Aug 17, 2009
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Any and all of us risk getting run over by a large truck or hit in the head by a comet IRL any day :bomb: I miss an option to write a will of what should happen to my items and peds if I suddenly for any reason should disappear (for too long) from EU.

For those with lots of peds, a testament could be an option where you fill out:

  • Who should inherit you items if you get permanently disconnectd [PD]. This could be other player(s) (or its inheritors if that player is also PD) or offline persons/organizations like relatives or charity. For offline, I guess items have to be auto sold in auction before transfered. The stuff that doesnt get sold after 1 attempt should be TT'ed.
  • How long silence should trigger this action. And by silence I think fail to login and fail to contact MA other ways.
  • Skills should probably just be buried with you? Or any suggestions?
  • A graveyard for the PD would be nice, but possibly not practical :p
  • There should possibly be a cost of buying a blank testament form, so that MA get slightly paid to execute it.
other thoughts?
Good idea, i have some health problem IRL and i want to be able to give my stuff to someone if *something happen*
Not a half bad idea you have here :)
I'm pretty certain this has been discussed before and MA said something about contacting them and they would be willing to help if you had a desire to create such a document.

In fact, I'm 100% sure that this has been discussed here.
There is a system similar to the one you suggested: PvP4
The inheritance system is already in place and MA is everyone's heir :D

ToU 5.4 said:
You hereby explicitly consent that after the period of 750 days of inactivity Your Entropia Universe Account is deemed to have been abandoned by You. You also agree to assign MindArk and/or MindArk's Partner all rights in Your Terminated Entropia Universe Account according to the procedures established in this paragraph 5. You hereby discharge MindArk, any of MindArk's Partners and their respective officers, directors and employees, from and against any and all claims, demands, liabilities, costs, and expenses to You arising out of, or relating to, Your Terminated Entropia Universe Account.
I'm pretty certain this has been discussed before and MA said something about contacting them and they would be willing to help if you had a desire to create such a document.

In fact, I'm 100% sure that this has been discussed here.

Hmm, could you figure out where is that topic?
There is a thread by Siam here: EU will execution which includes information from support cases about this issue.

In summary:
1. Make a legal will (you should do this to cover your RL assets in any case). In your will, you will appoint an executor.
2. Your assets in EU form part of your personal estate to be managed by your appointed executor. If you want some person other than your executor to be appointed to manage your EU assets, I would suggest you keep a written codecil detailing exactly what you want done with your EU account, and naming the person you want to have do that together with their contact details. After all, if your executor is your husband/wife, and they're not a gamer, they'll need help in chipping out your avatar etc.
3. When you die, your executor will need to contact MindArk, providing a copy of your death certificate (to show you're dead), your will (to show he's the legally appointed executor), and the codecil (if you have one). MindArk will then give them access to your account, so that your instructions can be carried out.

Note: MindArk may agree to assist with creation of a memorial, but only if that's requested by the executor, and that if you want that to happen, I'd suggest you mention it in your will (or codecil).
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It would be really nice yes but I've also read that announcement from years ago that never happened sadly. Can be something to worry about for many of us with decent investments.
In my safe there is an envelope to be opened when I die. In there among other details, is a sheet containing specific instructions about my avatar in EU. My brother, who is my executor has played EU so he knows the basics. I left him names of who to contact in game for help in liquidating my items and chipping out my skills.

Never thought about it at first, but now that I have spent almost 6 years in game finding more and more things to buy, I thought it was something that I needed to make sure wasn't over looked when the time comes.

And let this be my declaration that when I die, yer dam right I want MA to raise a statue in my honor! LOL That would kick ass!

there is an avatar mindark created recently for banned accounts. Perhaps they could create a new avatar for accounts that go past the 500 or however many days it is before the accounts go dead and it auto triggers a tt+1 auction on all items left on the dead account. After auction is complete MA sends a check to the estate of the participant or something.
Serica beat me to point to the post i made back then about it.

It is important to notice that MA only guarantees the money you deposited in the last 6 months. Everything else is not guaranteed.

So MA is not really interested in automated wills, they want you to put effort into it because a lot of people will neglect doing it and MA knows that as such they will never have to pay out a certain % of money that was deposited simply because the account expires.

This is a lot of businesses work with incentive programs. For example the airmiles program they know that approximately 20% (if i remember correctly) of the airmiles will never ever be used. Just imagine how much money this is every year. They actually live from this fact.