Pudding's Pills

Mayhem winners eat pills all day err day
If you're a pill junkie be proud of your decisions. You're spending PED on "experiences" instead of material things, and everyone knows experiences make you so much happier in the end. Congratulations, you're prioritizing whats truly important in EU life. Give yourself a pat on the back, hell, give yourself some HyperStims or AccuStims you've earned it!
I saw some pills for sale at the Twin Peaks Mall, 3rd floor right next to the televator. Its the shop right across from Buzz's.
Do you love pills? Do you love yourself? Stop by the 3rd floor of Twin Peaks Mall if you love putting pills inside your body.
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You need drugs to win Mayhem. You know where to go.
Deep down the urge begins. Subtle at first. A random thought here, a fleeting "what if" later. Time passes. The urge grows stronger. The urge becomes a want, the want becomes a desire, the desire becomes a need. You feel yourself giving in, you feel your willpower weakening and the voice inside of you growing stronger by the hour. Your mind is occupied with performance enhancing drugs. How did this happen? How did you let yourself become so weak and so dependent on those red, yellow, and green colored pills from the devil!? What kind of monster have you become?

"Shutup!" You tell the voices in your head. "Go away!"

They don't go away. They never go away. They get louder. You've lost hope of ever quitting.

What should you do?

Let go. Listen to that inner voice telling you to consume. Give in. Do not fight what your body is telling you, even if it is at odds with common sense and your PED card.

There's only one way to compete in Mayhem. Its time! Quit telling yourself you'll get that winning score "all natural" its never going to happen!


HyperStims are one helluva drug.

I am not a medical doctor, nor am I good at giving sound advice when it comes to pill consumption. I run a drug store and I want to make sales. If you, or a loved one you know is suffering from pill addiction get help. Seek counseling and visit one of the female counselors wearing a red back pack and lingerie at the Medusa Teleporter. If they are all booked out, try visiting a specialist on the 3rd floor of the Twin Peaks Mall across from Buzz's shop. These counselors are there to provide small 'micro' doses to help ease you off your terrible addiction.
? ? ? have been shown to make winners
Do you want to be a winner? ? ? ?
Im a Junkie and a loser. I am looking for a clinic, for treatment of my addictiction. I need help. :( ( Needs a Hug ♥)

It all started with spiked puddings. The gateway.

There, there, my friend. You're not a junkie! Don't be too hard on yourself. You're a person who has momentarily experienced the life changing effects of pills. You've tasted greatness, and you want more.

I'm here to help. You've come to the right place.

You'll need to schedule an appointment for treatment by speaking with one of the two lovely ladies standing next to the Medusa Teleporter. If they're both booked up, I believe there's openings for treatment on the 3rd floor of the Twin Peaks Mall, right across from Buzz's shop. These in game counselors are equipped to help talk you through the best way of quitting. Many of them offer micro dosing techniques so you can quit slowly, over time, without much shock to your body or PED card.

Stay strong, and remember, your accomplishments in life won't come without at least a few drugs pulsing through your veins. It only becomes a problem if you no longer have the means to keep taking them. Your friends, loved ones, and people that matter most in life come in yellow, green, and red capsules. Never quit, you're not a quitter are you?
Performance Enhancing Drugs = PED

Coincidence? I think not. ? Start using, today.
When you feel that all is lost, your friendships are in ruin, your life in dissaray, loved ones forgotten, habits have taken over, money is tight, your health is waning, and your hope is fleeting; pills are the answer. Pills are there for you when the going gets tough, they will get you through your CAT.

Pills will never abandon you. Keep eating. Keep popping. Never give up, never stop trying to be more than you are, because you are more than you are when you're on drugs.

If a HyperStim or DevaStim somehow doesn't make things better, I don't know, I'm at a loss of words.
There are two types of people in EU, those addicted to pills and those pretending they aren't. Which type are you?
Did you ever notice that if you eat the green ones first, the yellow and red ones taste like skittles?
Pills will make you feel better. ? ? ?

Go ahead, you deserve it.
Don't forget to take your medicine
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You can buy pills here. Check Twin Peaks Mall 3rd floor next to the televator for the best pill selection
Do you dream of pills?
These pills were made so you could perform.
These pills may change your life
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Studies show pills can solve 90% of your problems. Studies also show that pills cause 100% of your problems.
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Your body wants pills, your PED card protests.


For a brief moment you'll run faster, shoot quicker, do higher damage and feel good about yourself.

True happiness is momentary. Fleeting strength and vanishing power is what everyone wants. Pills are the answer to all of your problems.
When you get that itch for greatness stop by one of my pill shops!

Twin Peaks Mall - 3rd floor next to televator
Twin Peaks Mall - 1st floor #4L
Medusa Bazaar TP - 2 shopkeepers next to the TP
Your dreams have no limit, build something great.