Question: Loot "Rationing" based on avatar skill level


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Apr 10, 2005
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Alexis Sky Greenstar
How likely is it that the game allocates resources to the players with the highest skills first?

This can be easily accomplished by swapping a piece of loot with a skill gain.

Does this sound plausible?
In the words of someone wise. Shoot more, cry less.

We've seen rare tokens and big UL items be looted by level 20-40 players rather recently.

If someone shoots 100 ped and someone shoots 999999 ped in a month. Who is more likely to get an item?

If I play the $10 slot 5 times and someone plays the penny slot 10,000 times, whos most like to get their "expected return"
Not happening. We would all see a drastic drop in returns with the botters over the past years. Data shows, that's not the case thankfully.
if you want more items in loot, use more stuff like crit chance that increase your dpp
Sorry unlike many players here, I am a miner... so this really does not apply.

No what I am talking about is literally seeing the amount of claims drop off over time..