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Prison mission chain
Nearest TP : Hyperplex : 135287,88159
Get lockpick out of dumpster: 135427,88116 - You dont get a interactive symbol on cursor for the dumpster. Just click on it.
Head to tangerine TP : 134411, 83613
Head to building amongst shops: 134340,83450
Find the safe up stairs. Put any combination in. It does not matter anymore. Kill the cops and then it well send you to prison. Head to the entrance and they will get you started on the massive prison chain.

[/...] many cops and what maturity do they have pls? :) many cops and what maturity do they have pls? :)

When I did it around a year ago or so, it was 1 cop around level 10 that spawned outside the building. My first try the turret got him, so I abandoned mission and tried again which worked.

Hope that helps and let us know. many cops and what maturity do they have pls? :)
After doing The Cavendish Safe Heist it still showed 0 of 60 for me. Tried killing some Pissed off Cops? No joy still 0/60
Decided frakit whatever... and went straight to the Prison Booking Officer (entrance on the S side of the main building).
This guy spewed something about my head being screwed up (how on earth did he find out?) then gave me a mission Kill 50 Inmates and - tadaa! i'm in. :yup:
Is there a pre-condition for this one?
What is the mission called? Not sure if I've done it already, hmm...
But I'm not able to interact with him at least.
Btw, its Antonio and not Antonia ;)

Amber this is in "Police chain" series of quests
as Aia very nice describe above.
I'm pretty sure you have done it already!

PS. very nice and usefull thread for our planet guys :yup: GJ
This is some good stuff here
Would you be able to get some reward list also?
if you need some recent ones i might be able to provide if needed
It would be awesome to have a rewards list but the missions don't show rewards if I'm not mistaken.
New missions added to rock:

Kool Kat: [135328, 82373, 108]
nearest TP: [135328, 82358, 112]

D block mafia: [136051, 84837, 237]
nearest TP: [136066, 84834, 238]

Vixens: [136133, 84985, 243]
nearest TP: [136166, 84997, 238]
Just finished stage 1 of the city wolves aka Assiting Mahone I
rewards are:

Increase Aim Skill .90
Increase Weapons Handling Skill .90
Increase Melee Combat Skill .29 PED

Next mission for the city wolves are - Assisting Mahone II - 6400 credits

rewards - unknown

City Wolves

Stage 3 @ Officer Mahone

Handgun 3.60 PED or
Clubs 2.33 PED or
Elektrokinesis 1.17 PED

Stage 4
Thanks for the info in this thread! Slowly working my way through some of the starter missions. Just completed Police Academy I a few hours ago. Now slowly working on II.. Took me a little while to find the blasted npc in the dark at night.. The Tommy Gun from starter pack is fantastic for this level stuff.