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  • Please clear out your inbox :)

    Okay, well let me check it out before trading and ill be able to get you asking price if satisfied. I already have that chip though. How much do you want for the chip though?

    Calypto has such a bad rep because he was accused of scamming using his radio show. The evidence was pretty clear he indeed was, but he never fessed up to it. Some people have forgotten/never found out before the thread was closed.

    ... hope this helps.
    I use a Hedoc sk20(L) which is pretty eco and I am on every day and normally on for 8 hours and have alot of sapre time. I will only charge decay for the fap and it is maxed. If you would like me to I wll monitor this post to see when you are on and set up a meet. i am on florida time so maybe u could post a good time for me to start looking for you to be on. Gl and may you hof.
    OLà ...y no ablo espanol ma te pergunto :?when could we meet? Think about spot ::::cool:usually a worker wait for his salary... but like usually too when wait for long time he don't glad
    ok now !!! mission accomplished !!!
    you could find also other mob density
    [AOL54AOL53(no screenshot due thechnical problem)to W;WWS;WSS;S;SSE;SEE,E low\medium density of Merp AOL54AOL53hiryuu detectAOL52AOL51AOL50Hiryuu detectAOL49AOL48AOL38AOL37
    hi smoerble ! (right remember of auto-tools tutorial...but this was story)!!! I send you an Xfire invite...if you glad answer ya !!!
    No problem kitty... I found someone with a Bear armor and while taking the video he globalled, lol :). Another time, any time, just call me in game (in Twin usually someone has me on FL)
    Sorry to leave you hanging yesterday i ctd and was pissed so I didnt log back in. Maybe another time?
    :) thankyou for your appreciation (and efd lol) I wasn't sure if people would see the usefulness of it at first :)
    let's see. I really hope it turns out at least the same fun it was on 2005 or before that. well, I would not mind losing all I have gathered over the time (not that much but still). but I miss the old fun it held inside a lot... =)

    Hey, are you still looking for a dress? I know it has been a dead post for a while, but I know someone with a Silk textured Essi dress that they have considered selling... Let me know, I'll talk to my friend tonight when I get home.
    im intressed in renting that smacker you got.
    could u add me to your msn? is mine, would appriciate it alot
    Its no joke I enjoy playing, I'd be happy to sell your shop, give me a few days to make some noise around my friends see what I can come up with ;-)
    Thank you for your invite to your soc, I will be spending the next few days/weeks trying out different societies, so I look forward to meeting you and your soc!
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