Pioneer : A Journey into Entropia

Pioneer AF

Oct 19, 2022
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Pioneer Action Figure
It has been a couple of months since I crash landed into Calypso.
Currently, I am working towards finishing the last stage of Karona's mission.
Something which has proven to be very hard with my current armor, health and agility.
It took me numerous tries, and a shortcut of jumping onto the platform with the cloaking device,
before I managed to clear this part.


Next on the list is clearing the Matrix
From What I have heard, I will have to clear it more than once before I can claim that jumpsuit as mine.
Some might argue that the speedboost isn't worth it, but if I plan on mining,
then the combined running speed increase of my modified Hermetic ring and this suit will make a big difference.
Keep at it , its a fun accomplishment to have.

And a welcome to entropia.
I am still working on finishing Karona's mission.
I entered and finished the Matrix twice already.

Meantime, I also finished the cleanup at Fort Lahar mission,
which rewarded me with a choice of guns.
Since I am already too highly skilled to use the laser carbine, I opted to get a BLP handgun,
which I will be using as a finisher.
Skilling up with it while still shooting smallish mobs will make it easier if I want to change
my profession later.
I finally got my Karona's jumpsuit.
I really enjoy the speed buff.

I took the opportunity to go on a bit of a mining run and finish up the
CDF mining missions I still had open.
I also discovered harvesting wood, which seems to be given very good skills.

I also reached 10k skills, and while I'm still very green, I think I can participate in the
thanks argonaut giving event. Afterwards it will be time to travel to Next Island and

Nice to see how you manage your endeavours.
Welcome to your journey into Entropia's rabbithole!
It is going deep. How deep will you get?

And i like the style how you edit your snapshots. Beautiful!
To enjoy this little mayhem, I found this idyllic spot near Twin Peaks.
It has just the right density and maturity of Argonauts for my skill level.
I am unsure what to do yet with the tokens I am looting, but I'll figure it out along the way.

love the art style on this. Shame it didn't continue