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  • You need a picture or this rules is enough for the -rep I gave you cause of your signature?!

    5.1 - Auction Competition
    If you have items listed in the Entropia Universe auction system, you are NOT permitted to post a sales thread on EntropiaForum. The purpose of the EntropiaForum Trading section is to facilitate deals not easily accomplished using the existing mechanisms available within Entropia Universe. The EntropiaForum Trading section is NOT provided as a means to circumvent the fees associated with the Entropia Universe auction, nor to compete with the Entropia Universe auction in any way.
    ...son'd so bad it's obviously affected you in some way deep down, which I imagine is why you're daily bombarding me with stupid messages.
    *yawn* People like you are so boring. You might want to try not addressing people as "son" when you're talking down to them too.Saying son may sound to you like you are older, wiser, and more experienced, but seeing as I'm a 35 year old man, it sounds to me like you just need to take pills to keep your thing erect, and suffer from hair loss and a wattle. :)
    +rep was much appreciated.
    You showed a lot of maturity there (doesn't happen to often here) ;)
    Hi Profit...I'll be online on and off throughout the day as I'm on holiday this week.

    I hang out at New Oxford but we can meet anywhere...probably best if you give me a place and time to meet (in-game time) and I'll let you know if that's OK. :)
    LOL Brooklyn your a piece of trash.... your buggin profit on his lack of friends yet everyone who post on your private area acknowleges you are a troll and a useless member of EU and the forum.... Please take these comments to heart and remove yourself as you are not very well liked....
    Didn't have to say anything... and I would have let you be... but now... as I can't seem to log on... I'm really into it... Jeeze only one friend I wonder why?
    Hey mate,
    It might not but I felt like giving it away after the harsh coment you made to bait.
    Take care
    Thank you for the wonderful compliment on my mask designs! I look forward to seeing what you may come up with for me to create . . . and do love creating artwork you can wear.
    LOLOLOL - sorry - saw your comments to 'b' and had to remark =)

    You're not alone - there was even recently a thread about how badly she sucks and how very few people can stand her, let alone like her. :laugh:
    (it got shut down ... but not before a bunch of people shared their thoughts on the gawdforsaken troll)

    I won't ignore her though - she's just too fun to make fun of, I'll admit it. :ahh:

    Anywho - don't let nubs like that bug you - she's just taking out the frustration of being a lonely, bitter woman.

    Best of luck ! :hug:
    Anytime you want to discuss mate. Next time though, not in a thread that are going to far off topic :)
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