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May 20, 2007
The Unit
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George Ace Skywalker



Morningtear Castle Shop now open.
See map above for directions.
Shop location: West of Camp Echidna @ (78032, 87481)
/wp [Calypso, 78054, 87487, 212, Morningtear Castle Shop]

Nearest tp's:
Camp Echidna: : (79521, 87853)
Camp Echidna North Hangar : (77868, 88972)
Camp Echnida East Hangar (80997, 87525)

Inside the castle you'll find 11 shop keepers containing a variety of items ranging from weapons to furniture and clothing. Some extremely rare and some more common. For example mothership and some basic blueprints (quite a range and contrast).

Today also installed a Crafting Machine. Perhaps this unique location may bring interesting returns. Your welcome to try and feedback on how it went (good or bad), so that I can adjust accordingly.

Prices may be negotiable depending upon the item so please do ask. Beware of the red area on map above as that is lootable pvp area !

If there is something in particular your looking for, please message me and I'll check stock or see if I can get it for you.

Note pressing T in the castle estate will take you to Camp Echidna revive terminal
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I love visiting your castle(s) and seeing stuff i never saw before or totally forgot about!
nice shop. may buy more someday soon. :)
Thanks for the nice comments.

Restocked, updated some prices (lowered) and added some new items.

Also redecorated a bit and added a second Crafting Machine but this time it's outdoors. So you can enjoy some scenery whilst crafting.
Was just there last nite on a run-about. Commented to soc mates how cool it was, and should drop by.
Was just there last nite on a run-about. Commented to soc mates how cool it was, and should drop by.

Last night, hmm guess you missed the changes I made today. Hopefully for the better but I'll let you decide, like second crafting terminal on roof :). Lovely views all around, so nice place for crafting in my opinion.

Thanks again for nice comments. Feedback always welcome - there's always room for improvement...
Added new item.

Also added some more decorations. If it's very slow in loading let me know, I'll take some decorations back out to speed up load time.
New items added:

McGrangus Lost Log, Entry 11 @ +41.98 (rare event item, no auction history)
Dagger of Despair @ +1996.24 (no recent year sales, decade markup = +3369.86, 3 sales in decade)
Dominax Original Cobra Mentor Edition @ +246.17 (whip, 40 peds below markup)
Umbranoid Basic Whip (L) (rare event item, not yet priced. Suggestion welcome)
Ach O Torment's Tainted Whip (L) (rare event item, not yet priced. Suggestions welcome)
Now priced:
Umbranoid Basic Whip (L) @ 178.41% (rare event item, efficiency rating 59%)
Ach O Torment's Tainted Whip (L) @ 198.77% (rare event uber item, efficiency rating 61.3%)

New items added:
Piece Of Paper @ +2323.63 (rare event item, Painting depicting orb event/ceremony - very colourful yet dark)
Small Storage Box (C) Blueprint (L) @ 1258.9% (monthly markup 1392.41%)
T-Angle Blueprint (L) @ 3087.50% (monthly markup 3684.21%)
Reon-T Sign (PC) Blueprint (L) @ 413.85% (monthly markup 500%)
Basic Vehicle Servo Blueprint (L) TT+1
Welding Wire Blueprint (L) TT+1
Ziplex Z10 Seeker (L) Blueprint TT+1

Reduced price of a few other select items.
Ancient Omegaton M2870
Retail Display Table (C) Blueprint
Oiled Corria Boards Blueprint
Oiled Hekia Boards Blueprint
Oiled Arkace Boards Blueprint
Gyro fap-18 (L) Blueprint
Ziplex 'Fasion Line' Colorator (L) Blueprint
Ziplex T100 Texturizer (L) Blueprint
Ziplex Z5 seeker (L) Blueprint
RDI Energy Amplifier Alpha (L)
Small storage box (C) Blueprint

Fire Forge ARR 8000 @ +297.08
Ziplex Z15 seeker (L) Blueprint @ +1
Super Alloy plating Blueprint @ +1
Jester D1 Blueprint @ +99.27 (Quality rating 100)
Castorian Survival Enblade-5 @ +2.03

Explosive Projectiles @ 103.76%
Mothership @ 129965.95 (ship name: Saratoga Max Structural Integrity (per section): 9356.5 Total: 37426)
First Gen Combustive Attack Chip VI @ +1761.07
Bio ID Verification

DNA Fragment A @ 394.50 %
DNA Fragment B @ 151.17%
Papplon @ 105815.22%
Robot Power Amplifier @ 118.89%
Robot Target Processor @ 101.12%
Advanced Mountings @ 101.47%
Mechanomatrix Adaptor Unit II @ 149.33%
Sonic Pulse Amplifier @ 172.86
Transformer @ 288.71%
Hairspray @ 115.60%
Paint Can (Burgundy) @ 116.27%
30k Sweat @ 50.48
Rocktropia Gold Coin @ 3783.78%
Bio ID Verification Unit *Sold*
Odenfield Ventricle System @ 103.49%
Electro Matrix @ 108.53%
Hydraulic Manifold @ 102.27%
Single Reactor @ 111.33%
Energy Storage @ 104.25%
Basic Propulsion System @ 113.60%
Generic Transformer @ 115.35%

Please note Crafting Machines have been removed due to potential exploit. When it is safe they will be restored.
Paint Can (Burgundy)
Kitchen Sink (C)
Dagger of Despair

Robot SecEnt Head @ +3024.91 (Extremely rare item)
Make up mask - small (L) @ +1
Overcharged Omegaton A105 @ +1177.32 (year markup 1296.74)

Price lowered
Explosive projectiles @ 101.96%
Ziplex Z10 Seeker (L) Blueprint
Ziplex Z15 seeker (L) Blueprint
DNA Fragment A
DNA Fragment B

Nutrio Bar @ 210% (Auction price 226.52%)
Level 6 Finder Amplifier (L) @ 104.92% (Auction price 105.6%)
Level 7 Finder Amplifier (L) @ 107.34% (Auction price 108.32%)
Chikara Investafoe ES200 @ +25.61 (Auction price +44.70)
Chikara Investafoe ES400 @ +121.75 (Auction price +170.82)


Price alterations
Armor Plating Mark.5B @ +8.19
First Gen Wormhole Chip VIII @ +5031.72
Fire Forge BGH 4400 @ +318.44
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Nutrio Bars

Nutrio Bars @ 210%
Pet name tags @ +1 for 10
Dominax Original Boiga Adjusted @ +561.06

Price lowered
Explosive projectiles @ 101.95%
Nutrio Bars

Nutrio Bars @ 210%
Pet name tags @ +1 for 10
Dominax Original Boiga Adjusted @ +561.06

Price lowered
Explosive projectiles @ 101.95%

Enjoyed checking out the castle, 12 years never been there, looks great, picked up 2k nutrio while I was there, too bad I didn't have to fight any monsters to get in there! Thanks George! :)
Nutrio bar
Solomate Crusho
Refrigerator - Classic (C)
Kitchen Bar (C)

Fire Forge BGH 4400M @ +499.21
Solomate Crusho @ +4.08
L-Quent Side Board (C) +12.28
Eleganto Dining Table (C) +7.16
McGrangus Lost Log, Entry 11
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Crafting terminals restored. One is on roof and one inside.
Kitchen Drawer (C)
Omegaton Stove A-3 (C)
Nutrio Bar
Generic Transformer
Armor Plating Mark.1A (x6) @ +1.01
Imperium Armor Plating I (x4) @ +1.02
Urban Nomad Grassy Slacks (M) @ +69.62
Desert Trenchers (M) @ +23.55
Calculator @ +69.82
Antique Rifle @ +9.21
First Golden Christmas Decoration @ +149.93
Urban Nomad White Jumper (M) @ +49.98
Eleganto Dining Table (C)
Nutrio Bar
Eldrin Double Bed (C)

Brass Longu Statue @ +134.01
Robot Radiator @ +2.01
Robot Gyro @ +26.62
Robot Amplifier @ +16.38
Omegaton Arctic Walkers (M) @ +19.45
Omegaton A103 @ 89.86

Mothership Saratoga
Modified Fire Forge BGH 4400M
[Seizzt Ranger Scope 3500RS]
[Terrus Laser Sight SE900]
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Picked up a Regeneration VI chip. Thanks!
The place looks amazing, well done!
Over 50 items sold.

Repriced items and added some new stock.

Reorganised shopkeepers.
[Estate Deed] Celeste South 2 Lvl 6
[Estate Deed] Celeste Island 1 Lvl 6
[Estate Deed] Celeste Island 2 Lvl 6