State of the beauty market?


Apr 6, 2006
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I've taken some distances with the game due to RL, and i'm wondering about the beauty market since the reimplementation of the system?

Completely dead? No demand? Any beautician trying to "stimulate"? Any sign of restart?

I've noticed that the "Avatar beauty" part of the forum is quite dead since some time, so i'm assuming it's not going too good.


I am not sure but my stash of hair gels going unsold for market rate 2 weeks ago tells me its dead at the moment.
gel was 99% some days ago..... so i guess its dead.....
Well lets see, things are moving slow but sure. There is a small constant demand, granted I have been spaming Twins, Nea's and sweat camp just about every day to drum up business. It has paid off, I've gone up 3 lvl in hair and 2 each in body and face.

I do seam to be the only one updating Soogh's old forum post about beaution levels though.

Materials are same as always, the reselers are their own best clients and since their is no real demand due to the low client base, they are competing agains each other, I figure they are all gona take the bath they deserve or hold on to their materials for a coupple of years longer rofl.

As you know I tried to get all the beautions to set standard prices but that failed, so i just adopted the prevailent low prices of post v10.

People are starting to care what they look like but the fact that you no longer get an automatic close up view of a person when you trade with them since v10, which use to make a person self consious of how ugly they were, has affected the demand quite a lot.

By and by, things are not to bad, considering I seam to be the only one working it on a dayly basis, and seam to be improving but still have a long way to go.

I have to admit that I should work harder at it but there is practically no demand so I spend a lot of PED hunting and mining instead. But I,m open for business and I work for the dirt cheap prices that seem to be the going rate at the moment.... It would probably be great revenue for a Nigerian family. :)
Well I don't do beauty buy it only takes one time to get yourself looking good then your done. Sure some may change there looks more but i think the average person would only use this service once in there EU life.
Well I don't do beauty buy it only takes one time to get yourself looking good then your done. Sure some may change there looks more but i think the average person would only use this service once in there EU life.

Except the the ladies changing their hair styles I agree. What we need is hair and beards that grow, as in rl. Should be posible with CE2. :yay:
I recently set up a new salon in my apt 2G Kansha twer in Sakura.... I threw an ad up in game, but I have focused mainly on friends and soc mates.. just trying to skill up a few levels and figure things out on all 3 chairs.
To be honest the free re-roll that everyone got at vu10 probably hurt it... alot. Most of the business I've had since has been size minimizing for pvp and as bo clayton said a few hair style changes. Ive done the spam the towns thing the same as him but we're in different timezones so no conflict which is nice.

Other than that its pretty much all quiet on the western front.
get stuck into MA and tell them you want hair that grows :) Then we actually have to come get a haircut.

oops: didnt see James already said this :)
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I still wait of Make Up back. Without this, i cant do anything.:rolleyes:

My Make Up shop have a sensless function atm. Hope we get it back soon. The unique look on every Avatar, i really miss this!
as james mentioned dont really see many peopel doing it. he is hte only one i ever see advertising when i am rarely on now days
I backed off one becuase I am setting up my own busines in RL. I do canvas, banners digital printing if any want something doing :p

Other than that MA promised a Beauty make over with the new system and we waited ages for it and all we got was the same system Pre-vu10. This really annoyied me as we all got to remake our avatar when we 1st logged into EU with the new cry engine which ment the the old system was already availible.

i did not want the old system I wanted new flowing hair, want the Hair size option back. I want a better colour option.

this was my make over of the hair styling tool. which would allow for better colour slection

I have stoped skilling and I think I can count on two hands the amount of haircuts I have done in 2010. I think with all the freerolls MA have been given out it has ruined the beauty market for a long time. Im also 99% sure there is still one freeroll to come when MA introduce more beauty options/stuff.

I do ofc help ppl with haircuts and coloring etc... on request but I have stoped completely to advertice in citys etc. So since me and Sorg are the only once having the 2-3 last hairstyles I will ofc not stand in way for people who want them, and Im sure Sorg also will help with that.

State of it just got worse again today with the last update. Yay! I get to remake my avatar for free!!!!
have to agree so much for the improvements. remaking avatar in middle of the night is no fun. cancel and try agian when its sunny.

they kepe making thinsg worse in the damm game no drive to bring people into it.
I have no idear what use the free make over was..

ppl was paying for "uniqe" looks... to look diffrent than others... now a new comer runs around witeh hair cut 34...

All stylist know what it cost to unlock such a cut... and MA give for free..

I agree, beauty never was such worse like now
if MA would stop to give free makeover to everyone everytime they implement something new in beauty the biz would run a lot better :eyecrazy: or if they would implement some new haircuts from time to time
I always wonder, why MA misses so many ways to make additional income.

Imagine a state of the art avatar system link Brink: (takes a while to load).

This would mean a lot more people would change, modify their avatar more often, to make it look better. Today I can change my hair, wow, and I can't even make my avatar look like 50 years old, no way to look like a 80 year old grand ma. That means ppl have the feeling, they look the same more or less anyway, so they don't spend PEDs on that.

More possibilities and CHEAP would mean ppl play around and spend more.

Imagine a haircut and hear coloring is possible for 1 PED... even sweaters would change their hair often. Now even mid level players think if a new color makes sense.

In short:
Currently there are not enough possibilities to make it interesting for players to change it often.
LOl :)

hair coloring for 1 ped.. hmm lol

i woud only agree in, when i can HOF or global in this profession too..
Sometimes ppl need a half houer to pick what they want.. I dont mind, But i woud mind when i only get 1 ped for lol

And , the TT of the matirials woud need to be waay cheaper :D
+ fails shoudnt be, had times i faild 4-5 times. And since there is no setting save system.. it cost more time again to set it all back

I mean, when you be high lvl texturer or colorer, you not add for 1 ped stuff? Or textures cost only one ped.

So i also woud say, when they just woud stop, giving all time the stuff for free away, and add more "improve" things , beauty woud be ok to do.

All what ppl want is not to look like everyone in the game.
And this will not happen when all time be freemake overs.
Sorry, I think, you got my posting wrong: I don't think, current prices charged by beatuicians (?) are too high. I don't even know, how much a hair color change would cost anyway.

I tried to say:
IF a hair color change would cost only 1 PED, then a lot more people would do it. It would generate more decay to MA. Additionally people would not spend 30 minutes to work on their haircut :).

But again: I just think, MA misses a lot income, because they make the skilling too expensive. They cannot change this, because then no-one would try to skill in any profession anymore... still I think, they made bad decissions when implementing the beauty, coloring and texturing professions (I am sure, if they did it differently, they would generate a lot more income).
Sad to see where all this went... Let's hope it can only go the good way now!


cant go better...

i see only worse...lots of bugs with new update, even with old ones was hard, now new bugs appear, and to to mention NO ONE can do blue or green hair color...FAIL MA, FAIL!