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Jun 21, 2006
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Patrick Patrickx72 Sandler
Hello togehter

i hope somebodey cane help me to find Mr Inifnity Infinity.

It its realy importend for me. He its also from time to time here online, but not really often.. I have send him a message here on this board as a PM.

I dont cane finde him over the Player Register ingame (i think he ist hidden)

Pleas when somebody have him on the FL tell him please i like to speak with him..

many regards

I linked him to this thread. Saw him ingame.
thank you very much fredda!
If its about an auction mistake then good luck. I seem to remember that name being mentioned in the past.

Hope all goes well.

If he benefitted from a mistake you made on auction you can forget about getting anything back, he has made it very clear that he doesn't give a shit.
Yes, like other people said..

I'm guessing you put on deeds too cheap on auction and he won them with his order. Hate to be the messenger, but your deeds are lost...
Hmmm.. so it looks like he made the same over and over?

Would it be not a idea that all with the same problem write about this Player to MA?
Looks like he using the BO system for this reason. Maybe enough preasure on MA to do something would help..

thx guys :)
Here is his reply from one of the earlier threads about the same:

What to say, i am sorry? No way! When i would make a mistake like this i would not start crying afterwards. Alot of ppl made mistakes and i made alot of money with it. I have respect for the ones that do not cry about it. I do not have respect for ppl that cry. And dont worry, the money will be spent on good things :p
Cmon, its just some money you haters. If you didnt gamble it in entropia you would lose it on some other real greed in real life.
O and btw. I really really dont experience something bad in the game. I sell my deeds as fast as before and am not kicked out of soc. And even if i was...i dont care. Really, i dont care at all
I am happy, are you?

People can change tho. Hopefully he will do the right thing this time :)
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