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  • I see your last three profile posts were from people which you -rep so I guess that must be a hobby of yours; what a shame... I no longer feel special with my totally useless and undeserved -rep from you. ;)
    Thx for the neg rep lol...
    Fucking big and tough behind your computer.... your just a lame keyboard warrior... nothing else.
    oh oki, just kinda frustrating.. got alot of minus reps from jealous ppl who dont know how much time i spend hunting :p

    yes, I totally agree that 70% is the same number from whichever end you look at it. the actual picture is, that a considerable part of people will accept such return with opalo as the total loss is not that big. but what the system "forces" people to do in their wish of advancement over a time (major interest in any entertaining activity) is depositing more and more. there are those that can take the 30% or whatever loss with MM but 99% of players can not. I think this is one of the biggest flaws in the system - people do not get encouraged to advance, the bill for that is rather big. this is why people are leaving - the fun is not worth it...

    long story short, 70% on opalo can be ok but be a killer on MM. :)


    it's rather simple. how much turnover can one generate with opalo? not much, even in case of hardcore shooting. thus the -30% or even bigger loss will not hurt the pedcard as shooting with MM - when far from 10/10 on it, let's say less than 8/8, it can generate up to 20k minuses per month, 5k very easy. :)

    Thx for the help in my thread. :)
    Not danish though but swedish, but I swear I had nothing to do with that dumbass referee that stole your national soccer teams victory and place in the next championship. :)
    thanks for the +rep :) im glad im not the only one who see's this as bullshit
    No I quit playing several months ago after an incident that occurred after a failed deposit attempt. Now I'm just a forum lurker. Maybe someday I'll have enough money IRL to be able to play at the level I would like. Take care. Dont be a stranger
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