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Apr 3, 2006
SoF Soldiers Of Fortune
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Windswept Winds Tundra
Hello all

I just wanted to take a moment to reference my next Mining Class and the opportunity for a Land Owner to offer up his or her land to my class. there is no doubt this would increase traffic to your land and based on that trafic maybe add some ped to your card through taxes. Couple things are important.

1. Your land must be suitable for mining. If you have tons of mobs on your land it would not benefit a class that is going to move around a lot to constantly be dying to heavy mob spawns.

2. Your help in advertising the mining class would be great if possible. If you find that it works well for you then maybe we can make it a regular event.

Here is the link to the thread i started. In the past i have seen up to 50 miners attend and i expect more this time. thats a good chunk of traffic for a suitable LA.

Please let me know if you are interested ASAP so i can update my thread and prepare attendees to be in that location.

Thanks for your help.