Looking for active disciples


Dec 8, 2005
Wisconsin, USA
Avatar Name
Max HardWrath Mayhem
I am currently looking for active disciples. This is my 9th year playing EU and through the years I have primarily hunted and traded however I also craft and mine every once in a while. My focus is on growing my ped card while skilling up and increasing my avatar's capabilities.

Discovery is a major part of EU, trying to figure out all of the little mysteries, but it also can be one of the most expensive things. I've wasted thousands of PED learning and hopefully I can save you that expense.

Im available to answer questions most of the time and can offer guidance as needed.

The easiest way to contact me is to add me through the player register in game. Open your friends list, find the the Player Register, then do a search for my avatar name Max HardWrath Mayhem. Send me a friend request if I am online or otherwise feel free to just send me a message.
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