L) Blueprint (L)
Ziplex Z25 Seeker (L) Blueprint (L)


Apr 21, 2007
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Maria Mesh
Hazmat suit:
Many people have been seeking information on how to get the PTech Hazmat suit on the Arkadia Moon, so, here it is!

New mission system rewards
Reserved for collating stuff...

Skill selections
These seems to be the "standard" ones - please report if you find any variations

A1. Aim, Anatomy, Athletics, BLP Weaponry Technology, Combat Reflexes, Dexterity, Handgun, Heavy Melee Weapons, Laser Weaponry Technology, Light Melee Weapons, Longblades, Power Fist, Rifle, Shortblades, Weapons Handling

A2. Aim, Anatomy, Athletics, BLP Weaponry Technology, Combat Reflexes, Dexterity, Handgun, Heavy Melee Weapons, Laser Weaponry Technology, Light Melee Weapons, Longblades, Power Fist, Rifle, Shortblades, Weapons Handling

A3. Clubs, Courage, Cryogenics, Diagnosis, Electrokinesis, Inflict Melee Damage, Inflict Ranged Damage, Melee Combat, Perception, Plasma Weaponry Technology

A4. Clubs, Courage, Cryogenics, Diagnosis, Electrokinesis, Inflict Melee Damage, Inflict Ranged Damage, Melee Combat, Perception, Plasma Weaponry Technology

A5. Alertness, Bioregenesis, Bravado, Concentration, Dodge, Evade, First Aid, Telepathy, Translocation, Vehicle Repairing

A6. Aim, Anatomy, Athletics, BLP Weaponry Technology, Combat Reflexes, Dexterity, Handgun, Heavy Melee Weapons, Laser Weaponry Technology, Light Melee Weapons, Longblades, Power Fist, Rifle, Shortblades, Weapons Handling

A7. Aim, Anatomy, Athletics, BLP Weaponry Technology, Combat Reflexes, Dexterity, Handgun, Heavy Melee Weapons, Laser Weaponry Technology, Light Melee Weapons, Longblades, Power Fist, Rifle, Shortblades, Weapons Handling

A8. Clubs, Courage, Cryogenics, Diagnosis, Electrokinesis, Inflict Melee Damage, Inflict Ranged Damage, Melee Combat, Perception, Plasma Weaponry Technology

A9. Clubs, Courage, Cryogenics, Diagnosis, Electrokinesis, Inflict Melee Damage, Inflict Ranged Damage, Melee Combat, Perception, Plasma Weaponry Technology

Known variations

B5: Analysis, Animal Lore, Biology, Botany, Computer, Explosive Weaponry Technology, Heavy Weapons, Support Weapon Systems, Zoology
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Next Island, Ancient Greece

Next little tp trip...

Ajoite Ridge [Next Island, 125046, 88557, 270, Waypoint]
Ancient Ruins [Next Island, 138557, 82988, 163, Waypoint]
Daudomaur Bog [Next Island, 130476, 93473, 123, Waypoint]
Biological Research Area [Next Island, 137462, 83967, 143, Waypoint]
Bonerattle Cove [Next Island, 126305, 94709, 220, Waypoint]
Borass Rock [Next Island, 133785, 92033, 200, Waypoint]
Bustamite Forest [Next Island, 132932, 97126, 160, Waypoint]
Crimson Fields [Next Island, 137512, 93367, 265, Waypoint]
Crystal Bay [Next Island, 137093, 83307, 103, Waypoint]
Crystal Cove [Next Island, 137042, 84286, 113, Waypoint]
Crystal Peak Teleport [Next Island, 136788, 83397, 180, Waypoint]
Death Vally [Next Island, 132411, 93861, 243, Waypoint]
Dragon's Breach [Next Island, 124999, 91195, 194, Waypoint]
Drusy Blue Ridge [Next Island, 133937, 88464, 437, Waypoint]
Emily's Lookout [Next Island, 124342, 92686, 361, Waypoint]
Enchanted Excavation Lodge [Next Island, 129332, 94046, 115, Waypoint]
Enchanted Village [Next Island, 125372, 93124, 172, Waypoint]
Enchanted Waterfall Ridge [Next Island, 126916, 93295, 361, Waypoint]
Fenster Landing [Next Island, 136900, 89577, 280, Waypoint]
First Wave Settlement [Next Island, 136378, 84366, 236, Waypoint]
Flash Point [Next Island, 131922, 90787, 142, Waypoint]
Forsaken Outpost [Next Island, 131593, 87999, 132, Waypoint]
Hillside Hideout [Next Island, 132244, 93095, 167, Waypoint]
Hunters Waterfall Outpost [Next Island, 134435, 87441, 349, Waypoint]
Kamba Outpost [Next Island, 126268, 89430, 155, Waypoint]
Kyanite Lake [Next Island, 125789, 86393, 111, Waypoint]
Kyanite Lookout [Next Island, 126008, 86935, 258, Waypoint]
Marshland Observation [Next Island, 130004, 91842, 212, Waypoint]
Misty Outpost [Next Island, 128378, 92653, 177, Waypoint]
Morion Outpost [Next Island, 128980, 84245, 121, Waypoint]
Mushroom Marsh [Next Island, 126485, 90979, 124, Waypoint]
Neophyte Village [Next Island, 138044, 83951, 149, Waypoint]
Oasis Outlook [Next Island, 127599, 83060, 179, Waypoint]
Draken Stand [Next Island, 136227, 91131, 222, Waypoint]
Orpheus' Cave [Next Island, 136178, 87223, 179, Waypoint]
Orpheus' Way [Next Island, 136532, 86598, 148, Waypoint]
Papoo Village [Next Island, 137701, 83211, 106, Waypoint]
Paradise Landing [Next Island, 135863, 83724, 315, Waypoint]
Pearl Cove [Next Island, 137712, 85159, 117, Waypoint]
Resa Docks [Next Island, 133758, 88622, 101, Waypoint]
Riverside View [Next Island, 133333, 85083, 117, Waypoint]
Salvation Outpost [Next Island, 128880, 89261, 227, Waypoint]
Screeching Hollow [Next Island, 134804, 85704, 102, Waypoint]
Serpentine Village [Next Island, 128000, 86646, 116, Waypoint]
Shadow Hill [Next Island, 126885, 85027, 294, Waypoint]
Sharptooth Cliff [Next Island, 124850, 84011, 149, Waypoint]
Shatterrock [Next Island, 124840, 96677, 201, Waypoint]
Shepherd's Beach [Next Island, 133746, 83236, 111, Waypoint]
Sherman Outpost [Next Island, 127648, 88419, 144, Waypoint]
Shoreline Flats [Next Island, 123882, 90683, 103, Waypoint]
Sypherton Gardens [Next Island, 133517, 93874, 763, Waypoint]
Tanzanite View [Next Island, 135383, 88562, 449, Waypoint]
Vulcans Pass [Next Island, 132926, 91602, 285, Waypoint]
Warrior Peak [Next Island, 132350, 95632, 605, Waypoint]
Xrager Island [Next Island, 135225, 94993, 159, Waypoint]


Dodona - [Ancient Greece, 33628, 22705, 184, Waypoint]
Ephesus - [Ancient Greece, 39797, 20273, 218, Waypoint]
Macedonia - [Ancient Greece, 35300, 23043, 344, Waypoint]
Mount Diete - [Ancient Greece, 38017, 17214, 115, Waypoint]
Mount Olympus Basecamp - [Ancient Greece, 35012, 21945, 138, Waypoint]
Mount Olympus Peak - [Ancient Greece, 34728, 22675, 602, Waypoint]
Olympia - [Ancient Greece, 35031, 20197, 108, Waypoint]
Orpheus' Cave - [Ancient Greece, 36020, 19839, 117, Waypoint]
Sparta - [Ancient Greece, 35647, 19340, 140, Waypoint]
Syracuse - [Ancient Greece, 33494, 19084, 116, Waypoint]
Thebes - [Ancient Greece, 36219, 20671, 181, Waypoint]
Thebes Amphitheater - [Ancient Greece, 36515, 20757, 115, Waypoint]
Thebes Market - [Ancient Greece, 36275, 20279, 112, Waypoint]
Thrace - [Ancient Greece, 38367, 23306, 169, Waypoint]
Troy - [Ancient Greece, 39616, 22381, 230, Waypoint]
Teleporter(Revive Point) [Ancient Greece, 35131, 19558, 105, Waypoint]
Teleporter (Revive point)[Ancient Greece, 33983, 22065, 200, Waypoint]
Teleporter(Revive Point)[Ancient Greece, 38668, 22495, 113, Waypoint]

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Welcome to the Matrix, er Codex...

Your site looks nice, but there's already a calculator that shows all possible rewards for all mobs.

Someone did improve this calculator as well, but I haven't checked it out yet.
last week I was trying out google sites and I end up doing a list of codex mobs and their rewards <--------- I hope you like it guys

its not finished yet but already added 119 mobs:wtg:, but I can't find the others.:(
added some rewards to turp and kerberos at the moment, but I need all the others xDDDD
soooooo, I need hunters that can save me the screenshots from the rewards and send it to so i can upload them

the site is very simple and easy to use ,hit the list hit the mob and check the rewards
I think it will be a good source of information once the sticker album its all complete.:yay:

what do you think?, please let me know


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space, the final, ah, last damn place you want to be...

There is a list of the ships here, some with links to their

Most of them are also in #space_travel in game channel.

Also lists the UL quads you asked about in your other thread.

Space pvp zones changed and more mob locations were added, details


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Maria Mesh
Issue notice regarding Shaders/Icons and Graphical issues
We are aware that some players are facing graphic issues due to their cached data, so if you are encountering a lot of issues with your graphics and shaders/icons we advice that you clear your shader/icon cache before reporting the issue.

You can do this by going into your Planet data folder and removing the cache folder under shaders and the icon folder under cache.

The default path for these folders are:
C:\ProgramData\entropia universe\public_users_data\shaders
C:\ProgramData\entropia universe\public_users_data\cache

You can find your folder path in your client loader under the tool sections "Folders" tab.

If this does not resolve your issue please file a support case and make sure you add a screenshot as it makes it a lot easier for us to gather information regarding these problems.

Please file these under Technical, Video and graphics.

Thank you for your patience


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Monria Quarterly.

Also added this link to the growing list of mags on the blog... (see lootius link in sig)

VU 16.5.0 Next Island Development Notes:

-Revamped new player zone down the mountain from Paradise Landing
-New small beginner quests at new player zone
-Tamable L.A.R.A. and C.A.R.A pets buffs adjusted
-Reworked textures and particle effects per new platform graphical update
-New look for drakes
-General graphical terrain fixes and updates
-Next Island Christmas gift available
-New Next Island Plushie available to be looted

Known issues

-Textural issues throughout the environment, from overly bright to lacking metallic. These are inherent in the update, and are being worked on continuously.
-Daily quest for L.A.R.A experiencing issues and being redeveloped

Major advancement in this mayhem that hasn't been posted about in the announcement.

This is a huge feature, I love it!

You can check annihilation scores and see peoples completed scores and see your rank before the event is over! You know if you need to redo it or not. It's awesome.!&p=3674136&viewfull=1#post3674136

So why does this stupid bug still exist???......

I had ~ 15.8k points before i've looted a 5k Glorious at 7:24 am and after i've looted it, i've got a ERROR Message right in the middle of my screen ( to bad i didnt made a screenshot ).
It didnt count at all torwards my scores.

Last year the same Bug did exist and i've lost a couple of points in the Event.

All what MA said in the last year support was: "sorry we couldnt found anything strange and everything works fine"
" we have no reports of such occurrences" ( but lots of peoples expirienced same Bug last year):wise::wise::wise:

I have the Points in my Inventory, i have counted them, i have got a rare loot Global and i have the proof for it on Entropia Tracker... But i dont have the Points counting in my Mission (again!!!)
and 5k Points missing hurts like hell

I guess my new support case will be senseless and i will get same stupid answer as last year!!!

At least you guys do know now the bug still exist and you should be carefull if u seriously participate in this Event for winning something!!!


Grave Digger!&p=3489280&viewfull=1#post3489280


Back in 2009, Marco Behrmann asked in this forum to make a list of known bugs and things that frustrated us, the players. We all posted and posted until Marco had around 350 posts of unsorted bugs.

I tried sorting them out in terms of popularity, to see what the biggest frustrations were.

Back in 2009 I made this list of bugs and frustrations after Marco asked us to tell them to him:

A lot of those wishes and frustrations were handled, at least most of the top 20 of the list are now simply ingame.
You can look at what Mindark has not done, you could also look at what has been accomplished. It's just a matter of perspective and a matter of how to bring the game forward. this is the top 50 of those frustrations. I put fix/still here/ half fix/ dunno after the first 50

Frustration Count
Auto arrange auction list/find/search/alerts 36 FIX
Bigger Friendslist 30 FIX
Item not currently available,busy 29 STILL HERE
Autoclick, batch processing, autoshoot on clicked mouse, autoextracting 19 FIX
Cost of playing, low return in entertainment 19 FIX
Lag, extra misses, decay, know if there is lag, miss!! 19 FIX
No offline message/mail system 18 FIX
Improvements on map, resizable/zoom, higher res 15 HALF FIX
When chatting in all/soc chat, trade/chat request causes main to lose focus and lots of windows opening|( on keystrokes) 14 HALF FIX
Events: more prices, list of placement, reminders,expansion, non-hunting events 14 HALF FIX
Remove unl plates from L armour, unequip all armour 13 FIX
Better mob Ai (mobs running off), berycleds hunt in packs, armax go in protective circles 13 STILL HERE
Shops inventories on auction screen, ingame shop directory, shop search 9 STILL HERE
Switch fap/pistol loose ammo or fap 9 FIX
Give players reason to skill, no more noob ath, more meaning to skills 9 FIX and UNFIX (Lol)
More functions to pets, taming, pets in city, appartment, pets as itemcarrier, rideable,flyable 8 STILL NOT HERE
Useless, dull, static buildings, Hadesheim 8 FIXED (no more hadesheim, easy fix)
Color coding in friendslist, sortable, selectable for custom messaging,soc friends 8 FIX
Type in exact coords for teleporting 8 DUNNO
Contracts/system for lending/borrowing/renting/crafting 8 STILL NOT HERE
Vehicles,Boats, Planes, etc 7 FIX
Fly up to cnd/cp and will still get white screen and pilots chatting 7 FIX with space
Mindforce expanded/updated 7 FIX
Sharing of estates/hangars, for couples,co-owners and societies 7 STILL NOT HERE
No auto-tidy feature for storage, Automerge stackables, auto placement 7 HALF FIX
Lack of nightlife, bars, functioning jukebox with more songs, atlas radio, beer 6 STILL NOT HERE (unless you count club neverdie)
Access inventory while in team , priority given to things under inventory screen 6 DUNNO
While looting , camera zooms out 6 FIX (but not with globals)
Team: share location info, easy locating, GPS 6 FIX
No disable/ignore incoming pm's/system messages 6 FIX
More content in NPC's, add storylines,quests, missions like raid the thorifoid temple 6 FIX/HALF FIX
No more: this creature has no loot 5 FIX
Birthdate and last login on avatar info/history 5 FIX
Use pecs in auction 5 STILL NOT HERE (a reason to have a shop)
More activities that can be done for free 5 FIX
Different damage types and effects on mobs. shrapnel,cold, mobs are immune to some dmg 5 STILL NOT HERE
Inability to color/texture each field seperately 5 DUNNO
Incomplete parts of the world, finish amethera, sell the land 5 HALF FIX
Events more visible, bigger announcements in time, deeper stories/development, more events for noobs, destructed cities 5 NOT REALLY
Unfixed bugs in general 4 DUNNO
Text disappears when switching all/soc chat 4 FIX
Society structure needs more features 4 STILL NOT HERE
After al tab, loss of focus, closing windows 4
When exiting eu, having to kill the process (vista/win7) 4
Appartment balcony item placement,patio 4 HALF FIX
Storage/soc terminal on cp 4 DUNNO
Manufacturing button freezes all other actions, chat 4 FIX
Ingame calculator 4 STILL NOT HERE
Ingame webbrowser 4 STILL NOT HERE
Public transit for cp/cnd , or automation to hangars 4 BROKEN
Actual visual of the ship when it;s moving, both inside and outside 4 FIX
Better disciple system, skills for mentors, goody pack after graduating 4 FIX/UNFIX/FIX/UNFIX

Maybe we should make a new list and only pick the ones that are still unfixed and add what our frustrations are today?
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In order to minimize the impact of the decision to suspend development of ComPet, MindArk is offering ComPet Deed holders the ability to exchange ComPet Deeds for Arkadia Moon Deeds at a ratio of five ComPet Deeds for two Arkadia Moon Deed. The upcoming release will place two different NPC:s on Planet Calypso which will handle the transfer, one in Port Atlantis Mall Teleporter and one in Twin Peaks. The NPC:s will be available until December.

Update; The transfer NPC has been relocated to Celeste Harbour on Planet Arkadia, location [29820, 10165].
The 'update' wasn't put in initially... not exactly sure when they put it in to be honest, but it wasn't originally there... and may have cost some folks some since they may have been on wrong planet to do the turn in, etc., Still see some compet deeds on auction from time to time... so uh.. well..
Merry Mayhem 2019

It’s time once again for Planet Calypso’s annual winter hunting extravaganza - Merry Mayhem!

Running over the Christmas and New Year holiday period, Merry Mayhem is one of the most exciting and popular events in Entropia Universe. Entrants may participate in two different Mayhem divisions: Mayhem Annihilation and Free-for-All (FFA) Mayhem.

Creatures in the Mayhem divisions have the potential to loot Christmas Strongboxes and Mayhem Tokens.

There is also an extra hunting mission for Merry Snargs on Planet Calypso for newcomers.

So grab your gear and join in the Mayhem!

Event Dates

Dec. 9, 14:00 UTC - Practice instances open
Dec. 11, 14:00 UTC - Merry Mayhem 2019 begins.

Jan. 14, 14:00 UTC - Merry Mayhem 2019 ends.
Jan. 22, 14:00 UTC - Cutoff for submission of FFA Mayhem Stars for the Free-for-All Mayhem category.

Feb. 5 - Event results announced. Prizes awarded in the following days.

Event Entrances
Mayhem Annihilation instances are accessed via the Global Events List from any planet in Entropia Universe. Browse the event list for the entrance appropriate for your avatar’s profession level.

FFA Mayhem instances are accessed via the Santa's Little Helper NPCs in Fort Ithaca, Fort Zeus and Nymphtown on Planet Calypso. The Santa’s Little Helper NPC:s provide access to five different FFA Mayhem instances containing creatures of various levels.

Cat 1Cat 2Cat 3Cat 4Cat 5Cat 6Cat 7Cat 8Cat 9Cat 10
Prof. level<25<35<45<55<65<75<85<95<105105+
HP Cap120130160175190220260300340UNL
Max Base DPS34486074829098104110UNL

Event Prizes
Prizes in Merry Mayhem are awarded in the form of Mayhem Tokens, which can also be looted from event creatures in this and other Mayhem-style events. Mayhem Tokens can be exchanged for exclusive items via the Mayhem Token Trader, located in Cape Corinth, Port Atlantis and Twin Peaks on Planet Calypso.

Mayhem Tokens can be accumulated over the course of several events to purchase more expensive items, allowing participants to make incremental progress toward their desired rewards.

Mayhem Tokens are non-tradeable, but the items available for purchase in the Mayhem Token Vendor are tradable. Note that certain Mayhem Token Vendor items may also require special Placement Mayhem Tokens, awarded as event prizes, in order to be purchased.

Practice Annihilation
There is also a Practice Annihilation mode, which is not part of the competition. This mode allows teams of up to 4 players to enter and has no skill requirement restrictions. Players can also enter without a team.

Practice Annihilation mode will allow hunters to try out different categories and hunt for Mayhem Tokens and Christmas Strongboxes at their leisure. The creatures in Practice Annihilation are Shared Loot. Practice Annihilation opens December 9, 14:00 UTC

Mayhem Annihilation Gameplay
  • Interact with the Julklapp inside the Annihilation event instance to begin spawning creatures and start the mission timer; the timer pauses automatically when leaving the instance.
  • Eliminate Merry Mayhem Creatures to accumulate as many points as possible in 15 hours.
  • A random number of points (0, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, or 5000) is automatically awarded after defeating one of the event instance creatures.
  • Once your 15-hour run is complete, your score is finalized and recorded on the event leaderboard. You can then start a new run to try to improve upon your previously-recorded rank. The score from a subsequent run is only recorded if it would result in a higher leaderboard rank.
  • You can only have a recorded score in a single category at a time. Recording a new score with a higher leaderboard rank (regardless of category) will replace any previously-recorded score.
  • The top ten highest scorers (most accumulated points) in each category win prizes.

Mayhem Annihilation Prizes

Category 1
1st Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 2000 Mayhem Tokens
2nd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 1000 Mayhem Tokens
3rd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 500 Mayhem Tokens
4th Place - 1000 Mayhem Tokens
5th Place - 750 Mayhem Tokens
6th Place - 500 Mayhem Tokens
7th Place - 400 Mayhem Tokens
8th Place - 300 Mayhem Tokens
9th Place - 200 Mayhem Tokens
10th Place - 100 Mayhem Tokens

Category 2
1st Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 4000 Mayhem Tokens
2nd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 2000 Mayhem Tokens
3rd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 1000 Mayhem Tokens
4th Place - 2000 Mayhem Tokens
5th Place - 1500 Mayhem Tokens
6th Place - 1000 Mayhem Tokens
7th Place - 800 Mayhem Tokens
8th Place - 600 Mayhem Tokens
9th Place - 400 Mayhem Tokens
10th Place - 200 Mayhem Tokens

Category 3
1st Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 6000 Mayhem Tokens
2nd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 3000 Mayhem Tokens
3rd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 1500 Mayhem Tokens
4th Place - 3000 Mayhem Tokens
5th Place - 2250 Mayhem Tokens
6th Place - 1500 Mayhem Tokens
7th Place - 1200 Mayhem Tokens
8th Place - 900 Mayhem Tokens
9th Place - 600 Mayhem Tokens
10th Place - 300 Mayhem Tokens

Category 4
1st Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 8000 Mayhem Tokens
2nd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 4000 Mayhem Tokens
3rd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 2000 Mayhem Tokens
4th Place - 4000 Mayhem Tokens
5th Place - 3000 Mayhem Tokens
6th Place - 2000 Mayhem Tokens
7th Place - 1600 Mayhem Tokens
8th Place - 1200 Mayhem Tokens
9th Place - 800 Mayhem Tokens
10th Place - 400 Mayhem Tokens

Category 5
1st Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 10000 Mayhem Tokens
2nd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 5000 Mayhem Tokens
3rd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 2500 Mayhem Tokens
4th Place - 5000 Mayhem Tokens
5th Place - 3750 Mayhem Tokens
6th Place - 2500 Mayhem Tokens
7th Place - 2000 Mayhem Tokens
8th Place - 1500 Mayhem Tokens
9th Place - 1000 Mayhem Tokens
10th Place - 500 Mayhem Tokens

Category 6
1st Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 14000 Mayhem Tokens
2nd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 7000 Mayhem Tokens
3rd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 3500 Mayhem Tokens
4th Place - 6000 Mayhem Tokens
5th Place - 4500 Mayhem Tokens
6th Place - 3000 Mayhem Tokens
7th Place - 2400 Mayhem Tokens
8th Place - 1800 Mayhem Tokens
9th Place - 1200 Mayhem Tokens
10th Place - 600 Mayhem Tokens

​Category 7
1st Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 18000 Mayhem Tokens
2nd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 9000 Mayhem Tokens
3rd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 4500 Mayhem Tokens
4th Place - 7000 Mayhem Tokens
5th Place - 5250 Mayhem Tokens
6th Place - 3500 Mayhem Tokens
7th Place - 2800 Mayhem Tokens
8th Place - 2100 Mayhem Tokens
9th Place - 1400 Mayhem Tokens
10th Place - 700 Mayhem Tokens

Category 8
1st Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 22000 Mayhem Tokens
2nd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 11000 Mayhem Tokens
3rd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 5500 Mayhem Tokens
4th Place - 8000 Mayhem Tokens
5th Place - 6000 Mayhem Tokens
6th Place - 4000 Mayhem Tokens
7th Place - 3200 Mayhem Tokens
8th Place - 2400 Mayhem Tokens
9th Place - 1600 Mayhem Tokens
10th Place - 800 Mayhem Tokens

​Category 9
1st Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 26000 Mayhem Tokens
2nd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 13000 Mayhem Tokens
3rd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 6500 Mayhem Tokens
4th Place - 9000 Mayhem Tokens
5th Place - 6750 Mayhem Tokens
6th Place - 4500 Mayhem Tokens
7th Place - 3600 Mayhem Tokens
8th Place - 2700 Mayhem Tokens
9th Place - 1800 Mayhem Tokens
10th Place - 900 Mayhem Tokens

Category 10
1st Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 30000 Mayhem Tokens
2nd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 15000 Mayhem Tokens
3rd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 7500 Mayhem Tokens
4th Place - 10000 Mayhem Tokens
5th Place - 7500 Mayhem Tokens
6th Place - 5000 Mayhem Tokens
7th Place - 4000 Mayhem Tokens
8th Place - 3000 Mayhem Tokens
9th Place - 2000 Mayhem Tokens
10th Place - 1000 Mayhem Tokens

FFA Mayhem Gameplay
The Free-for-All Mayhem division allows hunters (either solo or in teams) to compete for prizes in an unrestricted, no-holds-barred single-category format.

FFA Mayhem instances are accessed via the Santa's Little Helper NPCs in Fort Ithaca, Fort Zeus and Nymphtown on Planet Calypso.

Loot in the FFA Mayhem instances may contain FFA Mayhem Stars of different values. Your FFA Mayhem score is based on the combined value of the FFA Mayhem Stars you hand in to the Santa’s Little Helper NPC’s.

The FFA Mayhem Star tokens are tradable, allowing participants to sell their FFA Mayhem Star tokens to the highest bidder instead of handing them in to the NPC’s.

FFA participants that want to take part in the FFA competition need to hand in their FFA stars to a Santa’s Little Helper NPC before January 22, 14:00 UTC. This will activate the FFA mission and add a Mission in your Mission Log UI.

There are no time requirements or skill/item restrictions in the FFA Mayhem division.

FFA Mayhem Prizes
1st Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 100000 Mayhem Tokens
2nd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 50000 Mayhem Tokens
3rd Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 25000 Mayhem Tokens
4th Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 10000 Mayhem Tokens
5th Place - 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 5000 Mayhem Tokens
6th Place - 10000 Mayhem Tokens
7th Place - 8000 Mayhem Tokens
8th Place - 6000 Mayhem Tokens
9th Place - 4000 Mayhem Tokens
10th Place - 2000 Mayhem Tokens

Rules & Notes
This event is intended for solo hunters. Any attempt at abusing team mechanics or any other Entropia Universe systems or features in order to gain an unfair advantage over other participants will be grounds for disqualification from the event, forfeiture of any prizes, and possible sanctions imposed on one’s Entropia Universe account.

It is possible for participants to abandon the Annihilation mission and restart the event. In order to prevent excessive use of this feature and to protect the fairness of the event, any participant who abandons the Annihilation mission more than 3 times will be considered disqualified from the event and ineligible for prizes.

Bypassing or attempting to bypass any of the event instance entry or item restrictions will be grounds for disqualification from the event, forfeiture of any prizes, and possible sanctions imposed on one’s Entropia Universe account.

Anyone found using multiple accounts to gain an unfair advantage or to win prizes in multiple categories or divisions will forfeit all prizes and risk additional sanctions on their Entropia Universe account(s), including potential account termination.

FFA participants that want to take part in the FFA competition should hand in their FFA stars to a Santa’s Little Helper NPC. This will activate the FFA mission and add a Mission in your Mission Log UI. Once added do not abandon the FFA Merry Mayhem mission. If you abandon the mission for any reason, intentionally or accidentally, all points earned up to that point will be lost forever and will not be included in your final event score. Support cannot and will not restore points for abandoned missions, regardless of the situation.

Happy Holidays and Merry Mayhem!

Special Mission: Jul Snarg Hunt
Merry Snargs are on the rampage, and it’s up to you to keep them under control!

The Jul Snarg Hunt takes place alongside Merry Mayhem, starting December 11, 14:00 UTC and ending January 14, 14:00 UTC.

Activate the “Jul Snarg Hunt” mission by talking to the NPC Santa’s Little Helper by Port Atlantis East Gate [61614, 75294].

Merry Snargs can be found at these approximate locations:
Cape Corinth: [62243, 88026]
Chug's Hideout: [68483, 75102]
Fort Zeus: [87016, 94588]
Port Atlantis: [60657, 75774], [60525, 75267] and [60969, 75441]

Completing the mission will award an Isis LLC 2 Merry Edition (L) Laser Rifle with Increased Laser Skill Gain.

Hunting Merry Snargs will also count towards or unlock the Snarg challenge in the Codex with valuable skill rewards.

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That was 2005.. This.. is 2019.. where have you been hiding these last 14 years? under a rock?

Let's be honest here.. is is possible for a person to create 1 account yes.. you can create your own avatar... Now if this is a family and they can prove that they are willing to do it (and can provide said proof with ID's and i mean Picture ID's with al the data included to verify this.. with unique seperate email addresses and even if possible using separate IP addresses then I would say yes too. But then once you get tho this point, things get to get a little blurred and in fact this is where people start to "Cross the line" so to speak.

Some folks DO and have Multiple accounts in game. it's a known fact.. I know of some gamers in EU who have created 2, 3 and sometimes as many as 6 accounts .. but they all belong to the same IP Address, and in fact even though the names on the avatars are differnt they still all reside at the same address and in fact they are in fact the same person..

(Heck I know of one scammer back in 2012 who made 14 accounts (yes you heard me 14 accounts!) in order to either rob or steal user ID's and Passwords. and this is where things like 2 Factor Identificaiton has to be put in to place.. After all you are dealing with real cash here, and in fact that's the point here.. It's a real cash economy game that is skill based and even your skills are wroth money..

But the point is, should you make a multiple account just for yourself? No.. Becaause of all the ramifications previous posters have pointed out.. Now if this is a family that games together and all of them are over the age of 13, (and have parents permission if they are between the ages of 13 and 18) So anyone under 13 really isn't allowed in this game.. if you and all your family members are over the age of 18, then just provide proof to mind ark (in the form of a letter and or support cases in order to prove that all of these people are going to abide by the rules of the EULA (End User License agreement and the ToS (Terms of Service. and read the rules when you start up the game when you do, and if you click, "I Accept" then you are locked into those rules set down by Mindark (or as we call them, MA) .

The thing is when you do accept those terms then you are legally responsible fo ryour own avatar ond No one else.. the logic behind the One Avatar Per person rule is simnple.. and it' involves reputation.. and inn fct it's your reputation as a player to play fair and legit in order to make a name in this game..

and also ask yourself this..

1. Are you in it for the skills or the money? The skills would be a lmore appropriate choice tan the money as this is a skill based game. the money really doesn't matter as if you decide to play this game it's along the lines of a "Play to Advance" (and not Play to win as there is no end game) But if you are just looking for a quick buck? My advice is.. don't even bother, you'll be sorely disappointed and end up quitting when you can't even make a red cent..

2. Are you in it for the long term or the short term? This is perhaps the most important question and it does relate to tquestion 1.. if you are looking for just quick money and want it NOW then sad to say you are not going to be happy with the answer I'm going to say.. cause if you think you are going to become a millionair or a rich person over night, then you'll be the one who will be disappointed.. me? I tend to hang around long term and I've been around the block for over a decasde.. that says about how long I have been in this game.. though I will take breaks from time to time but I do keep my account active..

3. Are you social or anti-social? Next to 1 and 2, this question is Very improtant.. are you a scoial creature or a non social or anti-social one.. This game is about making connections and about making friends, and being able to tslk to them.. if You are anti-social , then please just stay out.. epeople who are antiosocial won't be able to help others and thus will defeat your own purposes?

4. Are you patient or Impatient.? This goes back to questions 1 and 2 and in fact the logic here is exactly the same.. if you are impatient nothing will get done, if you are patient,a nd are social (See above) you can make friendships and thus keep your ped card happy..

5. Are you "Economically Street Smart." Remember this is a Game sconomy that is not run by MA but by people in genre al.. Players that are often too greedy don't realize tha tthey are actually not helping either the other players or themselves and in fact those are the players who end up not selling their stuff on the market place.. People who crash markets are even worse as they then later on lose sales rather than make them because they priced a market too cheap.. Be realistic (and this goes out to all those traders out there..) if you are making it up too high, odds are you will not get a sale..


6, Are you a lone wolf? or are you a team player?
Now it's not bad to go lone wolf sometimes.. sometimes you don't nee d folks bugging you.. but someitmes you too have to be a team player and work with others (this goes back again to rule 3) being a team player and helping out your friends or yoru guild/society mates are a plus.. and if everyone is playing fair then you will be fully rewarded with the one thing this world lacks today, and that is of course fun..

The bottom line.. take what everyone has said to heart. Listen to and read everything ask questions (As my late mother said, there are no stupid questions, on the ones not asked are the stupid ones!)
and do research. If you need help, seek a mentor in game and do so carefully. doing research and help you decide on what you want to do first ..
and now with the new game play with the codex missions, it makes it a bit more fun to do.. provided you can always work within your means.. Put out a budget if you decide to deposit.. get creative if you want to build a business.. Play fair.. and above all have fun.. be sociable, and above all, enjoy life take time off from time to time. Don't play if you are sick drunk or tired.. those will cost you if you make too many bad mistakes..

That's basically it in a nut shell.. and hopefully if you have read all this then maybe just maybe you can enjoy this game.. I fyou fail to read all of this, well then expect not so happy results..

Anyway welcome to the forums.. we hope to see you again...

(Sgt) Benjoamin "Ben" Coyote, IFN Marines
A.k.a. "The Blind Sniper" (And) "His_Dog_Spot
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Lighter maze hammers are coming soon!

If you cannot get it sorted, or heck even if you can, just reduce the weight of them to about half. They weigh in at 10 lbs each, making the weight as much as a Zyn'kimbro Fishing Spear, and only 4 lbs less than the heaviest club in game, the Large Thoriofoid Battle Spike Club. I actually kinda like packing around however many I have since it costs about 50 ped to repair them all, but I have to unload a lot of other stuff in inventory so I don't go heavy if I carry em. Reduce the weight to at least 5 lbs or less and it might be worth keeping em around. ;)

Other that just visual appearance in size they shouldn't weigh in more than a lot of other clubs that actually carry more damage per hit, etc. If you sort by weight on entropiawiki some really heavy hitting clubs weigh in only at 1 - 2 kg each. N00b Club (L) on Rocktropia weighs in only at 0.1 Kg... and it's shaped like a baseball bat... if other planet partners can get away with that, surely you guys can too.

Hey mastermesh,

I think that's fair, I did ask MA to make sure that this mission is active, but a weight reduction will come with the mini patch.

The lowering of the weight did help a LOT with issues of avatar slowing down as stacks build up, etc. Also the buyback npc now works! :)
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Xmas Calypso 2019

Pretty descent stuff this year. Think they upped it above normal number of items due to forgetting to put in the Halloween stuff this year. Annoying to get boxes when you cannot open them without buying a key on webshop and webshop only sells them in bundles of 5, but it is what it is. :)
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Getting Mooned....

If you have yet to see this fun item then your are missing out. Here is all the pertinent information on how to obtain your very own Arkadia Moon Globe.

Also, I apologize for any audio anomalies in the video - I'm working to fix this in the future.

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For those interested in taming, I have now updated entropiapets with some information about these two tamable robots, including a blog post 'I have tamed a C.A.R.A. robot on Next Island'. I have also added information about their buffs and features.

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