Suggestion: rocket launchers need fix ASAP


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Jul 28, 2012
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rocket launchers have been bugged since new aim system was implemented. many time i shoot and do 0 damage but my ammo is being consumed.
this has been an issue for about 2 year at least, how much longer before something is done about it??????????

here is a video clip from my stream of this bug costing me a lot of money and nobody gives a crap to fix this.
click link below
5 shots no damage done, ammo burned
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im getting the sense this Dev team is gonna use the upcoming UE5 as an excuse not to fix any current bugs... what are these devs being paid for, what am i paying for?
how about making rocket launchers not use ammo if no target hit, LIKE ALL OTHER WEAPONS? AT LEAST UNTIL YOU CAN FIX IT!
Funny thing is one of the planet partners has had support weapons are not working as intended in their vu notes for years.

Why a planet partner has it there but not MA themselves is beyond me
why even have this section for bug reports if you dont care to fix anything?
still needs a fix
how much longer am i expected to keep a civil tone begging for this bug to be fixed?
is this some kind of test to see how much i can take before i lose my sht and tell you all to go to .......
fix the rocket launcher hit reg!
still broken BUMP
Rockets would actually be nice to skill with if stuff like this did not exist, its rly enjoyable paying markup for ammo or crafting it yourself to then see it go poof and do no damage. And I 100% think MA will use the excuse that they are working hard on UE5 to basically not do anything for who knows how many years. Have a better chance at winning the lottery twice in one day than MA fixing a bug or taking the players seriously, other than NI they seem to listen to the players at least. But support and the mindark officials on caly...................... Ill leave it at that.
still broken BTW.

aside from rockets not doing damage on perfectly placed shots, or how rockets fly through the creatures..
another thing that's broken with rockets is if you have life steal rings then Rocket damage does two times the Life steal.
I have to admit that it is time something is getting done about this.
I quite enjoy Hammer's incessant bitching about rockets being broken. Just reminds me how many fucks MA gives about fixing what's broken.
does anyone at MA care that their game is broken?
Really makes one wonder why we spend so much time/money/effort/caring in this game... One way street luv...ughh
Rockets exist as a cover up for gambling shrapnel/projectiles operation.
MA still doesn't give a fuck
why do we even have a bug report section? can we get a fix for this problem i dunno sometime this decade??
i have a suggestion: Dont pay salary of CEO of Mindark for a month, instead use that money to pay for fixing rocket launcher issue. ITS THAT SIMPLE

@ Ludvig|MindArk and all MA​

See, this is why I got pissed when you took that other suggestion to the devs.

OP started this Sept 4 2021. More than one year later, Still No freaking word from MA on this issue.
And yes this is an issue, a bug! A feature that does not work as expected as Q/A guys qualify shit when its not working as it should. It is not a suggeston. It is a bug report!!! A BUG!!! It would take priority over any suggestion in any self respecting company developing a piece of software.

Show some care & respect for the guys who pay your wages and at the very least comment on the thread!!! I know for sure, I would not let my developers rest until I had an answer to my customers in the place I work at.

It is just ridiculous at this point and together with other critical issues (EPs disabling economy??) that are not adressed just show the lack of care of the developers for the state of the game or even any will to make the game better.

Get this focking fixed for yesterday. And make it work like the old days (see video above how fun it was) where the avatars would fly high into the sky when they died. At the same time we still got support weapons for vehicles that are obsolete after... 10+ years they were launched if Im not mistaken?? WTF!!!
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HELLOOOOOO, IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE??!!!!????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?