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Apr 21, 2007
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[h=3]Yog Pet Buff Issue[/h]In this announcement we’d like to provide a further update on the pet buff issue that was addressed last week.

Understandably, there has been intense community interest in this issue since the bug was corrected last week, in the form of forum discussions and support cases. We have had time to dig deeper into how the buff issue happened, why it was not caught by our normal testing procedures, and how it was able to persist for so long without being corrected.

The initial bug that allowed all tools and weapons to benefit from the reduced delay buff (rather than just excavators, as intended) arose in September 2018, approximately 6 months after the Yog pet was introduced. Subsequently over the next few months, several support cases were submitted describing the issue with varying degrees of detail.

Unfortunately, these support cases were not escalated to the testing and development teams and/or flagged with a sufficient level of urgency that reflected the seriousness of the issue. We will be taking steps to improve our internal processes to prevent such situations in the future.

As soon as the issue became more widely known late last week, we moved very quickly to correct the issue via a server hotfix. Note that for approximately 30 hours after the server hotfix, the Entropia Universe client still showed that the buff was affecting tools other than excavators, even though the server was not actually providing any buff for those items. This has led to some participants reporting that the issue has not been resolved, despite it having been resolved.

Along with the server hotfix which corrected the pet buff issue, Summer Mayhem scores for 12 participants were removed, due to the possibility that the incorrect pet buff may have been active during those sessions. Please note that those removed scores do not necessarily constitute clear evidence of cheating or abuse on the part of the affected participants. For that reason, those participants were not disqualified from the event, as some participants have called for. However, out of an abundance of caution to ensure the integrity of the Summer Mayhem event, it was decided to remove those scores, even if it was not absolutely certain that there was an intention to gain an unfair advantage in the event.

Additionally, some participants have demanded a review of the results from previous Mayhem events where the unintended Yog pet buff may have provided an advantage, inadvertently or intentionally. We will be conducting this investigation over the next few weeks, with the intention of increasing the prize rewards for any participants who were pushed down in the final standings due to another higher-placing participant benefitting from the unintended pet buff.

Due to the unintended Yog pet buff being available for such an extended period of time, despite support cases that should have resulted in the issue being addressed, and considering that it is not possible to definitively conclude that use of the pet was in every case intended to exploit the buff to gain an advantage, MindArk has decided it would be unfair and impractical to punish participants who directly or indirectly benefited from the unintended buff, for example stripping prizes awarded in previous Mayhem events.

Once again, we want to extend our apologies for the confusion and inconvenience this issue has caused. We are continually improving our processes to hopefully prevent and minimize such incidents in the future.

Originally Posted Here

I would like to use this opportunity to ask you to please tell us, if it's possible, about the destination of the funds resulted from players cost (TT) associated with tiering equipment, galactica mission, auction fees etc.
Are they going to CLD revenue, are they returning to the loot pool or are they company's profit?

It would be really great to end some myths regarding this topic. It's also a frequent question amongst younger players and we're unable to give a clear response, only what we believe, what the common sense and logic dictates. It would be great to have any type of statement in regards to this.

Magnus Eriksson:

All of the activities you mention would contribute to CLD revenue, assuming those activities took place on Planet Calypso or were performed by Calypso-tagged participants elsewhere in the universe.
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Apr 21, 2007
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Hey guys,

Just to let everyone know I've already reached out to Thanatos about helping to update

We're compiling the data for him and and will go over the other aspects of the site together so the map and information is up to date.


no insider info...


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May 10, 2020
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Amazing thread. Thank you for all the work!


Apr 21, 2007
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Thanks for thinking about me. I'm still here. Logging in a lot lately. Mostly keeping a low profile via the incognito setting. Exploring re-connecting with the planet and the Universe in my own way. I am always floored by the new people I meet and also the people I have known in EU for years and even decades. I'm humbled by the dedication and passion that I encounter.

I'm not at odds with Mindark at this time. They are focused on what they believe is best for the entire Universe and they are concentrating all efforts on that. I want to see them succeed for all of our benefits.

I took a big step back in Jan of 2017 for reasons which I posted somewhere, However the NDS team continued working very closely with the RT community to address Loot 2.0 issues and try other ideas.

The AI War Mission was really the last thing that I put my heart into and despite various controversies is the thing I'm still really excited about and hope to expand upon.

I may be somewhat delusional in the respect that I continue to believe the World needs Entropia Universe, of course Entropia Universe needs to continue to evolve significantly to appeal to the masses and to fulfill it's incredible potential. With so many people stuck at home with the global Pandemic and the growing impact of Climate Change, I still see the Entropia Universe RCE as an incredible economic proposition.

That's really what I think about and it's my number one preoccupation at the moment. I'm working on things that may or may not pan out, but I am very much engaged in it.

As far as Rocktropia updates are concerned I'm back to Square one at the moment, but I hope to get a few things done over the summer, but I believe I'm in a position to ramp up when the time is right...

The Rocktropia site is down and I wasn't very impressed with the Diagnosis as to why, so I decided to re-direct all traffic directly to the Sign in page for the time being. I've been thinking about changing the RT landing page anyway to reflect the direction I want to go. So it may get a make over before its live again.

I'm looking forward to a RT Deed/Share offering which I have been told is coming at some point. Again hopefully its not a fiasco, it would be in the best interest of the planet if it is equitable for the players and successful.

I keep an eye on the forums most of the time along with local and international news, so I do have a sense of what the Entropia Universe Citizens are experiencing and hoping for, I share many of the same hopes.

I'm not at all satisfied with what I have accomplished, I hope I can pull something more out of the bag to help Entropia Universe be all that it can be and to provide the opportunities it has provided to me to Millions more people around the world.. I am going about that in my own wacky way, maybe you will see what that amounts to if there is any substance to it.. I am somewhat over myself, but I'm not ready to give up, perhaps with so many epic failures under my belt I will discover a better version of myself and with that something of value to bring to the table.

In the meantime You guys and girls are rocking it, You are keeping this Universe and Dream alive and I don't know if you even realize how amazing you all are and what you are accomplishing. Truly You are all an inspiration.

And a shout out to Mindark, Entropia is an extraordinary Project and its absolutely remarkable that some of our avatars are closing in on 20 Years of age. NEVERDIE is of legal drinking age in the UK.. But I think i'll wait for the Coronavirus vaccine before I rush out to the pub to get him drunk.

====== OR NOT.....---->>>

I'm a free player for quite some time. There's a bunch of methods to freeplay tho even in rookie chat you will rarely see other methods except first two. I tried to make a compliation of methods how to "obtain ingame currency by ingame means" that are available to newcomers and a bit more experienced players.

  1. Obtaining $ IRL and depositing usually provides better results especially if u're newcomer.
  2. These methods won't bring you a lot of peds. You may even lose your initial investment in some cases. You do that so you will know the game better in the process.
  3. Some methods require initial / recurring investments
  4. All methods have been tested, its not about "I've heard that works too so lets add it"
  5. Very basic level won't be covered. Find basic guide(s) on how to equip your sweat tool elsewhere.
  6. Some methods work well in combination
  7. Only repeatable methods are being introduced. Something like "Visit NI, get colorator, bleacher and falcata then return to Caly and sell it on the auction" isn't considered as a steady income thus not listed but mentioned. It actually gives highest one-time ped boost possible for newcomer.
Lets get started

1. Sweating

Initial: none
Recurring: none
Recommended: Aeglic Ring Adjusted (+12 hp, 30% faster hp regen)

How to do:
  • find up-to-date sweat circles locations(ask in rookie/planet chat for nearest teleports)
  • get all required teleports
a) u may find free rides to these locations on ocassion if u're in newbie area like Icarus
b) some may accept sweat as a payment for planetside taxi especially if u're newcomer
c) you may google "nisha tp runs" and try to get there on your own
d) if u're on Calypso and stuck in a remote outpost surrounded by mobs in the process - ask for help in #crt channel
e) sometimes Calypso Advisers may visit Icarus and open wormhole(s) to sweat circle
f) anything higher than 0.3 ped for such taxi is a no go.
  • participate in sweating events. Sometimes there are events which allow you to sell limited amount (like 1k) of sweat for much higher prices (providing u've meet the criterias and won the raffle / answered test question among the frst)
  • join #sweatinfo channel to keep track of such sweating events
  • u will have to hoard sweat and sell it maybe once a week if not on Caly/Ark or if u're trying to find a real buyer not reseller.
  • Mind Essence is a lazy way to "auction" your sweat if u don't like (or become bored of) direct trades

2. Fruitwalking

Initial: none
Recurring: none
Recommended: Adjusted Harrier armor (gold pack) or Carona Jumpsuit (Carona mission), Maze Hammer (planet Cyrene -> Turrelion docks. U get one in exchange for 50k shrapnel), Hermetic ring Adjusted. Maximum acceleration bonus from items is capped on 25%.

How to do:
  • ensure u're in a 3rd person view and can see around 5 meters around in any direction, close/move any windows like radar, chat etc. for better observation. Detection radius is 5 meters, once detected fruit will stay visible within 7 meters
  • ensure graphics settings are as low as possible
  • you may fruitwalk in nighttime on sand / snow / other clearly seen type of areas only or else you risk to skip stuff
  • try to pick non-populated areas for less competition
  • try to pick flat areas for better visibility
  • Arkadia have twice as big amount of everything on average but spawns are half as rare
  • you will get 150-250 fruits per hour on average
  • fruits are visible when running so running is preferred method

3. Trading mind essence / nutrio bars
Harvested sweat may be used for making mind essence which is used in teleportation chips. Because of somewhat low MU it's being sold primarily by those who don't want to trade sweat directly. Fruits are being used in producing pet food

Initial: refiner
Recurring: around 11/12 ped per each 1000 sweat bottles / fruits obtained
Recommended: Imperium Resource Refiner B1

How to do:
  • buy 1000 Force Nexus / Sweetstuff per each 1000 sweat / fruit
  • mix that in refiner
  • put on auction
  • stuff sells faster on Calypso. use 3-4 day long auctions on Caly and 7-day long on Arkadia. Sell on other planets only directly or better don't at all
  • set buyout price slightly higher than weekly market value
  • if u're buying fruits try not to buy them higher than (nutrio_MU - Sweetstuff_MU-10)/10 ped/k as u will have to pay auction fees
  • Mind Essence is not lootable in space allowing you to gather sweat somewhere else. Nutrio bars are lootable

4. Swunting
U sweat the mob till dry then kill it. You get loot, sweat and defensive skills in the process.

Initial: weapon
Recurring: ammo, weapon repair / renew
Recommended: Aeglic Ring Adjusted (+12 hp, 30% faster hp regen)

How to do
  • pick mob with low damage, low hp and high level on your planet (see entropedia -> creatures) or Caraboks on Arkadia (every firebase academy or Celeste Quarry north)
  • mobs stop giving defensive skills after around 2 minutes, u want to sweat mob dry and kill it in that time to maximize defensive skills gained. Thus pick 20hp mobs at most
  • pick kill mission on that mob
  • using synchronization chips usually does not pay itself

5. Suicide running (somewhat nerfed after introducing progressive death timers)
You may use it not for gaining money but just to have some extra defensive skills

Initial: none
Recurring: Empty skill implants around 10 ped TT value
Recommended: Aeglic Ring Adjusted (+12 hp, 30% faster hp regen)

How to do
  • pick high lvl creatures (entropedia -> creatures)
  • find high lvl creatures near respawns / outposts / teleports
  • if near outposts make sure u have teleport chip or/and VTOL like sleipnir
  • approach mob, let mob aggro on you and kill you. You will sometimes get defensive skills on mob attacks.
  • repawn, regen hp and repeat
  • once having more than 11 ped TT value of Evade, Courage, Alertness or Ahletics (around 2000 lvl of skill) buy Empty Skill Implant, extract skill and sell skill implant either directly or on the auction (find guide how to extract skills properly)

6. Interplanetary taxi Calypso <-> Arkadia
Because two most populated planets so much easier to find travelers.

Initial: Quad-Wing Interceptor (L) + Space Thruster (L) + oil + Vehicle RK-5 + 1 ped TT of Welding Wire
Recurring: around 2 ped oil + 0.20 ped space thruster decay + 2 ped landing fee
Recommended: 1 common dung in cargo

How to do
  • your passenger must download space and desired planet
  • never a mistake to ask around 4 ped beforehand so u won't be losing much in case something went wrong
  • charge more for the trip if not EU/US prime time
  • passenger must not have any lootables onboard
  • relog is somewhat required after successful landing
  • use #space_flight and #space_travel channels to advertise

7. Cutting huge trees
Huge trees are most rare thus having most MU. Trees are used to craft composite planks which are used
on building land plots.

Initial: 70-80 ped to buy 14-16 Terratech ph-1. You will have 60-70 ped back while leveling until lvl6 in Resource Gatherer. Use that 60-70 ped to buy Terratech ph-3 UL
Recurring: ph-3 repair
Recommended: Adjusted Harrier armor (gold pack) or Carona Jumpsuit (carona mission), Hermetic ring Adjusted (movespeed), any ground vehicle + Exploration Hoverpod (Arkadia free vehicle, doesn't share spawn cooldown with other vehicles)

How to do
  • hover cursor over any tree to see if its cuttable fron higher distance than glowing yellow point marker so u don't need to approach each tree
  • upon leveling cut small and large trees found, write coordinates of huge trees
  • trees respawn at exact same coordinates, not necessarily same level, may be wise to track coordinates somehow
  • if on Arkadia, north of IFN Supply depot (carabok forest) contains most trees
  • upon reaching lvl6 try to sell small moonleaf boards on the auction if on Calypso and TT if on Arkadia
  • cut huge trees only with ph-3, don't waste it on lower trees
  • on average your decay will be 0.10 ped per attempt, you will be getting 1 long moonleaf board 0.06 ped TT value + 0.03 ped TT wood shavings. Feed wood shavings to TT and repair ph-3 with that money. Thus you will be getting around 6 ped TT of long boards for 7 ped decay of ph-3
  • sell long boards on the auction
  • cut huge trees on Caly only as there's currently almost no demand on other planets.
  • move between forests / tree groups using vehicle. if tree groups are sparse use Ark free hoverpod as well
  • cuttable trees on Calypso looks more light-green than non-cuttable versions of same trees. Ensure u have as high draw distance as possible.

8. Healing job
People hire healers while hunting so they could concentrate on hunting only and kill stuff more efficiently. Also healer may have more eco stuff than hunter may afford / have skills to use. Healers profit from ocassional tips and/or straight ped/hour tax in case they have good fap plus paying fap decay as well.

Initial: Free Vivo S10 upon finishing gauntlet stage 1 for the first time
Recurring: Vivo S10 repairs
Recommended: maxed Vivo S10 (Paramedic 5.2 level), 22 ped to keep Vivo S10 fully repaired, Hermetic ring, teleportation chip, VTOL, faster reload items

How to do
  • try to complete "grave errand" mission (requires flight to the volcano) to get a significant boost to Paramedic profession
  • when using "heal over time" faps like Vivo S10 make sure u don't overheal when not needed. Ask hunter if he wants to be healed immediately or in a more eco way to fully utilize heal over time effect
  • never let hunter's hp go below mob critical damage
  • all details about payment scheme must be discussed before first mob killed
  • never agree on conditional payment (pay if HoF, pay if instance finished within time etc.)
  • use #fap channel to offer services, always state on what planet you are.

9. Free teamhunting
Currently known: none
Must visit a website, register for participating in chat on time and win a draw. You will be given gun and ammo, will be shooting tagged mobs upon arrival

Initial: none
Recurring: none
Recommended: open as much teleports on a planet as possible. Skills must allow using
Sollomate Rubio maxed

How to do
  • if received an item in case of global/hof trade with party leader immediately
  • shoot only mobs tagged by party leader or assigned tagger guy
  • u're allowed to keep all loot obtained in the process except valuable one. Party leader usually share ped value of this item among all team members

10. Free mining
Currently known: 1 mining job opportunity:
U receive free finder, extractor and probes, pick an area and start to mine. Then give mined stuff back. Profits/losses are shared on 50/50 basis. Must pass initial test on mining techniques in a form of test runs.

Initial: 200 ped, will be returned on quitting
Recurring: none
Recommended: Adjusted Harrier armor (gold pack), Hermetic ring Adjusted, any ground vehicle

How to do
  • all mining advices/techniques apply
  • Arkadia only
  • weekend trades frequently got cancelled

11. Deeds (CLD, AUD)
U buy a deed and it brings you passive income either as a share of Arkadia Underground area tax (AUD) or as a share of planet Calypso profit (CLD) on daily (AUD) or weekly (CLD) basis

Investments: up to you

How to do
  • if u want to sell some deeds, split them and put unused in the storage before making transaction trade
  • note that deeds are the only stackable items that display its markup as TT+ so its very easy to auction 10 deeds for the price of one

12. Reselling
Buy low, sell high. Use either direct trade, auction or shops to buy stuff and resell directly / thru auction / at a shop as well on this or maybe even other planet

Investments: up to you

How to do
  • some stuff like Calypso Bone Sample have value in large numbers and almost no value at small numbers
  • some stuff from trade terminals on other planets may be valuable (yes even after VU 15.2) but not worthy to travel to that planet specifically for that item. You may buy this stuff in bulk and resell directly.
  • big stacks of stuff on auction usually have lower MU than smaller (as smaller stacks are affordable by more players). You may try to resell this in lower stacks or directly but care about listing fee in case of auction.
  • street trade offers are commonly either highly overpriced or highly underpriced
  • be cautious reselling real high MU% items on the auction as sales fee might eat you profit
  • prices are slightly higher when its not EU/US prime time and on lower populated planets thus u may squeeze higher than average MU. In exchange u risk your item not being sold at all so consider setting 7-day auctions in that case.
  • you might get frustrated easily dealing with near TT MU% items as u freeze a lot of peds for 1-2% MU

13. Rigs
You can pick stuff spawning near "rigs". Different planets have different options. All rigs are in yellow pvp area (u might get shot but not looted)

Initial: none
Recurring: none
Recommended: Teleport chip (Nawa Temple on Toulan), VTOL

How to do:
  • Ask for locations in planet-specific chat
  • Ashi rig (Calypso) provides most income but heavily camped. On death u will revive at an outpost surrounded by mobs so have to either use tp chip or VTOL to get to the rig / teleporter
  • Rocktropia beer kegs have markup. Avoid pulling in mobs.
  • Arkadia rig is surrounded by oratan mobs. Must avoid mobs walking nearby rig. There is visual+audio effect on oil spawn.

14. Mothership repairs
You work as a repair crew member in a spaceship. You get specific repair skills then chip out and sell.

Initial: 8x Vehicle RK-5 + 40400 Welding Wire (around 160 ped) + Empty skill implant (20 ped TT minimum for around 180 ped)
Recurring: same
Recommended: faster reload items + skillpills

How to do:
  • Might not be profitable at all without skillpills
  • Must calculate all the prices beforehand, might not be profitable at current ESI/skill MU
  • Must consider 10% loss on skill gains while chipping out
  • Must consider auction fees on all skill chips before calculating projected income
  • Need 20 ped ESI at least to properly chip out (Vehicle Repairing skill must be chipped out last as it have most TT value)
  • Need at least 10 ped TT of Vehicle Repairing skill to properly chip out
  • Hard to have a repair run in non EU/US prime time

15. Hunting Vixens
You hunt Vixens on Rocktropia using HTT gun named Pistol(SA)(L) obtainable in HTT trade terminal. Approximately 5% of your loot will be Vixen Android Gear which can be sold for 400% MU atm.

Initial: some Pistol(SA)(L) + 6880 ammo (low grade) per each pistol
Recurring: same
Recommended: none

How to do:
  • Proposed gun have 1.0-2.0 damage thus producing least possible overkill on 10hp mobs providing maximum TT% return
  • Area is small. Many people are hunting. Consider creating/entering killteam to make killsteals less painful
  • 10 hp vixens are: Cyber Street Vixen Shy, Digital Club Doll Shy, Electro Dance Machine Shy, Glamour Girl Drone Shy
  • Consider direct trading as you will likely have small amount of stuff, plus escape auction fees, plus market on RT itself isn't as good
  • Only one android gear may be looted per single mob. That's why hunting only 10hp vixens yields better average MU

16. Hunting "AI"
You hunt AI mob on Rocktropia using provided gun (first one is free, next ones are for 0.50 in TT) and provided ammo. Upon completing 40 kills each day you will get 2 ped paycard (cash it in by selling to TT) and 1 ped ammo for the next day.

Initial: none
Recurring: 0.50 ped for new AI Hunter Pistol per each 4 days
Recommended: none

How to do:
  • AI mobs have bright green-yellow color, can be easily spotted from long distance and in a nighttime
  • You will also get pay stub card. It's promised that upon collecting 260 cards per year you get something as well
  • AI hunter pistol works only with provided ammo and not even with universal ammo
  • 1 ped of provided ammo is well enough for a daily quota
  • Approximately 1.5-3 hours required to complete that mission
  • 0.50 ped for next gun can be obtained simply by selling all AI mob loot
  • You may as well use any other gun to kill AI mobs
  • You may mix this with vixen hunting since respawning area is the same

17. Arkadia moon daily mission
This daily mission offers a reward of 2 ped universal ammo

Initial: none
Recurring: none
Recommended: movespeed items: Carona Jumpsuit or Adjusted Harrier armor, Hermetic ring Adjusted, Maze Hammer.

How to do:
  • the mission requires you to visit 10 drill platforms
  • it's a good idea to use notes for storing coordinates of each platform entry point
  • time to complete the mission is around 20-30 minutes if running to each platform
  • there's nothing else you can really do on Ark moon atm

That's it. Hope that helps somehow.

upd#1: I forgot about rigs + #fap channel
upd#2: mothership repairing added
upd#3: lowlvl hunting added
upd#4: AI hunt daily mission added
upd#5: removed mentioning of external ped sites as it's not really "ingame means"
upd#6: Arkadia moon daily mission added

That is a very good question to be asking and the answer is not that simple actually. I have been using the auction very hardcore for 4-5 years now, and when I say hardcore, I mean spending a couple of hours on average each day browsing and checking listed items and their market histories. I'm not going to try to make a complete guide to using the auction right here in this thread, I'm just going to keep it very simple for now but if you want you can message me in-game and I can try to advise you regarding the specific items you are trying to sell.

Large stacks only:
There are some things that you should only sell in the largest stacks possible, like for example Metal Residue, Animal Oils/Hide and Socket Components. The majority of users of these things will typically be looking to pay the lowest mu possible and since they go through thousands of these things routinely, there really is no demand for the smaller stacks. That doesn't mean that smaller stacks never sell, they occasionally do, but I've had too many failed auctions to count at this point so I have totally given up on trying to squeeze out a little more money out of those things.

Smaller stacks welcome:
There are many things in the game that sell quite well in smaller stacks. Most of these are those things used in tier upgrades like for example Tier Components 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10. These Tier Components sell so well in small stacks that I don't even bother with large stacks anymore. Others would include Garnets/Opals, certain resources used in tier upgrading like frigulite and typo... Up to you to research what else sells in small quantities, just look at the market history and pay attention to the dotted blue line (can't see it on yearly graph but can usually see it on monthly or weekly).

Specific quantity:
Textures (and skins), as well as paint should be listed in multiples of 323. Your 323/646/969 stack will most likely sell before others since 323 is how many you need per field when coloring/texturing an item. So a user will favor the 323 stack as that means no leftovers.

If you don't have the quantities required, your options are to save in storage until you do, or find someone that's willing to give you a fair price for your loot. I often do this for members of my society and this is a win-win for us all as they can keep cycling ped and I can add these things to my stack and usually make a bit of profit on it when I auction it. There are traders at Twin Peaks that buy a lot of things. If selling at a discount to these guys means you don't have to depo, it is an option that should be considered (save the depo fees).


Hi guys and girls! I opened this thread for change a little the usual topics like "EU is a gambling game" or something like that. I did some time ago, a musical arrangement of Entropia login screen (my favourite musical piece in game), and i want share it with the comunity.

I dont do it for get likes or "for someone hire me", its only a hobby that i had some years ago.

I recommend lowering the volume a bit

I apologize if it is not the right place to post this.

Enjoy it!! :):)
There has been a lot of questions about crafting recently and a lot of experienced crafters have offered tips and information. But all of this is found in various threads and could prove very difficult to find again in the future.

So I offer you here quotes and links to all of this information, all located together here in one place.

Basics of Crafting (credit to Alukat123 for putting this info together):

FAQ about Residue (credit to Darkaner):

List of Boosted Blueprints (credit to Angel O2 Mercer):

What is all the fuss about Explosive Projectiles crafting on Condition (credit to Henry BabyOxide):

Where to start as a crafter (this one I wrote myself):

If there's any other post you feel should be linked here because it contains a lot of very good information about crafting, please let me know.

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Apr 21, 2007
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Maria Mesh - toulan mobs

This was brought up to my attention on stream and I was asked to test as I had all three heal tools for it:

MOD 2350 >> shrapnel back
TT heal tool >> shrapnel back
Refurbished H.E.A.R.T. Rank VI >> no shrapnel

================ - Live auction (a little more successful than MMA Big Show's auction a few years back)


September 1st, 2020
NI Release Notes

Hello Next Islanders! This VU we have a lot of content for you. Here are a few highlights:

A new pet known as “Asclarius” is available to players! It is obtainable via the Asclarius quest, which can be accessed at an NPC named Perik, inside the Ancient Greece Orpheus Cave. The instance gate stands next to him. Complete the quest to gain the core that allows access to the instance. Beware, the Asclarius pet is difficult to tame, but helpful at looting things! Enjoy!

Grab one of our new L Skyripper vehicles and fly around, checking out Next Island and Ancient Greece with an unobstructed view and delightful mobility.

Hunt our Gorgon wave and loot the amazing unlimited armor plates, Serpent’s Scale. Upgrade them at NPC Militiades, along with your Gorgon armor.

Graduate as a Next Island disciple and try out our new disciple reward, a full set of UL Seeker armor!

We will continue to strive to provide meaningful, fun, and engaging content for you, each VU. Thank you so much for supporting Next Island, and Happy Hoffing!

New Content:

  • Created a new PvP zone in the water
  • A new boss mob for the PvP shark spawn is here, known affectionately as the Megalodon.
  • New texture to match the Gorgon armor
  • The craftable Skyripper flying vehicle
  • A new instance for taming of our new pet, the Asclarius
  • A multi faction daily with various tailoring BPs (5 clicks each) as reward.
    Can be started from Thebes Market/Oasis/Kamba/Sypherton Gardens/Tanzanite View/Crystal Peak
  • A quest to locate a sunken ship in Ancient Greece that starts in the harbor in the new player area
  • A quest chain for the New Elysian Order faction (N.E.O.) at Sypherton Gardens
  • A daily crafting quest for N.E.O. at Sypherton Gardens
  • A uniquely skinned mankini for the player who suggested this concept
  • A daily mining quest on Ancient Greece. The NPC is in a building in Thebes/Thebes Market area.
  • New clothing inspired by the Stel faction
  • New clothing (F) inspired by Ancient Greece
  • Disciple armor for NI graduates of the mentorship program
  • A full new selection of TT reskins
  • Some adjustments and rework of Caroline’s
  • A full suite of new Personal Legend Achievements for Next Island and Ancient Greece
  • Next Island’s first UL armor plates will be dropping from the Gorgon Wave. They are upgradeable via the Gorgon armor upgrade NPC, from the normal plate Serpent’s Scale all the way to Perfected Serpent’s Scale. They include a block chance, high impact and acid protection, and strong durability. *Block chance is bugged for the release, but it will be fixed in a patch by next week.
  • Detail and decoration added, filling out some areas of Ancient Greece and Next Island
  • Finished design and build of two player estates for Alaina Bonnie Knight and Buzz Erik Lightyear. Congrats and thank you!!

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed the wood planks at Crystal Peak
  • Adjusted position of TP closest to Agamemnion Estate
  • Added several new revive points into Ancient Greece
  • Adjusted a variety of ores and enmatters, including gold and dark lysterium
  • Adjusted the PvP land zone in Ancient Greece, per player request
  • Adjusted drop rate of minotaur horns
  • Adjusted drop rate of Okenite
  • Adjusted drop rate of Tanzanite
  • Adjusted drop rate of Purpurite
  • Holes in the ground at the Gorgon wave area fixed
  • Papoo spawns on NI adjusted, per player request
  • Decay rate of clothing fixed
  • Augmented Gorgon armor recipe fixed
  • Fixed the order of armor trade ins for the Gorgon Armor
  • Adjusted respawn timing on Brontes in AG
  • Fixed issue lake area near PvP zone in Ancient Greece
  • Regen rate on Zeus lowered a bit
  • Fixed issue where clothing was listed in the incorrect category
  • Flower quest adjusted to be a bit easier
  • Reckoning blueprint model fixed for inventory
  • Block Chisel name fixed
  • Avatar position in the combat boat adjusted
  • Enslaved Daudaormur damage adjusted. Penetration removed
  • Fixed an issue where the Bikini/Mankini textures appeared faded
  • The Daudaormur Texture Blueprint (UL) has been fixed to be (L)
Known Issues:

  • Phenacite crystal drop rate needs adjusting
  • Improved fang drop rate needs adjusting
  • Building in the middle of the Gorgon Wave event causes issues with mobs going unreachable and then disappearing
  • Zeus, Gorgon, and Gorgon’s Shade do not show what level they are
  • Particle effects look strange

In a world of constant misleading commentary, posts, and media (or people) with obvious agendas - I feel it is necessary for a rebuttal to a poor "log" of earnings on warp services. It is important to understand what it takes, at a very minimum, to make an investment of a privateer or mothership work. Considering the content of this post, please do not merge threads.

It is important that if you are going to keep logs, that you are keeping logs of all aspects of your activity. No free rolls, no neglecting of markup. It allows you to see what you are doing to your bankroll and perhaps that activity (crafting or otherwise), maybe isn't as good of an idea as you think it is.

Rebuttal of:

Disclaimer: I do not own a mothership or privateer but have done warp services in the past.

  • 1 Jump
  • Not including weight restrictions and complications
  • No white glove planet pick up services from motherships, summon only
  • Cannot count crafting multipliers as they are not guaranteed and are therefore considered bonus if achieved
  • Does not include failed warps or Mindark bugs that require multiple warp jumps to compensate for the failure
  • Does not include pirate activity that adds defense costs, including but not limited to ammo, repairing, and payment to crew members
  • Does not include SI (ship armor) upgrades, often paid by revenue generated from warp activity

Equus - (42,000 PED outlay approx)
UL Warp Drive - 1 Use - 3ped TT
UL Thruster - 2 Uses - 0.18ped TT
Fuel spent for shuttling, warping, and planet movement - 0.60ped TT @ 102%

Cost Approx 3.8ped

Privateer/Motherships (35,000 to 150,000 PED outlay)

L Warp Drive 1 - 1 Use - 3ped TT @ 170% MU = 5.1ped total (see markup calculation for crafting or purchase)
L Thruster Use - 4 Uses - 0.36ped TT, 140% mu - 0.504ped total (unless using a summon alt)
Fuel spent for shuttling and warping - 0.04ped (more if atmosphere services) 102% MU - 0.0408ped total
Fuel spent for returning to planet (provider) - 0.50ped 102% MU - 0.51ped total

After markup, total cost of 1 warp is approximately 6.1548ped. Multiple jumps will not multiply thruster or fuel use but the margin is slim @ 7ped.

Warp Drive 1 (L) Crafting

Warp Drive BP per click -- 0.01ped @ 6000% mu --- 0.60ped
4 generic fuses -- 20ped @ 215% mu -- 43ped
10 Narcanisum Ingot -- 2.4ped TT @ 105% -- 2.52ped total
100 Lysterium Ingot -- 3.0ped TT @ 104% -- 3.12ped total
200 Standard Lever -- 3.84ped TT @ 134% -- 5.1456ped total

Each attempt: 29.25ped TT or 54.3856ped MU

On Success
Metal Residue - 120.76ped TT @ 100.9% -- 121.84ped total
Each warp drive = 50 warps @ 150ped TT total


10 attempts, Given success - 40% (generous) = 4 successes
Assumes 6 failures, not partial successes - since those are variable, alterations to the warp drive MU price is slim, depending on near successes containing generic fuses

Base Cost: 292.50ped TT
Added Residue: 483.04ped @ 100.9%
Base + Markup Cost: 543.856ped + 4.34ped from residue = 548.196
Total TT of warp drives: 600ped TT (@191% mu, markup cost, the cost to get back/divided by total product -- 548.196/600)

If you buy it at current avg AH price of 170% (there was not one present for that at the time and lowest price was 590%), each warp drive use is 5.1ped. If you make it yourself with a generous success rate at 191%, it would be 5.73. Plus remember that generic fuses used to be 400%+ and if we get into a dry period of these resources (which is the complaint currently), the price will go up.

Given the numbers above, I would recommend being weary of folks saying otherwise -- although I think most people know that it was bunk. I would also review all your activities in the exact same way to determine if what you are doing is actually a loss. Auction fees can be destructive to your margins.

But Longtime! I loot this stuff myself!

That does not matter since you could sell it for markup. This means you are earning the markup in one spot of your ledger and buying it in another. This does not change the cost in any way. What profit you would have gotten in selling the fuses, you got on the other end of the ledger when you sold your warp services.
Mob 3000 hp, easy to kill using viceroy armor.
No timers. To get access you need to kill one of three types of mobs, average 800ped turnover and 20 LARA pets.
With boiga i tamed from 2nd attemp, 15 lvl tamer.

Enigma Key
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Looks like the quoted text hasn't been re-quoted... might be a good idea to copy it in


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Maria Mesh - running a shop thread

You can buy tons of them anytime if you check regulary.
The smaller one's are just too popular and they go for whatever BO peoples list them.

You can find a lot of them at Auktuma's crafting shop, he have a shopkeeper for beacon's.
Disclaimer: I have not myself entered it, I only watched Iceman's stream, so I'm just sharing a bit of info here. I hope someone else will create a thread soon with more details but I guess for now this could actually be useful to peeps thinking about doing this.

#1 you will need 50 Triphased Wires to enter the first area where you can get your "free" buffs and do the first wave (3 stages of Sampling TZ-15)

#2 In order to unlock the terminal that gives the buffs, you need someone with a decent amount of Engineering (over 2k probably, but isn't known yet how much exactly is the minimum required).

#3 for your "free" buffs you need Animal Eye Oil, Thyroid Oil and Muscle Oil, 10 ped of each. You will receive 10 ped of shrapnel back for each one, which is why it can be considered "free". You have to have these in order to continue to the next area so bring those oils with you.

#4 The 3rd stage of Sampling TZ-15 has 2 level 691, so be careful not to aggro both of them at the same time. Your team can stand in the corner to avoid aggroing more than one at a time. These are believed to do 100% Electric damage. They have a ton of regen so make sure to have adequate DPS on your team.

#5 After the 3rd stage you go next door and enter your A1 key to Infiltrate the lab (next area). Each member of the team has to have a key for this.

#6 In the next area there will be 3 stages of Calamusoids. The first stage are level 492 and 249 with lots of regen but they don't seem to do a whole lot of damage. The 2nd stage is level 74 Calamusoids. These ones deal a ton of damage and it looks like any team would need several healers to get through this. To give you an idea of the amount of damage, the stream I watched showed guys in Perseus losing half their health in one hit. From what I have seen, I would highly recommend having Divine Intervention and/or Rakzum's pouch here, as well as 1 healer per hunter.

One possible strategy would be to give one of the dps guys the Rakzum's pouch so that if anyone dies, he can stop shooting and revive them while healers continue to heal him so he doesn't die. Everyone should wear adequate armor protection, these are believed to deal Acid and Cut damage.

Other things you should know:
- It's important to know that if you die during a wave, you cannot re-enter the area until everyone is dead and has been revived outside.
- Once everyone has died, you will all be able to re-enter the area.
- You start the stage you were on over again. So if you completed stage 1 or stage 2 already, you won't have to re-do it again.
- You won't need another key to continue.

IMPORTANT: When you give your key, if you have a stack of them, DO NOT PLACE THE WHOLE STACK IN THE WINDOW. It will take them all if you do, so split them up and only put one in the window.

IMPORTANT: Max team size is 6! So choose your team members wisely!

That's all the info I have at this time.

I read alot of Mothership owners complaint about the new Robot Incursion event.

Note that i have used a Mothership aswell as used Quad multiple times for this event.

I thought i'd make a thread to describ the event phase by phase, some comment posted on other thread can be misleading concerning the usage of MS.
This thread should make it clearer for anybody who hasnt joined the event yet.

All kind of ship can join the event and each have a strong purpose. Different purpose in each wave.
(Avoid using a sleipnir, the weapon is useless).

While a Mothership has a huge advantage in phase 2 and 3 to clear the dropship and progress through the event, The mothership still has a role to play in the Boss phase, The Quad in a presence of Mothership/privateer is more usefull in the boss battle.
That doesnt mean that the Mothership has no use in the boss fight, i'll explain below.

A cloaking device is hidding the robot incursion, you simply have to blow up the 1k hp device. 3.5ped shrapnel will be split and returned to the shooter.
Upon destruction of the device the 2nd phase is initiated.

In this phase it is highly recommended to use a Mothership to clean the Dropship or if you are using a Quad to be registered in a Mothership taking part of the action to use it as a revival point.

The Mothership will clearly dominate this phase by far.

Goal of this phase is to blow up 4 satelittes structure as well as clearing the area from all the dropship defending them.

As soon as the device is blown up the Dropship forces will be revealed, they have a higher aggro than usual, about 0.100UA.
A Quad will like to stay far enough when the Phase 2 starts.
Destroying the cloaking device with a quad alone could for the less experienced pilot lead to a death banged by several dropship.

Each of the Satelite will have 6 dropship spawned around it.
24 dropships total to kill this wave.

NOTE that a fully repaired quad should be able to take down 1.5 dropship maybe 2 before being blown up (could be more for the high Captains profession out there (space evader/dodger)).
A Quad will then need to be repaired after each dropship.
You understand that the presence of Motherships are essential, for the efficient killing and to provide a check point for Quads.

The Mothership even with a 1 Man crew will easily tank and kill the 6 dropships next to the satelite, repair and move on to the next one.

To sum up, this wave is in favor of MS/Privateer.


You have to kill some more Dropship that are randomly spread out around the area, a new maturity is available in small number, doable in Quad.
These dropship have close to 0 agrro, it is easier for a Quad to fly around.
Through the killing process to complete the progress bar there will be 3 separates Elites with their own spawning threshold.
Elite hit slow with there 1on1 attack but they also send a globe AoE damage (1000 damage) that are easily avoidable by a quad. It will take a skilled pilot to avoid them in MS.
A 1 man crew MS will be vulnerable to the AoE when soloing an Elite. They die quickly to the gunner though.
The range of the AoE is up yo 0.300UA

Once again the MS is the favorite for this Phase.

PHASE 4: The Boss

This final phase require organisation, team work and altruism.
The boss is static. It uses a slow 1on1 attack aswell as sending multiple globe AoE like the elites(1000 damage).
The boss can spawn rare dropship with low aggro to no aggro range.
He also has threshold on which he spawn 1 or multiple Repair Drone aswell as activating a shield against burn damage.
The shield will wear off after killing all the Repair Drone and meeting a new hp threshold.
The shield will be activated up to 4 times. Repair drone will frequently spawn.
The Repair Drone doesnt attack anybody. It repair the boss.
Each repair drone provide its own repairing per second stacking with the others around him.

I mentioned organisation and altruism.
Quad are able to dps the boss from full hp to the boss death. With no limitation.
Mothership are prevented to shoot at the boss when the shield is up.
Meanwhile the Mothership are very efficient at cleaning the area from the Repair Drone which have decent health points, they must kill them unless the shield is off.

Theorically 4 or 5 organised players are enough to kill the boss.
1 pilot for the MS to manoeuver and avoid the AoE. Pilot can join to dps the boss and repair drone if enough SI on the MS
1 gunner for the repair drone and the boss
3 quad to perma dps the boss. By doing so the shield on the boss wear off faster.

In this scenario quad are still using basic kismet or porcupine.

This event in my opinion clearly require Mothership in every aspect.
Quad are essential to defeat the boss and completely optional for the previous phases.
Pilots and repairing crew are missing out during this event.

Completing the tier 1 of the event by 100% will award 1 Possible Dropship Sensor that you can trade for a reward at CP.
Including new gear in the form of blueprints for MS and Quads.

This was typed on my phone, some area may require editing and i will add picture later.

Please discuss..
Chairs -

This is AG. Both these can be found in discord Next Island channel.

Cyrene Armor
Imperium Armor Upgrade Mission Item List | CyreneForum

So Only Certain People In The Know Get Imperium Armour And The Rest Of Us Are Screwed? | CyreneForum

Mini Patch / Armor NPCs Megathread | CyreneForum
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These are the 3 locations where you can try your hand at harvesting Toulan trees.
Location #1:
/wp [Planet Toulan, 131286, 91972, 100, Waypoint]
Location #2:
/wp [Planet Toulan, 131718, 91780, 102, Waypoint]
Location #3:
/wp [Planet Toulan, 131536, 95229, 118, Waypoint]
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Hello all,

I'm selling the rare collection of all Duchev logs. They are great part of Entropian history and it was the first time in history that we were able to change and interact in a story presented by MindArk!! Now more than 10 years ago!!
All log owners united behind one message!!

Good times, great memories!

Sad to sell the set :(
The backstory:
The original offer:
Our response:
Their reply

The entire collection (including the piece of paper):
SB: TT + 1k
BO: TT + 1,2K

Dr. Almon Duchev Log Part 1 *2
Dr. Almon Duchev Log Part 2 *2
Dr. Almon Duchev Log Part 6
Dr. Almon Duchev Log Part 13
Dr. Almon Duchev Log Part 16
Dr. Almon Duchev Log Part 17 * 2
Piece of paper

TT+10ped each
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