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Arkadia Moon Locations

PTECH Chief Engineer Milo- (Hazmat suit mission)[Arkadia Moon, 10442, 9722, 109, Waypoint] you will need to finish Each of the Day plans for suit parts. Takes 18 days. If no plan selected the reward is 2 ped universal ammo which is repeatable :)

PTECH Geologist Laura-[Arkadia Moon, 14349, 10936, 204, Waypoint] (need hazmat suit to be able to go to meteorites to get adventurers backpack reward)

PTECH Engineer Jay- (for the Moon Globe, **be sure talk again after completing to get mission for the IFN communication device
[Arkadia Moon, 10971, 12687, 221, Waypoint]

"Crashed Communication" -mission for moon Globe
5Ghz Dish-
[Arkadia Moon, 10485, 9066, 100, Waypoint]
2.4Ghz Dish-
[Arkadia Moon, 13357, 9497, 122, Waypoint]
3.4Ghz Dish-
[Arkadia Moon, 12747, 12992, 217, Waypoint]
Radio Mast-
[Arkadia Moon, 10859, 12593, 159, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 9822, 15428, 56, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 15277, 9842, 98, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 12858, 15473, 195, Waypoint]

/wp [Arkadia Moon, 15936, 11820, 145, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 14297, 14397, 235, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 13384, 13597, 168, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 15137, 15275, 47, Waypoint]

/wp [Arkadia Moon, 14349, 10935, 0, Waypoint]


Crashed Alien Spaceship-
[Arkadia Moon, 14726, 14300, 244, Waypoint]

[Arkadia Moon, 14664, 13921, 384, Waypoint]

Oompa Village-
[Arkadia Moon, 9528, 14789, 205, Waypoint]
[Arkadia Moon, 15333, 9683, 117, Waypoint]
[Arkadia Moon, 12606, 11758, 213, Waypoint]
**[Arkadia Moon, 15974, 12172, 81, Waypoint]

Stone Monument-
[Arkadia Moon, 9636, 14486, 207, Waypoint]

Statue w/Flame Offering Plate-
[Arkadia Moon, 11965, 9840, 140, Waypoint]

Statue/Smuggler Scout Kalyn-
[Arkadia Moon, 11107, 12759, 451, Waypoint]

***Smuggler outpost (if completed smuggler status on Ark can go here for smuggler hazmat mission)
[Arkadia Moon, 15020, 13030, 289, Waypoint]

Skull Rock Cave Mouth-
[Arkadia Moon, 12344, 11598, 247, Waypoint]

[Arkadia Moon, 15365, 12254, 55, Waypoint]

Big Tree-
[Arkadia Moon, 15489, 11764, 143, Waypoint]

Ancient Pavalion-
[Arkadia Moon, 16062, 10183, 268, Waypoint]

Ancient Pyramid/Dam-
[Arkadia Moon, 13154, 9378, 160, Waypoint]
Moon daily extractor waypoints. These can be pasted into the chat, and then made into a in game sticky note to assist with tracking.
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10959, 10078, 107, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10793, 10059, 108, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10713, 10225, 112, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10479, 10430, 81, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 9960, 10240, 110, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10027, 9971, 133, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 9916, 9672, 112, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10042, 9151, 129, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10313, 9107, 115, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10392, 9280, 127, Waypoint]

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In June 2019 space was updated, as a result the old space mob map required updating.

Please find below a new map below with the new locations of the mobs. I hope it is of some use, and look forward to seeing more people hunting in space soon!

I will add the maturities soon.

(of course in paint, like a 4 year old, as is the tradition ;) )

I have added a PVP areas map at the bottom too, which might be of use.

(cross section of larger map below)


Please find below clickable links to scans of these mobs kindly provided directly to us from MindArk.







Here are some pics and Links to the mobs Creatures thread.




Cosmic Horror



Lootable PVP areas in faded red, deep space is the hard red border line - I have now edited this image for clarity, however the original image is credit to Monria.


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Quick little run through Mario (or is it Maria? ;) ) Instance and Maze.

cyrene maze is 4:26-6:16 or so on there. Should probably record the maze by itself, but I'm sure someone has done that before, lol.

Also, note if you hit up the NPC on the docs opposite dock of where the tp is you'll get the 'extra' mission so you'll get I think 8 certificiates per day instead of 7. 3 from running fast on maze, 3 for finding each item in maze, and two for the kills - vlan wing and the vlad. Still time consuming to collect 200 to get the wolpertinger though.

Maze Weaver

1. Burrow
2. Restless Bones
3. Lost Mining Equipment (Find the tool)
4. Vlad the Unraveler (spawns every 5 minutes)

even more revised:
Go South, Zig Zag North, Go North East, Head South.

Revised/simpler notes...
Go down first corridor
Left, Right Left
Around the block to the right
Stay Left the rest of the way

(squeeze through the hole to the east/north
Get your ass up north before you get lost around the bones)

(left, left right)

(come back in for the secondary dailies after you cross the finish line)

Note, tp at end of maze is higher on y coord than the floor so you have to jump to reach it.

P.S. Thanks to Cyrene devs for the recent changes in making the maze hammers lighter, and finally getting around to allowing them to be sold back to the NPCs.

Maria Cyrene VU/Changes Part 1:

Maria Cyrene/changes Part 2:
Vlad will start looting stuff again (as originally promised in March 2018 vu - currently as of 10/12/2018 he doesn't loot anything at all... he simply dies if you kill him and mission to kill him completes):


False advertising about price of campfire will be fixed (guess it's 500 and not 50 tokens as advertised when you click on the campfire and the little text thing comes up that says you can buy it for only 50? Hope they make it only 50... since false advertising is not a good thing):



Maria's Cyrene Vu/Changes Part 3:

If you cannot get it sorted, or heck even if you can, just reduce the weight of them to about half. They weigh in at 10 lbs each, making the weight as much as a Zyn'kimbro Fishing Spear, and only 4 lbs less than the heaviest club in game, the Large Thoriofoid Battle Spike Club. I actually kinda like packing around however many I have since it costs about 50 ped to repair them all, but I have to unload a lot of other stuff in inventory so I don't go heavy if I carry em. Reduce the weight to at least 5 lbs or less and it might be worth keeping em around. ;)

Other that just visual appearance in size they shouldn't weigh in more than a lot of other clubs that actually carry more damage per hit, etc. If you sort by weight on entropiawiki some really heavy hitting clubs weigh in only at 1 - 2 kg each. N00b Club (L) on Rocktropia weighs in only at 0.1 Kg... and it's shaped like a baseball bat... if other planet partners can get away with that, surely you guys can too.

Hey mastermesh,

I think that's fair, I did ask MA to make sure that this mission is active, but a weight reduction will come with the mini patch.


The lowering of the weight did help a LOT with issues of avatar slowing down as stacks build up, etc. Also the buyback npc now works! :)

Change in weight from 10 lb to 1.something lbs makes major difference, especially if you haul around 10 or more hammers.

Note: Hammers are still not the 'best', i.e. fastest or highest dps type of club around, but they are likely cheapest in game, and they do have uses on puny, etc., and after this change are probably some of the lightest around as well. The speed buff does make them quite nice to have around especially if you don't have a speed buff ring like I do (although you may want to buy one since they are fairly cheap vs a while ago)... adjusted harrier from webshop speed buff is nice too, but only if you can figure out how to deposit since Mindark's still got no paypal option and bank wire fees are insanely high (40+ usd to wire/bank transfer in to this crazy game)
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How To Survive 2 - An experiment to see how long I can play without depositing after an initial bankroll that will help me keep going and hopefully increase my bankroll slowly through markup.

Seeing as the original thread and post can no longer be edited and the thread generated a lot of interesting dialogue I thought as I am returning to the game I would kick start this project again.

I am going to try to make this thread more concise but also read almost like a guide for new players who want to learn about hunting, whilst learning other important aspects to this game.

Weapons - Offence

Here is a table of all the best weapon setups for a beginner!
Weapon NameAmplifierDecayAmmoCostDPPRangeHitsDPS
Omegaton M2100A1 (L)ZX Sinkadus0.050+158 =1.6302.98526.40705.68
Bukin's Spare RifleOmegaton A1010.789+131 =2.0992.98057.20444.59
S.I. HK110ZX Sinkadus0.372+103 =1.4022.97444.00674.66
Ozpyn Chon S1X1Omegaton A1010.873+123 =2.1032.97424.20676.99
Bukin's Spare Rifle AdjustedOmegaton A1010.789+155 =2.3392.97166.00445.10
Ancient Red ScorpionOmegaton A1011.878+140 =3.2782.96860.506710.87
Sollomate Onyxo (L)Omegaton A1010.682+166 =2.3422.96839.60445.10
S.I. ScorpionZX Sinkadus 0.176+123 =1.4062.96630.80835.77
Z12 BarbarellaOmegaton A1010.672+215 =2.8222.95560.50486.67
The best gun options are all in the top 4 for economical hunting!

The top 4 guns can be used in the following configurations and combinations;

Melee Setups

Attachments - Offence

Armour - Defence

Healing - Defence

Rings - Miscellaneous

Bankroll Management

Hunting Tips

Skills Optimisation

Quest Tracker

Original Thread
How To Survive!
Moon daily extractor waypoints. These can be pasted into the chat, and then made into a in game sticky note to assist with tracking.
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10959, 10078, 107, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10793, 10059, 108, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10713, 10225, 112, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10479, 10430, 81, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 9960, 10240, 110, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10027, 9971, 133, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 9916, 9672, 112, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10042, 9151, 129, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10313, 9107, 115, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10392, 9280, 127, Waypoint]
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Monria plushies
NPC -- Thomas Malone
Location -- Monria Hub
Coordinates -- 38079, 22054, 202 -- 1st floor, right side by window, behind the desk

Additional Information
this is a progressive mission that leads you from one plushie to the next
stage 1 -- kill Shoggoths until the red on the bar is full -- turn in mission -- get Shoggoth Plushie
stage 2 -- kill Yogs until the red on the bar is full -- turn in mission -- get Yog Plushie
stage 3 -- kill Cultists until the red on the bar is full -- turn in mission -- get Cultist Plushie
stage 4 -- kill Shubs until the red on the bar is full -- turn in mission -- get Shub Plushie
stage 5 -- bonus plushie -- you'll see what to do when you get there
Reward -- Monria Plushies
Arkadia Moon Locations

PTECH Chief Engineer Milo- (Hazmat suit mission)[Arkadia Moon, 10442, 9722, 109, Waypoint] you will need to finish Each of the Day plans for suit parts. Takes 18 days. If no plan selected the reward is 2 ped universal ammo which is repeatable :)

PTECH Geologist Laura-[Arkadia Moon, 14349, 10936, 204, Waypoint] (need hazmat suit to be able to go to meteorites to get adventurers backpack reward)

PTECH Engineer Jay- (for the Moon Globe, **be sure talk again after completing to get mission for the IFN communication device
[Arkadia Moon, 10971, 12687, 221, Waypoint]

"Crashed Communication" -mission for moon Globe
5Ghz Dish-
[Arkadia Moon, 10485, 9066, 100, Waypoint]
2.4Ghz Dish-
[Arkadia Moon, 13357, 9497, 122, Waypoint]
3.4Ghz Dish-
[Arkadia Moon, 12747, 12992, 217, Waypoint]
Radio Mast-
[Arkadia Moon, 10859, 12593, 159, Waypoint]

[Arkadia Moon, 9822, 15428, 56, Waypoint]
[Arkadia Moon, 15277, 9842, 98, Waypoint]
[Arkadia Moon, 12858, 15473, 195, Waypoint]
[Arkadia Moon, 15936, 11820, 145, Waypoint]
[Arkadia Moon, 14297, 14397, 235, Waypoint]
[Arkadia Moon, 13384, 13597, 168, Waypoint]
[Arkadia Moon, 15137, 15275, 47, Waypoint


Crashed Alien Spaceship-
[Arkadia Moon, 14726, 14300, 244, Waypoint]

[Arkadia Moon, 14664, 13921, 384, Waypoint]

Oompa Village-
[Arkadia Moon, 9528, 14789, 205, Waypoint]
[Arkadia Moon, 15333, 9683, 117, Waypoint]
[Arkadia Moon, 12606, 11758, 213, Waypoint]
**[Arkadia Moon, 15974, 12172, 81, Waypoint]

Stone Monument-
[Arkadia Moon, 9636, 14486, 207, Waypoint]

Statue w/Flame Offering Plate-
[Arkadia Moon, 11965, 9840, 140, Waypoint]

Statue/Smuggler Scout Kalyn-
[Arkadia Moon, 11107, 12759, 451, Waypoint]

***Smuggler outpost (if completed smuggler status on Ark can go here for smuggler hazmat mission)
[Arkadia Moon, 15020, 13030, 289, Waypoint]

Skull Rock Cave Mouth-
[Arkadia Moon, 12344, 11598, 247, Waypoint]

[Arkadia Moon, 15365, 12254, 55, Waypoint]

Big Tree-
[Arkadia Moon, 15489, 11764, 143, Waypoint]

Ancient Pavalion-
[Arkadia Moon, 16062, 10183, 268, Waypoint]

Ancient Pyramid/Dam-
[Arkadia Moon, 13154, 9378, 160, Waypoint]


========== - lovely affiliate program discussion by McCormick over on ep...


That's a bit out of the blue but nice to see your already trying to improve it.

Congratulations and good luck with new venture.

Hey everyone!

Twin Peaks Mall is under new managment from my side :)
I will try and keep you updated with what path each shopowner is going with the shops in here!

I hope that this gives you a bit more information about the shops here and what they can offer :)

And you owners in the mall. If there are things that you are updating. Send me a pm and i will update the info about your shops.

Floor 1

#1L: Hot Stuff Fashion Items: 109/160
Owner: Sandrelia Sandi Mayfield
If someone know the owner or have info you can send me a pm
In here you can find a bit of uncoloured clothing, from pants to hats. Also a small selection of bp's.
Seems like the owner has been inactive on pcf from 2012


#2S: Mikaile's Calypso Charms Items: 63/65
Owner: Mikaile Mik Thereader
Complete selection of Firewall armor parts!
Also deals in other glowing armor parts :) Shopkeepers offer a bit of this and that from hunting to mining.


#3S: EMPTY Items: 0/65
Owner: Finn Da Celt Mac Cumaill
If someone know the owner or have info you can send me a pm


#4L: Entropia Studios Items: 114/200
Owner: Vehshi Rogue Shard-Angel
This shop has art and as well as a very nice selection of bp's that you can talk to Shard-Angel about.
The tt+1 table is stocked and shopkeeper is filled with pets.


#5L: Global Hyperstore Items: 140/160
Owner: Noorie Noorie Anwar
From the shopkeeper on the outside you will think that this shop is all about clothes.
But when you enter you see that she has what a hyperstore should have. A bit of everything.


#7S: Discount Ore Warehouse Items: 5/65
Owner: Mr SuperHero Incredible
If someone know the owner or have info you can send me a pm
Well... Inactivity had made this into a storage of Ospra Ingots that are far from a discount.


#8S: Skalmans Items: 32/65
Owner: Warants Skalman Skalmansson
If someone know the owner or have info you can send me a pm
If he is active on pcf there are a exclusive and high end things for sale in this shop.


#10L: SFE - Southern Fortress Engineering Items: 82/205
Owner: Jim EwoK Morris
If someone know the owner or have info you can send me a pm
This shop is sorry to say expensive and outdated due to inactivity.


#11L: Entropia Top Tamer Items: 119/160
Owner: Miggobar Miggobar Nostra
If someone know the owner or have info you can send me a pm
This shop is worth a look. But that is about it. Used to be a really nice Pet shop but inactive on pcf from 2016.


#12S: ????? Items: 38/125
Owner: Imewi Ime Dira
If someone know the owner or have info you can send me a pm
This shop has a few really nice things and then a few others that is kinda thrown on the ground.
The prices on these items can be only to get a few offers from you :)
And then it probaly are hunting drops maybe :)


#13S: EVENT HORIZON Items: 46/85
Owner: Stephen StephenHawking Hawking
This shop offers up a selection of weapons and pills.


#14L: Buzz Erik Lightyear's Hunting Shop Items: 258/260
Owner: Buzz Erik Lightyear
This is Buzz shop that has Hunting as main fokus. You will find most of the things you need in there.
You will find both ranged and mindforce in here.


Floor 2

#1L: ANIMAL ARMOR SHOP Items: 178/180
Owner: Inherent Marxus Legends
This is Legends shop for Cut/Stab/Imp. There is also a massive ammount of information about damage from mobs in those areas also. The info alone is worth a visit to this shop.


#2S: Cat's Make-up Items: 46/105
Owner: Catiana Cat Well
If someone know the owner or have info you can send me a pm
This owner was active with this a while ago. But now after 6 months away from pcf and maybe ingame hte shop has gone low on items and prices.


#3S: Robot Parts Animal/Mutant Loot Items: 57/65
Owner: Theophilus Theo Mayo
This shop is what it sounds like. With a bit of armors and some pets. If you are looking after a specific loot you can pm him and he promises to look after it for you


#4L: ROBOT ARMOR SHOP Items: 175/180
Owner: Inherent Marxus Legends
Now we get to Legends armor shop that is aimed for you robot hunters or those that pvp a bit.
Same as the Animal shop there are really nice information about damage types in here.
Also got some acceleration pets for sale here with info on them.


#5L: Thiti's Shop Items: 30/160
Owner: Caius Thiti Ceasar
If someone know the owner or have info you can send me a pm
This shop is empty. Got a few bp's in the two naked shopkeepers that is left.


#7S: Old Sindbad Bazaar 38/65
Owner: Angela Channing Falconcres Enhancers (mining), Pets
If someone know the owner or have info you can send me a pm
A few pets that are trying to be sold in there


#8S: Quality Philosophy Items: 17/65
Owner: Alex Pegucka Mak
If someone know the owner or have info you can send me a pm
Empty store


#10L: Rapid Pet Store Items: 152/165
Owner: Rapid Running Chick
This shop is stocked with weapons and armors


#11L: MAYHEM ARMOR SHOP Items: 173/180
Owner: Inherent Marxus Legends
The third shop from Legends are focused on event mobs and special damage mobs.
The information in here are on Cold/Acid/Elec mobs. Nice to see when you decide to hunt those.


#12S: ????? Items: 64/65
Owner: Drago PL Green Drago PL Red Drago PL
This shop has a few of this and that.
Items are placed on the ground to many items so room for furniture is not there :)


#13S: For sale! Items: 0/65
Owner: Maximus Alive GoodEvil


#14L: Buzz Erik Lightyear's Mining Shop Items: 191/260
Owner: Buzz Erik Lightyear
This is the go to mining shop here. When stocked it has all you need for mining.
There is also a small area and a shopkeeper with furniture


Floor 3

#1L: Foudil's shop Items: 152/160
Owner: foudil ElSalsero Bachatero
Fap, weapons & armor is the direction of this shop.


#2S: ????? Items: 23/65
Owner: Aadu dRifteR Asi
This shop is kinda empty. There are a few skill implants on a table and a few other things.


#3S: The Confused Monkey Items: 35/85
Owner: Matthew Matt Graham
If someone know the owner or have info you can send me a pm
Looking at the prices on the enhancers and the pitbulls in here makes me guess that he is inactive.


#4L: ????? Items: 157/160
Owner: Malcolm Pitbull Reynolds
This is a well stocked shop with Textiles! Also have som pets and guns.


#5L: ????? Items: 50/160
Owner: Leonis Leo Nis
If someone know the owner or have info you can send me a pm
This shop is kinda empty. A few bp's here and there.


#7S: ????? Items: 17/65
Owned: Jan JS Solo
If someone know the owner or have info you can send me a pm
Nothing special. Empty in there.


#8S: Firecracker-Beginners Items: 104/125
Seems to be for sale in a old thread!
Owner: JD araknis Black
This store has a nice setup and the owner has a good idea about the shop.
Jump in thre and take a loot.


#10L: Angel's Combat Boutique Items: 165/165
Owner: Sir Azzah Neu
Here can you find Enhancers in the two shopkeepers on the outside and boxes on the inside.


#11L: NADIE'S Items: 122/160
Owner: Lady Nadie Hawke
Colouring and texturing shop. There is alot of shopkeepers in there.
Nadie also has a colouring service with info on the inside.


#12S: Freaks of Nature Inc. Items: 33/65
Owner: Spanglehelm Rusty Rockfist
If someone know the owner or have info you can send me a pm
Not that much in there. Mostly loot from hunting.


#13S: Armatrix Series Guns Items: 97/105
Owner: Gaius Julia Caesar
This shop has the main focus of supplying with Armatrix weapons.


#14L: Buzz Erik Lightyear's Protection Shop Items: 252/260
Owner: Buzz Erik Lightyear
Buzz protection shop is a well filled shop with focos on everything that has to do with protection.



Ad space #1, South entrance
Owner: Xander Ex Snow
One Shopkeeper that has a cozy setup around him.
It is filled with weapons for the most part.


Ad space #2, North entrance
Owner: Geronimo Jerry Beridius
Two Shopkeepers with with stock in them.
One of them has L.A.R.A. and christmas things in it.


Happy shopping everyone!
Regards Zip
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I have spoken to DRDoom about making this list and he does nothing but agrees and allows me to use his layout for it.

I'm sure these faps changes hands a bit more frequent than the imp and mod faps, but it would still be nice to create a list to get an idea of how many there is ingame.

26 Adjusted Fap:

Project -X- (1)
-Medea Delorace Sapfo

BlackAngels Evolution (1)
-Filip Wixe Lehnert

Dawn Deamons (1)
-Joker Poker Uber Smoker

=NotA= (2)
-Rebekah Beki Viera
-Mike Freyr Perry

SHS-Hardcore (1)
-Subban Blast Gus

cK coat killers (3)
-Lucky Challenge Star
-Ogulak Da Basher
-Belzabu Belza Garcia

Novus Ordo Seclorum - N.O.S. (1)
-Harry Bond Hole

Irken Invaders (2)
-Bob beechbum da'mon
-Nathanial HuntingN8 Johnson

Miner's Mafia (1)
-Giuliano adm Noooo

Shaolin (1)
-Lexus Axel Laonna

Les amis de Fernard (1)
-go TANGUY le warrior

De La Troids (1)
-Laree Ree Tard

Gods Of Violence (1)
-Kamel Hmm Vafan

Soldiers Of Fortune (2)
-Bart BRT Bortorz
-Pedro PF Fermeiro

Devide and Conquer (1)
-andy andyzammy zammy

Shadown of the beast (1)
-Akira AkiranBlade Kurusowa

Art of War (1)
-Mice Migor OTH

RTr - Raumschiff Titanic reloaded (1)
-marcus luma lucius

Freelancers (2)
-Ice Cat Black
-Minken minken Forsberg

Still unknown socs (1)
-roger rogon olsen

Post those you know or corrections and I'll update the list.
Please post full name and society name if possible.
If your name is on that list without a reason, tell me about it.

For mod and imp list; visit DRDooms thread.
Last week a friend of mine was looking for someone link pretty emergency . He have sold some auds to order by mistake .

Here is easy way to find anyone link in EU .

1.Open message center
2.Go in Create new message > Mail
3.Press + and type the name then you will have the link

I am sure alot people know that already but some folks don't

Enjoy your time in EU , cya
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(A few ways to play free these days):

Arkadia Moon now has a daily mission that lets you get 2 ped Universal Ammo free (well free if you run around and collect the 10 way points and terminals near each at roughly 20-30 minutes per day)

Note: since time video above was made the main area around the TP where you do this has changed a little, so it looks a little different than in the video, but not much. Also, note that the area in the corners of the fence near the dome now have little areas your avatar can run through (didn't notice that originally - think devs may have updated that in a recent vu?... so makes running towards the 10th wp way easier than it was previously... Suspect a post I recently put on Arkadia Forum got that change happening or I was just too silly to notice it before?)
Moon daily extractor waypoints. These can be pasted into the chat, and then made into a in game sticky note to assist with tracking.
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10959, 10078, 107, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10793, 10059, 108, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10713, 10225, 112, Waypoint]

/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10479, 10430, 81, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 9960, 10240, 110, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10027, 9971, 133, Waypoint]

/wp [Arkadia Moon, 9916, 9672, 112, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10042, 9151, 129, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10313, 9107, 115, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10392, 9280, 127, Waypoint]

(Gasmask will let you die in the auto-die in the Meteorites' radiation)

Get tired of the Moon, go get a Wolpertinger on Cyrene and sell it... and while there if you don't mind getting naked, head down to the hub and pick up some lime green stuff.

At my request Cyrene recently reduced weight of maze hammers dramatically... so now you can carry an arsenal of maze hammers and not go slow due to weight limits... (nice since they give you a slight acceleration buff... of course I'm already maxed on that due to my adjusted harrier and ring, but hey, nice to have options in case I want to change clothes sometime.)


Getting bored of Cyrene and Ark Moon, go visit Rocktropia..

When you are on RT and are not hunting AI you can also hit the beer garden, the little pvp zones near n00bs club and the Arctic oil rigs as well as other rig to get a few oil, etc. Same type of thing on other planets too...

In other words get your avatar's ass off of Calypso and go explore.

(got to admit double skill bonus for old missions and new mission tracker thing on Calypso is nice, but that's not going to be Calypso's advantage forever... besides that, if you are here to play free this shouldn't be much of a concern since skill prices are crap nowadays anyways.)

(P.S. I've purposefully left quotes out of this post so that I and others can quote this post with all links intact, etc. )


If you get tired of the freebies Monria has a daily crafting and taming mission. Toulan does as well and it's mission is cheaper since it's tab tab. Toulan also has a forest of trees that you can harvest near the Jellyzone and a blueprint in the technician that lets you craft butt joints all day using only harvested stuf... who needs to pay markup to miners or hunters when you can rely on the trees all day to get yousomething to do. May not be as cheap in markup as the explosive crafting, but fairly close, also it allows you to potentially loot some interesting blueprints.
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By my testing it appears that healing between mobs adds the loot to the next mob.

My testing method:

1. Aggro a mob and allow the mob to do 90% damage to you.
2. Turret the mob (no loot received)
3. Heal yourself (decay incurred)
4. Aggro another mob and then turret it without healing yourself (loot received)

My observation shows loot.

I believe this observation supports the theory that decay incurred between mobs is added to the next aggroed mob.
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meanwhile over on Cyrene...

Hey Jambon,

I have to apologize right off the bat, some time ago they were added to Merfolken and Undersea folken. They were NOT added to other mobs that are part of this chain.

For sure I could see this being a thing actually, where one crystal is easier to loot than the other due to the TT difference, however I'm not sure if this is the whole story as at the end of last year Weakened Power Crystals were dropping much easier than Lesser Power Crystals.

That being said, there are variances in the drop chance of these crystals is adjusted per mob.

In the current in game loot lists, the following mobs can drop a Lesser Power Crystal:
Weak Zyn'Dos Forager
Watcher Zyn'Dos Forager
Soldier Zyn'Dos Forager
Strong Zyn'Dos Scout
Ravager Zyn'Dos Scout
Devastator Zyn'Dos Scout
Hunter Zyn'Dos Scout
Chaser Zyn'Dos Hoarder
Majestic Zyn'Dos Hoarder
King Zyn'Dos

The mobs that can drop either a Lesser Power Crystal and/or a Weakened Power Crystal:
Young Merfolken
Adult Merfolken
Scout Merfolken
Gatherer Merfolken
Undersea Folken Grunt
Undersea Folken Scout
Undesea Folken Warrior

I hope that this helps you target the crystal easier, and that being said, we're working with MA to make this much more smooth and less rare for all players on Cyrene.


So I was wondering about all these UL 100 QR Blueprints that were put on the Auction House pretty soon after the V.U.
I haven't seen that many low level blueprints available from the technician being sold at 100QR.

So I tried to buy a Blueprint from the Technician.. I selected 100, and boom...

100 QR blueprint.

If you buy 100 they come pre-stacked in a nice and valuable 100QR Blueprint.

There are some choice examples on Arkadia Auction House going for 300 PED.


Karma can be a bitch...

nice lil hidden addition to most recent vu - Calypso pets can spawn on asteroids and in space just like they can planetside before level 7 exportable. (in space cannot spawn em til you are near dead if you log out and end up outside of you ship, etc.)
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meanwhile back on Cyrene....

And an ore/enmatter list as well to make sure the ones that should be found here is as follows:

Belkar Stone
Durulium Stone
Gazzurdite Stone
Ignisium Stone
Iron STone
Megan Stone
Platinum Stone
Redulite Ore
Tridenite Ore
Zinc Stone

Azur Pearls
Angelic Grit
Acid Root
Dianthus Liquid
Garcen Grease
Lumis Leach
Magerian Mist
Typonolic Steam
Alicenines Liquid
Ferrum nut

just remember
loan services offered outside this official bank system cannot be guaranteed by MindArk. If an item is exchanged between avatars, this transaction will be logged as a regular TRADE. And as all trades are final, MindArk will not investigate claims if a loan giving avatar refuses to return items or money.Many people do not fully understand the true value of their virtual items until they are lost. They will then contact MindArk PE AB for assistance and will realize that we cannot help them; this can cause a lot of unnecessary grief and frustration.

We do not wish to discourage entrepreneurship within Entropia Universe, but based on experiences from community feedback and support case history, unfortunately not all entrepreneurs offering loaning services are trustworthy members of the Entropia Universe and therefore we need to be strict in our policies in order to protect the community from scams and cheating.

Therefore, any loan services offered outside the approved bank system will be considered by MindArk as scam attempts and the avatar offering such services risk a permanent lockdown of his/her account.

Although no scam has happened with this fund yet, at least that I'm aware of, potential is definitely there just as happened with some similar type funds in the past...

R&R Fund
Thread Related to R&R Fund
Pirate's Investment Fund
Hardwrath's NBK Fund Payback Post
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A Guide to Modern Medicine: How to Run a FAP Service in 2020

A Most Complete Guide to Armors (2020 Edition)
THE HIVE: a tutorial to aurli uber bosses


I've been checking out the excellent work that people like CZ Jane CZ have been doing to try and map out Calypso (truly excellent work guys), and I did find the maps incredibly useful. The only problem seemed to be the fixed format of the map - there's just too much information to squeeze onto that map, and it is prone to going out of date.

Therefore as as part of my wish to try and give back to the community I have decided to try and build an interactive map of Calypso that will allow people to find the location of Teleporters, Land Areas, Mobs, Shared Loot Mobs, Outposts, Mission Brokers, Landmarks, Points of Interest, etc for all to use.

The website can be accessed via

It's still in the very early stages of development, so a lot of the features haven't been added yet - but especially as many of us are stuck inside at the moment I'm hoping to get this up to scratch pretty quickly.

If you have any thoughts or feature suggestions, or if you would like to help contribute to the development of the map, please post below or contact me in-game.


As a side to this, I know how important it was for me to have a good, active and friendly society when I first started Entropia all those years ago. Without that friendship, I would never have gotten past the steep learning curve and I would have left shortly after starting like so many new players do.

In order to try and help new players as I was helped, I have set up an in-game Society called that is mainly for newer or returning players (but anyone who is active and friendly is welcome). Our main activities include:

  • Exploration and helping keep the map up to date
  • Meeting new friends
  • Doing old-school TP runs
  • Doing low-level hunting and other team events

If you're interested in joining or would like to know more, please feel free to get in touch. :)
Atlas Island Day - 21st April
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So, as we all know, I rent and manage the stores at Medusa Bazaar. A couple of months ago gdog rented the store from me and I lied to him about being able to claim items within a shop. Thus this became a huge liability and risk for all shop owners.

In the original statement i have said that if a shop was claimed, all items would go to the player's planet storage and not the new owner.

I want to apologize that I was committing fraud by ignoring the original contract, and I apologize for putting all these shop owners at risk due to my selfish intents. Without a shop deed all items in a shop are at risk.

Hi Entropians and MA

I am publicly apologising for my constant swearing on Global and Rookie chat and telling MA to Fuck OFF.

Please accept my apology and allow me to continue skilling up in peace. I got a 24 hour kickban and now big mobs are spawning on my location. I am not geared for these mobs and trying to team with others will leave me again in the RED which is where I am currently.

I know all is my own fault and I don't mean to disrespect anyone or disrupt anyone's game time. Please stop spawning the big mobs on me as I am trying to maximise skill extraction from my Avatar so that I can delete my account and withdraw from this universe. I expect to reach maximum skill per ESI withdraw in a month or so and then you wont see me again.

Thank you

Is your avatar's name on this list? (Apology)
I been talking with the guy that actually setup and administers our forums. According to him, the **BLACKLIST** was never displayed publicly in the 1st place, It was behind a password and kept private to society members only.

He states that only the **REDLIST** was made publicly available. The **REDLIST** that was made publicly available was only a list of ClubCalypto supporters. The reason it was posted was because alot of members in the community have often been slandered by some members of ClubCalypto radio and its host. There was nothing at all slanderous about or in the **REDLIST**.

Somebody obviously has a alt avatar registered on our forums probably even in our society, would not surprised me, we have busted several Chuck Leonardo alts. Now he has spliced the 2 separate lists together and made them appear as one. The **BLACKLIST** was very small and never made available to the general public, until somebody posted edited pictures publicly on the internet edited into the **REDLIST** and taking the title of the **BLACKLIST**

I received these 2 lists a couple months ago from a very well respected member of the community and General of a top 50 most skilled Society, through private PM on

I forwarded these 2 separate lists to JohnCapital the Moderator untouched as I received them. I wanted him to see where they came from and get his opinions on them. JohnCapital confirmed that he received the copy(s) that I sent him in the thread referenced below.

When the edited photos was posted on the internet, I didn't even bother to look at them. I have been banned from that website, ever sense Chuck Leonardo was posting private info about me on there. I was not even aware at the time how badly the 2 lists had been twisted and merged together.

I don't expect you guys to get it all figured out, but someone very cleverly deceived you. I just want you to know that I made the right decision, to remove both lists (Public & Private) before either 1 was even made aware to the public. Someone else spliced them together, then publicly posted and slandered innocent peoples names by grouping them together into 1.

This was a very well planed and clever attack by the members involved. I don't even expect anyone that has a copy of the original 2 lists, or who has seen a copy of them, to step forward and validate my claims. It would also not be a good Idea to re post the **REDLIST** either.

I just wanted to say I Publicly Apologize to the innocent people that may have appeared on those edited photos. It was not my intention to slander innocent people displayed on those edited photos.

I do believe that ClubCalypto and its alias, is very bad for our community, but that does not mean I dislike others that have or do associate.

In reference to


I would like to start firstly by saying that this is not to bring up anything to do with Calypto. So I don’t want any more arguments because of this post, please. For those who don’t know who Calypto is, it does not matter and for those who do, please express your opinions of him elsewhere. I only mention his name because it’s unavoidable & I want to explain my side of certain events & to take the time to apologise to anyone I have angered, to show transparency, honesty & sincerity.

This is what I did. I basically agreed to PK some players in exchange for some dirty money for my deeds, which I did to earn some ped. I can tell you now that I’m really sorry for what I did. Almost right away I knew what I had done was wrong. I was hoping that with time people would forget the fiasco, but they have not until now and has come to the attention of my society. Certain people outside of my society have asked my leader, that TAO should kick me, this was before anything was said in the soc on account of this and that might very well happen this week; though they are taking time to make their minds up about it at the moment.

I am sure that ETA knows personally that I did not PK anyone on any ETA run, just the people that Calypto had named. I know that does not excuse what I did or make it ok, but that is just something I would never do because you know what I think of you guys. I really do miss not being allowed to be a part of ETA runs anymore. I hope you can someday manage to forgive me for being a complete ass & take me back. As well as accept my apology for any negative stigma ETA received. I’m sorry ETA.

Of course all of this happened well before any of the flaming wars broke out about Calypto, so I really did not know what I was walking into. It was only after doing the PK's for Calypto that I got to find out more about him and the back stories. Which sort of made me not take his side; though his actions were dubious I gave him a chance. What he did is not important & it is not up to me to say whether or not they were of good or bad intentions, as this thread is not about Calypto but about me, Mark Rufen Power.

What I should have done was to go back and say to Calypto, sorry I simply cannot do this, I know. But instead I acted out the PK’s and took screenshots as prove. Then I shared the peds with the people I PK’ed. This was all done with their full knowledge and consent that was how I managed to find and kill the same people multiple times. I thought I was being clever & thought it was all a bit of harmless fun, but I failed to realise or predict the larger implications of my selfish actions that were both really rash and made me look very bad to the community. So I apologise to the community, I am very sorry.

As to why this apology is so late forthcoming, I was basically scared to talk & be open about it in case Calypto found out and got mad at me & reposted the screenshots back on his site. Well I would now rather have Calypto be mad at me than all my friends mad at me, so I have got to face that. If Calypto also wants his peds back from my past deeds I have no problems in returning it, as I’m not a thief.

Lastly, I made certain comments about a radio station only to say that it had not been proved that they were guilty by the OP, which was my honest opinion. I cannot say that I'm sorry for expressing my honest opinion & trying to be fair. But upon some reflexion I can see how that might have been perceived by others. It looked like I was siding with Calypto given what I had done & that only made things worse for me, that was also unwise. In fact that was the worst thing I could have done, I should have just kept quiet during that time. But anyway this apology had to be posted & glad I got it off my chest.

I have apologised to ETA, the community, but I also need to apologise to my society (-TAO-). I really am sorry for all this and I hope that all my old friends can forgive me, as I have put them through a lot of unnecessary bother. I have learned my lesson and ever since that time I have been earning my peds the honest way, by sweating, trading etc. I have also done everything I can to help noobs, though I don’t say it publically I do buy sweat at 5peds per k. I have also recently started to be a sponsor of Hugh’s Lost Ticket Event and I mean to carry on this way. So thank you for hearing me out.

Hope you can accept my apologies; hope you believe my sincerity & hope we can move on now. Hopes to have reconciled some things & mostly I hope to see you in-game :)

With love from ~Mark~
May 18, 2006
Mindark, I’m sorry…
…if you’re unhappy with what I wrote. But accusing me of slander and using scary Swedish mind tricks to make my life miserable is a bad idea. Let me explain…

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post where I said that Mindark may well be a fine company, but its press releases about Project Entropia (or Entropia Universe as it’s now called) were over the top and worthy of much more investigation than the mainstream press usually afforded them. In the posting I made some observations about Mindark: (1) it has a history of making wild claims about Entropia, (2) at least one of the much-vaunted sales of assets in the world was to someone who has a direct connection to the company, and (3) that its recent announcement about its groundbreaking “Entropia banking card” was not very groundbreaking, coz it was basically a debit card. So far, so bland. I mean, big deal. Public relations is mostly hype anyway, and my beef wasn’t particularly with Mindark as the mainstream media’s inability to exercise any judgment about what is really newsworthy about virtual worlds. When the New York Times gets all breathy about a debit card, it’s time to tell them to get a better bullshit detector.

Mindark didn’t appreciate this posting very much, perhaps because it interfered with the potential press coverage of the AMAZING story that Jon “Neverdie” Jacobs is the world’s FIRST VIRTUAL MILLIONAIRE!!1!1!!

Anyway, shortly after the posting Jan Welter Timkrans, Mindark's CEO sent the following message to one of my bosses:

I am the CEO of a company named MindArk PE AB based in Sweden. I would like to know how it is possible that an Assistant Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics, employed by the Wharton University of Pensylvania. Is initiating and spreading slander concerning our product "Project Entropia".
It is utterly appalling to see his writings concerning a product he clearly knows nothing about. How can promoting slander by an employee be tolerated by a university involved in the education of Business Ethics and on top of that Legal Studies?
Dan Hunter has never even been in contact with our company.
Dan Hunters slander can be viewed at:
Best Regards

Jan Welter Timkrans / CEO Mindark PE AB
[ details snipped...]
I spoke to my school about it, and we all shrugged it off. People suggested I should blog about it, but I figured that it didn’t add much to any discussion. So, it turns out that Mindark was pissed off with me. Take a number and stand in line guys.

But they just can’t leave well enough alone. This morning their CEO sent the following message to my school, looking for an apology:

Dear Sirs
I am disappointed to note that none of you have answered the mail that I have submitted below, this can only lead me to believe that the slander Dan Hunter is creating and spreading is sanctioned by the institution which employs him. Please answer. At this stage I will be content with an official apology.

Best Regards

And he sent one to the principals behind TerraNova:

Dear Sirs
I would like to inform you that you are promoting slander by making Dan Hunters slander available on your collaborative weblog experiment.
For your information you can see what I have communicated to Dan Hunters colleagues here below.

Best Regards

Jan Welter Timkrans
And they’ve even reserved me my own little spot in the Seventh Hell of Entropia, where they explain that I am, in fact, the "flimsiest story". (I’m not quite sure what that means, but, like, whatever. Welcome to the internets, where everyone gets to call you odd names).

Now this sort of thing pisses me off. To the point where it’s worth my time to blog about it. It’s not because I care at all about the implicit threat here: that if somebody doesn’t do something about me (in general) or this posting (in particular) then defamation suits will flow like the gentle rain from heaven. One of the great beauties of all those years learning law, practising law, and (now) teaching law is that I actually know what the law is; and perhaps more important, I don’t have any fear of groundless and stupid implied threats that I might get sued.

No, the thing that pisses me off is the use of these sorts of threats on all the people around me, in an effort to try to get me to shut up. (What’s strangest about Mindark’s behavior was that I was planning on ignoring them, since I have a million better things to be doing than writing about them. But they keep on picking, picking, picking at the wound, and, hey, before you know it, it’s bleeding again). I’m sure that there are all manner of organizations which, when faced by dumb threats like this, will actually try to make nice with bullies like Mindark, and tell their employees to shut up, or revoke publishing privileges, or whatever. But that’s not going to happen here. So that Jan Welter Timkrans and his minions at Mindark actually understand that it’s a waste of time to ask my school for an apology (and apology for what? for employing me?) I want them to know that I have tenure there. This means that they cannot fire me except in the most unusual of cases, one of which is definitely not because of pressure from a bunch of Swedish bullies with a penchant for wildly over-stated press releases. And as for thinking that TerraNova might decide to try to shut me up and get rid of me…well, they may want to have a look back to November 2003 and remind themselves who founded this site in the first place.

But if they want to knock themselves out contacting people who have influence over me, in an effort to shut me up, can I suggest the Starbucks barista named Juan who makes my coffee in the morning? I mean if he decides to cut me off from my supply then I’ll definitely consider writing a post entitled: “Mindark, I’m truly sorry…and can I now please have a large caffe latte with an extra shot? And if you also get me a bagel I'll buy your next space station, no questions asked!”

Oh, and to the inevitable Mindark sockpuppets who will post comments below, let me wish you the best. Knock yourselves out guys. Freedom of expression is da bomb, isn’t it?
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once i saw hes tping with those chip on ISSLEY? ISISLEY? :D

i scanned him, ty



Dear Danny, you are one-of-a-kind eco af ava

FYI,danny was hunting high maturity feffox near issley(global often with those)
after hes using(charging?) 'somekinda' tp-chip, i wanna scan this beautiful red armor/cloak guy
and i took screenie.

after this info, im pretty sure he use " Prototype Regeneration Field Chip " as well, while hunting feffox stalkers(idk proto h-feild chip existed ingame till today)

my general question is
▶how can danny actually get killed by feffox??(tierd POE,mod5B) i guess he don't have prototype devine intervention chip:laugh:
▶seriously MA? 1 Mind essence? and one player using it while hunting
▶how can danny actually get killed by feffox??Unique_Official_MindArk_PHG_-_v.Marco, based on circumstance, obviously
danny was using this gun while hunting. the most famous EU catchphrase incoming "kill them before reach you" " go naked man "

theres something wrong in here
ty. not

A lot has been written on this forum, questioning my integrity, with defamatory comments, so even though my account is currently pending investigation, I thought I would reply with a brief statement.

I am sure this statement will be pulled apart by the conspiracy theorists of you, but it is made in good faith.

My in-game avatar is called “Daniel DannyO Ocean, was created by myself, and is still played by myself (unlike many other high-profile accounts) This account is NOT an MA account or played by an employee of MA.

I am a UK player, who lives and works approximately 30 minutes south of London.

I don’t have the actual statistics, but I suspect that I am probably in the top 10% of players that deposit, I am probably in the top 10% of players in respect of peds cycled when hunting, and probably in the top 10% of skilled players.

During my time in game, I have always tried to help or assist people, although I can from time to time be impulsive!

TP Chip

All I am prepared to say at this stage is that the TP chip was NOT given or traded to me by a MA Official Avatar or an MA employee.

Heal Chip

Rightly or wrongly, this was given to me in good faith to assist with events on Arkadia, due to issues with official avatars. I duly helped and assisted on these events, at no personal gain to myself.

In a personal error of judgement or stupidity I played around with this chip on cally. I admit fully that I healed people at the robot wave events at Medusa and Pandora and also the recent Purger event. I am sure many people can vouch for getting free heals from me. I may also have blipped the chip in a few other places.

I also fully admit to playing around with the chip around Western Habitat area on Tuesday 7th April. I initially was creating damage on my avatar and healing myself using the chip. I discovered that the chip could be used to gain some skills, so I hid my avatar in a vacant room and was skilling for around 90 minutes.

This chip is not compatible with hunting solo, which you all know that I do….. and if I have used it to gain an advantage in any way while hunting, I am sure the MA investigation will bring this up.


I accept fully that I have been foolish and stupid, and I am man enough to know “ if you do the crime, you do the time”

I am sure that if MA find during their investigation that I was trying to defraud them in anyway, my account will be permanently locked.

If after MA has done its investigation and it finds that it is no more than an error of judgement or stupidity, I am guessing the ban will be temporary.

Even if my avatar is unlocked, my in game reputation has been destroyed, partly by myself and partly by the trolls, and conspiracy theorists who are quick to condemn on this forum, so I am unsure at the present time, even if my account is unlocked if I will play this game again.

To my true friends in game, there is a lot of real stuff going on in the world atm, so take care and stay safe.


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Planet Arkadia
After a few years of minimal planet development because of IP-claims in Singapore, Arkadia has now won the dispute like expected and shown that they have full ownership of IPn in question. Arkadia is now increasing the development and advertizement during 2020.

Based on reports from the community regarding potential use of official-only items by player avatars, MindArk initiated a thorough investigation into the matter over the past 12 days. In this statement I will detail the steps taken by MindArk, including our investigation of this issue, the actions taken based on our investigation, and adjustments to our policies and procedures to prevent such issues in the future.

Our investigation confirmed that two avatars had used items intended for use exclusively by official avatars. The items in question were acquired, without the permission of either MindArk or Arkadia Studios, from Planet Arkadia Official avatars.

Those official items were immediately removed from the offending player accounts, and all other instances of the Arkadia-specific Prototype Regeneration Field Chip items were removed from Entropia Universe. The player accounts in question were also immediately locked once the reports were confirmed by our investigation. Those accounts will be banned from Entropia Universe for a period of five months. In addition, the following skills and attributes have been reset to 1 for the involved avatars: Bioregenesis, Concentration, Force Merge, Mindforce Harmony, Power Catalyst, Translocation, Intelligence, and Psyche. Any skill implants of the skills listed above have been removed from the involved accounts.

In order to prevent such issues from occurring in the future, MindArk will be taking several steps related to Official avatars. A comprehensive security review of all Official avatars is already in progress; any avatars that are no longer used or deemed unnecessary will be deleted. Access to the remaining Official avatars will be reviewed and monitored very carefully, especially those created for Planet Partners. Finally, all official-only items will no longer be tradable, nor will they be usable by player avatars.

MindArk takes the security and integrity of Entropia Universe very seriously, and we apologize for the concerns and uncertainty that these issues have understandably caused within the community. We will make every effort to ensure that such issues are not possible in the future. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Henrik Nel
CEO MindArk

posted below to keep an idea on pet etc. pricing, etc. (most sell threads here don't include prices, but some few do... )
Pets for Sale! :whip:

WEEKEND SALE, May 2 and 3

Corinthian Kanin - Level 17, 8% acceleration is unlocked. Comes with 2 pet name tags. 150 peds Weekend Sale: 125 peds!

Blue Leprechaun, Rare - Level 10.5, Increased Pet Focus Generation 10% buff is unlocked (allows pet to be leveled faster). 12% acceleration buff available at level 23. Comes with 2 rare pet essence and 75 pet essence needed to unlock acceleration buff at level 23. Also comes with 2 pet name tags. 110 peds Weekend Sale: 95 peds!

Chirin Dragon - Level 11, Skill Gain - Pet and Taming 10% buff is unlocked (raise your skills faster as you tame or handle pets!) Comes with 2 pet name tags - 100 peds Weekend Sale: 90 peds!

Ancient Pets - All are Level 1 - Ancient Exarosaur (21 available), Ancient Exarosaur Strong (8 available), Ancient Snablesnot Female Strong (3 available), Ancient Snablesnot Male Strong (6 available). Ancient Daikiba and Daikiba Strong (SOLD OUT). All come with 2 pet name tags per pet. 35 peds each

Fresh tamed Level 1 - Eudorian Sapphire Devil Pet (2 available) and Sapphire Chirin Dragon Pet (3 available), each pet comes with 2 pet name tags. 5 peds each

Accepting straight peds or some things in trade:
Nutrio bars at 135%
AUD's at 70 peds
Mannequin (M) - (lower tt value preferred) at tt +35
RE-105 at tt +16
Duchev Logs (don't need 1,2,3,4, or 7) - tt +15
Lux Deed Case - tt +15
Hunter (M) parts - shins, foot, NOT mentor edition - market price
Dominax Original Moccasin (L), full tt only at 23 peds
Cryogenic Attack Nanochip 2 - tt +60
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Mindark 1999

Official Mindark Investors & Fundings (2000-2020)

Interview with Patric Sundström on Gamer's Alliance RPG

Project Entropia, developed by MindArk AB, is a massive multi-player 3D-based on line game that derives from the RPG tradition, where the action is based on another planet way into the future.

The following is an interview with the Patric Sundström, the Marketing Manager at MindArk AB, discussing the game, its features and more. Enjoy!

Can you give a brief summary of what Project Entropia is all about.

Project Entropia is an on-line multi-player game in an expanding 3D-world. by using a flexible RPG system it allows free personal character development by means of skills, experience and including character appearance and life styles by active social interaction in an evolving internet community.

The game world is set in the distant future, on man's first off-world colony. The concept of the game will provide the players with an advanced array of technological tools and exciting native creatures from difference environments.​

Will the game take advantage of 3D technology? Will you be using your own engine? Will the game require a 3D accelerated video card?

Yes the game will be in 3D. We are developing our own game-engine that will stand up to our demands when online-gaming. We will develop a engine from the technical techniques which exist today and buy looking to other games, and learn from them, also it will be necessary to use a 3D accelerated video card.​

Will the game be played through a first-person or third-person perspective?

I will release details at a later date.​

What features will Project Entropia have that other games in its genre don't posess?

The difference with most online games that exist today and Project Entropia is that it's played out in the future instead of a fantasy world. Which gives you the possibility to use modern technology, which you would not find in a fantasy world. The cities will be safe zones with a wide thinking community, but if you dare to venture out into the wilderness, there's a good chance of you discovering new forms of animal life and even robots. Which i might add, will not always be of a friendly nature.​

What types of skills will the player be able to have throughout the game?

The player will have many different skills at hand, to deal with all manners of problems that may occur on a future world. As well as the basic skills which can be found today on similar games.​

What types of environments will the player be able to come across?

The environments in the game are much the same as today's but more advanced. They will function roughly as big city's do today, with all the entertainment and fun, but also the problems which come with city life. Out of the city you can find the same environments as on Earth, forests, deserts, mountains, seas and oceans.

The game begins with man sending out probes into outer space in search of a planet, which resembles Earth in as many ways as possible, for example the climate and environment. So life could begin with out to many problems. The planet which the game is played on is very similar to Earth but with it's own fauna and flora.​

What kinds of jobs will the player be able to choose from, if he or she wishes to have a profession?

When you start to play the game every body will have the same chances. Then maybe you find a job, or receive instructions from other players or NPC. This means when you start to play the game, your not stuck in one position, because your character develops as you play and is influenced by the choices you make. You are also not trapped in the same character as you begin with, because how many times has it happened that when you start a new game as a knight for example, that you find it would have been a better choice to have been a magician, so you have to start all over again. With Project Entropia you don't have to worry about this because you decide how your character will be.​

Is there anything else you would like to talk about regarding Project Entropia before we end the interview?

Project Entropia will not be just another shoot-em-up online game. We have put a lot of hard work and energy into creating a functional society were every individual takes control over his or hers future, which means it's very important to make and keep your social contacts as well as developing your other skills.​

Project Entropia concept art as of 1999
project-entropia-concept-art-october-1999-4. project-entropia-concept-art-october-1999-3. project-entropia-concept-art-october-1999-1.

Interview by Michael 'Dethrone' Mikucki for Gamer's Alliance RPG

May add more links later. Mccormick's last stand appears to be in full progress.
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Developer interviews on EntropiaPlanets

How to use Ignore feature on PCF
Hey there, here's some knowledge when it comes to crafting:

figuring out the level to be maxed out on the skill side:
for SIB-BPs:
BP level lower than X: (BPlevel-1)*2.5+5 or simply recommendedlevel+5

BP level higher than X: still under investigation
level XIII BPs seem to have recommended level 57

UL BPs: When the BP is maxed out on the skill side, then it should show you 81.4% success rate in the crafting terminal, to get to 95% shown success rate it's necessary to get the QR to 100.
L BPs: as those are treated as QR 100 BPs, maxed out skill will show 95% success rate.

for non-SIB-BPs:at qr 1.0: "double what would take to max a SIB blueprint of the same rank - i.e. lvl 10 for I, lvl 15 for II, lvl 20 for III etc.
at qr 100.0: less than what a SIB blueprint takes, might be half - but not quite sure
To put it short: non-SIB blueprints can be maxed either by skill or qr but SIB blueprints take both skill and qr." (thanks Haruto)

Quantity vs. Condition:
full Quantity: highest near-success/success rate, success rate is roughly 38% in the long run, successes are at or slightly above the value if no multiplier occurs, the tt-return in runs without any multipliers can be as low as 73% for non-Sib and 78% for SIB crafts (based on maxed skill & QR).

full Condition: high failure rate, success rate is roughly 5% in the long run, seperated build-in multiplier, successes give about 8 times the value of the click-costs if no multipliers occur, near successes are boosted by this multiplier as well

Every other positions on the slider are somewhere between those 2 things.

Fails, near success, success & multipliers
Fail: no loot at all
near success: ~25%, ~50%, ~90% return of the click-costs (before condition multiplier), return can happen in getting raw materials back or residue
success: ~100-110% return of the click costs (without any multipliers), multipliers can happen (i.e. times 100 on a 0,5 PED crafting resulting in a 50+ PED global), it is possible to loot BPs, it's possible to loot a UL & a L BP on the same success. It is possible to loot Gems, like Garnet, Opal and so on, if the global/hof is big enough and you get lucky.

L items are usually filled by using residue when crafting, the residue is determined by ressources used in crafts:
ore/ingot: metal residue
enmatter: energy matter residue
animal oils: animal oil residue
robot parts: robot component residue
leather & hides & wools : tailoring remnants
components: metal residue & energy matter residue

Looting BPs:
the range of lootables BPs compared to BP being used: -2 to +3 level and based on the BP being wanted: -3 to +2 level.
If you craft with a level 2 BP, then you can loot level 1-5 BPs
If you craft with a level 5 BP, then you can loot level 3-8 BPs
If you want to loot EP I, which is a level 1 BP, then you need to grind on a level 1-3 BP
If you want to loot EP IV, which is a level 7 BP, then you need to grind on a level 4-9 BP
and so on.

BP being used/wanted:
the BP loots are tied in the following categories:
Mechanical, electronical, metal BPs do drop/loot from mechanical, electronical, metal BPs (they are same loot-pool)
Weapons are same loot-pool, i.e. laser crafts can drop fist, sword BP and so on and vice versa
tool, furniture, enhancer, tailoring, vehicle, armor, attachment, material have each their own loot-category, i.e. vehicle crafts drop only vehicle BPs, tool crafts do only drop tool BPs

planet-specific BPs:
Some blueprints, like the ones from PP, can only be looted when crafting on that specific planet.
- Hotfoot BPs are Arkadia BPs and can only be looted while crafting on Arkadia.
- Hoverboard BPs are Rocktropia BPs and can only be looted while crafting on Rocktropia.
- Pitbull BPs appear to be caly BPs and only be looted while crafting on caly.

"Boosted" BPs
some BPs in the game have a build-in multiplier in addition to the potential condition-multiplier and multipliers which may occur on success.
Those build-in multipliers vary from BP to BP. near successes benefit from the build-in multiplier as well.
a times 2 boosted BP that costs 10 PED per click, will give 20-22 PED per success without any other multipliers.
a times 2 boosted BP that costs 10 PED per click, can produce a ~160000 PED hof on a success when crafting on full condition and getting times 1000 multiplier (10*2*8*1000), note: crafting on full condition is always quite some gamble and times 1000 multipliers are the rarest, so better be sure you can afford to lose a lot of peds before starting such gamble. As you may lose it all due to high failure rate.

The other day a new player had asked me if there was a chart or book that shows what recipes of resources are to be used to make different things in Entropia Universe.

I said, "You can try the wiki" but I personally, after all these years, did not know for I went and did some digging. ( no pun intended )

What I found was this:

I found this to be very handy and just a fun read. :wtg:

Hello friends as the title says i am selling 10k Rare Pleak Wings which you need to turn in to get 1 stamina point for 200ped.

Message me in here or in game if you want to buy. thanks :)
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You do it as "/listmembers #yourchannel"

Also, you can find extended help for any command with "/help [command]" e.g. "/help listmembers" in your case.
We just wrapped up the testing described here. Thanks to Leroy Casper Hunter and Leeloo Leeloo Mountain for helping out. There have been competing ideas out there on how other miners affect your hit rate, so I figured we'd try to some formal science on it.

To sum it up, this was designed like I would any scientific experiment at work to give this data a bit more rigor to have actual testable data. The three of us each dropped en/ore at the exact same coordinates with about a 5 minute buffer between us. Leeloo went first, then Casper, then myself. If someone caught up to the person ahead of them, we typically gave at least a minute or two buffer if not closer to 5 minutes. These were all done with F-101's with no attachments, etc. so everything was standardized for depth, search radius, etc. There were 30 drops for each type, or 60 total drops per person.

Hit rate

The first miner had 26.7% HR, second was 6.7%, and third was 5.0%:


As you increase the number of miners (primarily having more than one miner dropping on recently mined areas), hit rate significantly decreases. For the formal research statistics end of things, I used a logistic regression with hit rate as a response, and miner number as the independent variable. One way to look the above graph is if the confidence intervals overlap, you cannot say those average hit rates are significantly different (i.e., they are only numerically different due to randomness). The confidence intervals basically mean that if you repeated this study 100s of times or had a much higher sample size (maybe 10k PED worth), we can say with 95% confidence that the "true average" falls within those limits without needing to actually do that much sampling.

Likewise, the logistic regression line had a negative slope (-1.2), and was also statistically significant p = 0.000982, also confirming that as you add more miners, hit rate goes down. P-values under 0.05 are generally the threshold for significance, so there's next to no question that we ruled out randomness in this experiment and the differences we saw are due to the number of miners.

Hit rate however, was not zero for the 2nd or 3rd miners. Some claims could have been missed by the previous person because they found a claim closer where they dropped even though both were within their search radius. Another reason is claims "respawning". As the third person in the chain, I did have one claim appear right next to me and not on the edge of the radius as you'd expect with the former example.

TT returns

I also analyzed the TT returns from these runs since it was possible claim size might be different depending on your hit rate. This gets a little trickier to analyze because that data doesn't fit a normal distribution and are instead bimodal (a bunch of zeros for the NRFs, and another peak for actual claims). I won't get into the nuts and bolts of that one, but in order from miner 1 to 3's total TT: Leeloo 33.48, Casper 12.42, and myself 16.55 PED. There would be issues trying to graph that up due to the non-normal data, but I analyzed the total PEC with a zero-inflated poisson regression to take care of those. The short of it was that Leeloo's average TT per drop was significantly higher than Casper (p = 0.04155) or myself (p = 0.00342). Casper's and my TT per drop were not significantly different (p = 0.1988).


Essentially, TT returns declined with declining hit rate as more than one person mined an area. This go a good ways towards settling the question of whether other miners affect your hit rate or TT.

There are a few followups mentioned in previous threads now that we found there is a difference due to other miners:

  1. Does the first miner only deplete claims at the depth they hit at, or at any depth within the radius (i.e., due claims exist in a disc, or cylinder)? This could be done in quick succession with at least two people at the same coordinates again. It would need to have enough range in depth treatments to not overlap much, so maybe like 200, 500, and 800m.

  2. What is the rough respawn rate? This could be done by repeating this again, but instead of 5 minute intervals, spread it out by increasing wait time of 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, etc. for each person to see when it's "safe" to mine the area again.

  3. Do others in the same zone affect your mining if you don't overlap drops? No need for staggering here again, just do 30+ drops in the same general vicinity and compare HR again.

I would like to take another weekend to test either 1 or 2 now that we have this wrapped up. I'm thinking March 9, but I'll see what people think about what we have so far before setting up the next round of testing.

Ok I have seen that everybody is posting their screenshots of this new VU but they leave all the icons, chat and radar in them. In some cases this is necesary to give coordinates and date and time but for the rest of you that only want to take cool pics follow this steps to remove those things.

1. Press Y, L and G (this will open the Action Library, The edit panel, and the Keyboard layout)

2. Select the System tab in the action library (marked in green on the image)

3. Drag the icons Dashboard and Desktop icons from the Action library to 2 of the keys in the Keyboard Layout that aren't assigned to any other action. (in this case I used the INS and HOME keys).

4. Press Y,L and G to close all the windows.

5. Now whenever you want to take a nice screenshot just tap INS and HOME to clear the screen, take the picture and tap INS and HOME again to bring back your radar and icons.

6. Also remember to hide the crosshair (Spacebar) and any PM, Map or any other windows you have opened.

That's It. I hope this was useful. Here is a picture to show the procedure in detail:

[br]Click to enlarge[/br]

And compare this 2 pics to see the diference

[br]Click to enlarge[/br]

[br]Click to enlarge[/br]
=========== - mob ladder

It all looks good at first sight but I still would like to understand these new items better to assess their value before spending.

Going out from the first item infos appearing on auction and what is already in the Wiki:

Nowhere in the descriptions does it actually say they're restricted to be used with melee weapons, or with weapons at all. It is just the obvious or anticipated standard use case. Do they attach to other weapons or even tools as well? I can think of a number of items with low service life in between repairs.

Can they be used with limited melee weapons / any L weapons / items? This would address the disadvantage of crafted melee weapons whose markup fully impacts economy. And possibly improve other/older items which got outmoded by increased average efficiency of later releases.

Do they attach to items that don't accept other attachments, like Ancient Greece swords? Do they attach to other attachments (like sights go on scopes -- extenders on low-durability / high-markup amps like BullTac or CDF BLP amps come to mind)?

Might add more questions as I can think of them. I like how the blueprint ingredients are structured here, used to difficulties selling those robot parts.
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VU 17.2 NI Release Notes

New Content

Placed a storage terminal in Orpheus Cave

Placed turrets around estate areas to prevent mob training
Some player owned estates have been built out to their specifications, while others are a work in progress

Craftable combat boat “Reckoning”

Craftable combat boat weapon, “Liberator”

Craftable, texturable, colorable clothing for both M and F avatars

5 new craftable textures can be found on the planet

Player requested Next Island Mankini and Bikini

Lootable PVP zone with pyrite created in north west region of Ancient Greece

A new race quest located south of Paradise Landing

A new daily crafting quest located at Tanzanite View

A new daily hunting quest located south of Oasis Outlook

A new treasure hunt style quest located at Tanzanite View

Known Issues

Particle effects sometimes produce large squares or other graphical defects

Reckoning blueprint displays as a red cross

Mankini (C) and Bikini (C) are not Limited

Mankini not having a Blueprint book

Textures on the new customizable clothing can be faded despite it being 100%. This can be

corrected by applying 1 paint can of any color to the section and putting it to
full failure. This will make the texture show up properly without the color of the paint can
disrupting it.

Fixed Issues

Fixed an issue with onyx drop rate

Fixed an issue with quartz drop rate

Fixed an issue with thyroid oil drop rate

Adjusted ESI drop rate

Fixed an issue with various spawns of mobs were in the wrong areas

Adjusted daudaormur fang drop rate

Rebalanced loot lists for all of Ancient Greece mobs

Fixed an issue with LARA backpack not displaying properly

Rebalanced crafting portion of Mission Chain for the Gorgon’s Shade

Adjusted Gorgon’s Shade spawn parameters so that players only need to turn in the

quest items once in order to spawn the Gorgon’s Shade wave event whenever they want. Players will still need 20k sweat for each spawn

Adjusted Gorgon Wave event, reducing sweat requirement for spawn from 50k to 10k

Adjusted location of the box in “Deliver us from the Dark Queen” quest, so that players can find it easier

Adjusted all ores and enmatters so that quest specific mining is now easier

Added more areas where Next Island ores and enmatters can be found

Adjusted drop rate of drake scales of all types

Adjusted drop rate of cyclops wrist guard

Adjusted drop rate of minotaur horn

Fixed issue where some NI armor could not have armor plates attached

Adjusted Daudaormur “hitbox” areas to make for easier targeting

Fixed issue with light sources in some buildings

Adjusted teleports around Ancient Greece to create efficiency for getting in and out of AG

Fixed an issue where female set of Apocalypse armor was invisible

Fixed an issue where normal Gorgon parts were giving rare swirlies

Fixed an issue with a graphical hole above the cave leading to the Gorgon Wave area

Fixed issues with various texts and dialogues

Fixed an issue where Gorgon’s Shade quest was not tracking correct values

Adjusted various spawn densities and respawn rates per player request

Fixed an issue involving lag around some drake spawns where there was rainfall

Adjusted size of Gorgon and Gorgon’s Shade

Adjusted spawn of Screechers at Crystal Peak.
Developer's Note
We just wanted to let everyone know, this VU will be more sparse than usual. There's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes here that takes more time than the usual VU to VU stuff that we've been doing.

We will be showing off some of the upcoming things that are in development during the summer when it's at a point we're comfortable to show.

New Additions
- New Missions
-- Byrd Terminal - Now Accepting All Donations | a simple mission to spawn a group of byg byrds for a new recipe turn in.
--- This is accompanied by a new recipe in the terminal (mentioned above), Zorn Compound A, which is required to spawn the Byg Byrd group for some sweat and few Zorn Star Ingots.
-- Rodney's Universal Ammo | Many players were asking us for a mission to get some universal ammo, so here's the 1st iteration, all feedback is welcome.

- New Area
-- A.R.C. Base | Zorra's been busy fortifying the A.R.C. area, with this base as the 1st installment, she's been trying to get the scientists from Sky Labs to grant instantaneous teleportation to high ranking A.R.C. members...

- Mentors and Disciples
-- Disciple Armor + P.I.G.V. | Any and all disciples that graduate on Cyrene should now be able to acquire this armor.

- Replaced some tree and other vegetation models that need improvements/optimization.
- Implemented several player found bug fixes.
- Adjusted loot drops across several creatures targeting the following:
-- Creature Hides
-- Low and Medium Grade Components
- Adjusted mining finds for all PvP minerals.
- Quality of life changes for "Find the Rifts" mission.

- Planet Cyrene still does not yet have access to the Codex, to add in Cyrene mobs, more updates to come as we have them. That being said we plan to give Cyrene players ample time to know when the Codex will be implemented as well as the information that not all missions will be automatically added into the codex. There are several new mobs ready that will be added specifically for the Codex.

Known Issues
- The Hub Arenas and Proving Grounds are currently not accepting entry tokens nor are they awarding tokens for kills. This fix may potentially be coming next week with a Mini Patch, still testing and checking.
- The culmination for the chain mission for the Ryvox the Cypher is currently not implemented.
- Support weapons are not currently working properly, this is a platform issue.
- All Cyrene vehicles (P.I.G.V., Spear, Lancer, Dragonfly) have default sounds, this will be addressed in a future patch.
- Some Quality Ratings information in blueprint book: A.R.C. is incorrect, and this issue is still being looked into.
- A supplementary mission for Rank 5 of Brown Beetles to give proper mission rewards is not working correctly and will be fixed in a future VU.

Please give RNGesus some time to ensure all items reach their intended recipients and MindArk time to make sure that all missions are activated.

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I thought I would put all this info together in one place as it is asked for often enough :laugh:.

Lets start from the beginning. Nawa is part of the lore of Planet Toulan -

Having once played host to a sultanate of immense wealth and power, where native Insians and alien Narians worked for peace and prosperity in an almost indestructible nation, Toulan is now only a mere shadow of its past self.
It was 600 years ago that an apocalyptic war, caused by the greed of the two races and fuelled by the fight to control Nawa, the planet’s lifeforce, destroyed the majestic splendour of the land. The old bazars that once held vast riches of spices, gold, silk and swords were turned into rubble, as was the old city of Sabad and most of the continent’s societies. The Insians were nearly made extinct, and the Narians were sent off of the planet, locked behind a door and kept out of Toulan.
To make the planet whole again, the Safians – the perfect race of people numbering less than a dozen – began to rebuild the planet, a process that had to start with the rebuilding of the Insian race. The Safians came up with a technology that allowed them to bring to life individual Insians, incorporating into each person a Nawa core to allow for the cultivation and manipulation of the energy.
As part of the new batch of mortal Insians colonising the planet, you are here to rebuild the nation to its past magnificence, travelling through vast landscapes to hunt mobs, unearth hidden treasures, battle others PVP highlight for land control or run your own guild for the renaissance of Toulan.

NawaCores are sophisticated Nawa powered devices that unlock activities and opportunities across Toulan.

A NawaCore tracks player progress through their journey on the planet and each upgrade to a player's NawaCore will unlock additional higher-level content such as access to higher-level instances or missions, as well as access to higher-level daily repeatable missions. Additional information can be gained from the NawaCore Agent NPC located at the gate entrance area of Nahar City.

New Toulan players will receive a "NawaCore MK1" when exiting the start room, while existing Toulan born players will receive a certificate that can be exchanged at the Citadel area for a "NawaCore MK1" to start the overhauled new player experience.

Entropia universe players who started on other planets, can acquire a "NawaCore MK1" by speaking to the NawaCore Agent NPC in Nahar City.

The NawaCore agent provides two options to acquire this first NawaCore:
1: It can be bought for 10,000 Vibrant Sweat.
2: Hunt 100 TabTab

OK so you now have your first Nawacore, now what?

You want to upgrade it. There are 3 discovered so far, there is a photo of 7.


To upgrade them you want to run some CUHOF instances, and loot the parts to upgrade

CUHOF and Mini instances now use a new universal instance key called "Nawa Energy Cores" that can gain access to any instance on Toulan.

Unlike the previous CUHOF keys, the new Nawa Energy Core is not crafted but refined in a refiner using 100 Vibrant Sweat and 1 Nawa Shard (refined from 2x Nawa Fragments).
Nawa Fragments are acquired through enmater mining (or found on the floor like fruit)

Different levels of CUHOF instances require different amounts of "Nawa Energy Cores" to open, the key amount required is reflected next to the instance name, for example CUHOF 03 will require 3x Nawa Energy Cores.

So how to upgrade it?

Inside the each instance you have a chance of looting MK2&MK3 parts A,B,C,D,E- you can also buy and sell these.

You then take your old Nawacore and trade it at the nawacore NPC for a new one with all the new parts.

Ie - MK1 Nawacore + MK2 part, A,B,C,D,E = MK2 Nawacore

OK fine.. so you now have up to Nawacore MK3, and then?

Now you are able to not only run the MK3 dailies. but also access to the mission for -

"Toulan's new tamble creature "Karmoosh Aleef" with the following unlockable passive buffs

Skill Gain Pet & Taming 10%
Decrease Critical Damage 3%
Auto Loot 45 Meters"

"Toulan Master Tamer NPC Kenda, have been moved from Nahar City to Stable (guardian city TP)"

Mission : Taming Karmoosh Aleef

Requires hunting all 5 Wave Spawners Boss Mobs, after completing the mission NPC Kenda will provide a "Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key"

This Key grants you access to the second building at Flora & Flaura TP, an instance whereby you can enter to get a chance to tame one of the autoloot pet mobs. So far, has proven to be difficult to tame.

Boss Waves -
Aleef Lab
MK3 Hof
Fun stuff :D

( if there is anything I've missed please feel free to add it!)

Source of italic info-
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The images: - Content of Oblivion Big Picture copy on google photos for quick access, zooming, etc. - backup of the Big picture uploaded to google photos for quick access, zooming, etc.

p.s. I take no credit for creating these images or the content in them - that's all ol McCormick... Just sharing here since he has no account on pcf at the moment as far as I can tell, and only posts over on ep.

McCormick's been busy with another little project lately...

While it's all interesting stuff, at the bottom of the page file there's the blog post about entropia raider... with all of the recent 'bot' threads it is quite intriguing that apparently that bot, which has been going live for several years still exists... hope Ludvig, My, and others at Mindark are reading this... THERE IS A BOT PROGRAM THAT FOLKS ARE USING AND IT'S ALL THERE PLAIN AS DAY FOR YOU TO SEE... SUGGEST SOME MAJOR BAN HAMMERS IN THAT REGARD...

Support ticket sent also.

Facebook post recently:
Entropia Raider
May 19 at 1:21 PM ·
Update 1.3.2 is live and registration is open.

myAccount area scripts fixed
forum cleanup
180 accounts purged from database

That means this auto bot thing is still going on as of 5.19.2020 and probably later... and according to Mccormick's stuff it's been here at least 5 years or so and Mindark's been aware of it, even though they've done zilcho about it so far... hmm...

and that is only one bot we know about... I'm sure there's at least a few others out there such as the one Blastoise was in cahoots with several years ago...

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