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Feb 1, 2006
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Editor's note: I'm writing these stories for myself, and hope they are in no way taking away from the official EF reporters; these are just for my own enlightenment and perhaps other people's as well. These are from my point of view, as it should stay that way.

Boorum Boom

With the new installation of VU 8.7, the caves beneath the New Oxford expanded, and now inhabit a new mob on Calypso. However, there was quite some disturbance coming as the entropians running out of the New Oxford Cow...

[br][/br] Seems the new mob, the Boorum, have been mutating over hundreds of years, and with the recent excavation of the caves, have been brought out of hiding. While new mob are a nice sight most of the time, these mob seem to have busted out a new style.

"It's ugly...disgusting...just downright wrong" one entropian told me as they left New Oxford. While I heard similar stories from many others, the only way to get to the bottom of this was to visit the caves myself.

After getting lost...again, I found the new parts. It was quite empty to begin with...downright peaceful, in fact. That changed quite quickly as tons of mutant skin and other unpleasantness hit me from behind and took me out quick. Now as I laid there dead it was hard not to laugh at the sight. A mob with a...unusual part had just owned me, and was now standing on top of me. Funny, yet indeed disturbing.

I ventured yet again into the caves...this time with more caution. I found a few hunters attempting to take one down, all dying in the process but after several trips back and forth they brought the beast down. What was looted...I did not ask. However any fort...err, unfortunate hunter to loot the "part" would probably do nothing else but quickly shove it to the Trade Terminal, which would quickly implode shortly afterwards due to the contents.

Many questions still remain: Will this mob migrate elsewhere, what do they loot, and the most burning question, is there a female gender?

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